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The coronavirus

Trump is dangerous and need jail time like other criminals. He has betrayed his country and the people. It's time for trump to gooooooooooo


Living In fear

Early in February the CDC reveal the virus had started to spread, in the Unites States. President Trump knew the virus was deadly contagious and airborne, he didn't tell the public how dangerous the pandemic was. The president downplays the virus,saying it was 99% harmless and would be gone by summer. Months into the Coronavirus 102,000 Americans had died with Hospitals, across the United States at full concavity.

The CDC advised all Americans to wear masks to slow down the spreading of the virus. Americans was told to stay six feet apart, wash their hands and use sanitizer. Cities were put on lockdown, schools and small business's closed their doors, the people was told to stay home unless it was an emergency. Thousands lost their jobs, families members had to choose between work and staying home to keep their family safe. President Trump repeatedly lied, to the public saying the virus was under control, as it continue to kill. The pandemic dominated and controlled the world, taking the lives of millions,and infecting thousands daily. president Trump had to make himself look good, so he allegedly came down with the Coronavirus along with the first lady. Did Trump this deadly virus or was it just fake news?

Like so many others I am a survivor of the coronavirus. I saw Trump in the Walter Reed Medical Center, for a few hours and couldn't believe how fast he recovered from this deadly disease. The coronavirus is a virus that no one took lightly,except President Trump. During my stay in the Hospital I was in pain, coughing,having chills and I could barely move. President showed no symbols of being tired or anything retaining to the coronavirus.

Every time I see of hearing people not taking this virus seriously I get angry, these people have a choice but those who got the virus and died didn't have a choice. The coronavirus has left me to depress and afraid of everyone. I am afraid of contracting the virus again, even though I have been vaccinated. I am afraid to go around people who have never been tested for the coronavirus. It upsets me to see the younger generation downplay this deadly virus when so many people have died from the coronavirus. Partying and having fun are more important than human life.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on March 15, 2021:

The coronavirus has taken the lives of 550thousands plus lives and is still affecting people daily and taking lives. It's time to be careful even though the count is going down. We have to take this disease seriously and do what medical experts tell us to do. For one year we have been living a life of not knowing what to expect. This is no joke it's for real#JmD

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