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The Character Of George Floyd

On the Streets of Minneapolis a 46-year Black man was killed by a White Policeman. Was this a racist crime?


I can't Breathe

In Minneapolis Minnesota. A 46-year-old African American unarmed man was killed by a white people officer, Derek Chauvin. George Floyd was arrested for allegedly passing a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill.

A witness said during the arrest of Floyd, he never resisted, he didn't want to get in the back of the police cruiser. Millions watched the video of Floyd struggling to breathe while he was handcuff face down on the ground pinned by Derek Chauvin Knee. George Floyd was pinned down eight minutes or longer.

Bystanders heard Floyd telling the officers 27-28 times he couldn't breathe. With his life fading away, he called out to his mother. Bystanders yelled for Chauvin to get off of Floyd, but he continued to pin Floyd down. People watched calls out for Chauvin to get off of Floyd, but he didn't. Some tried to intervene but were forced back by one of the officers. When the pandemics arrived at the scene, Chauvin was still on the neck of Floyd. Floyd didn't respond to treatment, they couldn't find a pulse, he wasn't breathing. Two autopsies were done ruling Floyd a death as a homicide. The witness broke down on the stand after watching the Video of George Floyd calling out he couldn't breathe, watching Floyd die made an impact on the witness. The world watched George Floyd, die on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Character of Floyd

Chauvin's attorneys want the jury to believe George Floyd die from an overdose instead of Chauvin Knee planted on the neck of Floyd. Americans knew drugs would play a major role in trying to destroy Floyd's character. They want the jury to believe that George Floyd die from an overdose

A drug overdose didn't kill Floyd, the Knee of Derek Chauvin, cut off the breathing of Floyd. Chauvin attorneys will do whatever they can to come up with a defense to but doubt in the minds of the jury. It's up to the jury to weigh all the information that millions of people saw with their own eyes. Chauvin in court showed no remorse, he sat with a cold heartless look on his face. The Floyd family demands and deserves justice for their dead son.


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