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Trump is dangerous and need jail time like other criminals. He has betrayed his country and the people. It's time for trump to gooooooooooo


Living In fear

2020 was a year like none other, the coronavirus entered the United States and refused to leave. This deadly virus has taken a toll on the lives of every American. It is surging across the United States with no end in sight. Over 8000 plus people have diedTHOUS

In late January, one of the president's top advisers warned Trump and his administration about the threat of the Coronavirus, it could derail the economy and

President Trump downplayed the warning, saying only a few people would get sick. After a few months, 102,000 people had died and the death rate continued to surge from state to state Trump had no clue what to do. President Trump knew the Coronavirus was dangerous, airborne, and transmitted through the nose, never warning the public.

President Trump continues to lie saying the Covid-19 was 99% harmless and would be gone by summer. Hospitals in every city were at full capacity and families were losing their loved ones by the thousands. The first-time response was overworked and some were dying caring for others. Trump never had a plan he suggested injecting household disinfectants into your body to flush out the virus.

In July, the CDC asked the public to wear cloth masks to stop the spread of the deadly virus, wash hands use sanitizers, and space yourself. Millions lost their jobs, schools and some businesses closed their doors, children learned from home using laptops and computers. Some Mothers left their jobs to stay home and keep their families safe. Some States issued stay-at-home orders to stop the spreading of the COVID-19.

President Trump, and some of his supporters, refuse to follow the rules of the CDC. Trump refused to wear a mask and made fun of those who did.

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Trump admitted to his publisher, he always wanted to downplay the coronavirus, and knew it was deadly. Dr. Fauci kept Americans updated on the Pandemic. Trump said he was tired of hearing about the coronavirus from Dr. Fauci when the country was at a turning point. He lied the virus was never at a turning point, he didn't have a clue at what to do.

Friday the President, and the first lady, was allegedly tested positive for the Coronavirus. Trump was feverish, fatigued, and flown to Water Reed Medical Center, where he stayed three days and was injected with four doses of the antiviral Remdesivir drug. Did Trump have the coronavirus, or was it fake news?

Nine days later, Trump walked away from the Pandemic to campaign for the 20-20 election, with no side effects from the coronavirus. He left Americans to fend for themselves without a leader. The virus will be a part of American's daily life, it is controlled, but there is no cure.

Why should people get the Covid Vaccine?

Getting the virus will prevent people from getting the coronavirus. Vaccine stops infections in approximately 90% or more of people. Getting Vaccinated will keep your family, friends, and the community safe. Not taking the Vaccine, for various reasons, are reasons that might be a hazard to your health. COVID-19 is dangerous, some conditions will put people at a higher risk of being ill.

The new delta virus is sweeping throughout the United States, some Americans are still refusing to get vaccinated for their reasons. President Joe Biden and vice president Harris have done what they set out to do, they made the vaccine available for every American.

It's up to Americans to stop the old ways of thinking and get vaccinated. People who are hospitalized are the ones who have not been vaccinated because of various reasons.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on March 15, 2021:

The coronavirus has taken the lives of 550thousands plus lives and is still affecting people daily and taking lives. It's time to be careful even though the count is going down. We have to take this disease seriously and do what medical experts tell us to do. For one year we have been living a life of not knowing what to expect. This is no joke it's for real#JmD

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