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The Candida Diet

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Go here to find out everything about the Candida Diet. I have listed all of my links. Enjoy and Happy Candida Free Dieting!

This is a Great Video that Explains the Diet!

Lose Weight and Feel Better on a Candida Diet

This hub will be dedicated to a diet to help battle Candida overgrowth. Candida is now and epidemic growing out of control. Candida can lead to many issues of your health. Doctors are a great contributor to this epidemc by filling us with antobiotics for everything. Antibiotics kill all bacteria in our bodies, good and bad, causing Candida to grow out of control. So I am going to post recipes that are allowed on a Candida diet plus a list of foods that are allowed on the diet. So keep checking back and see what is new.

Delicious Homemade Mayonnaise



6 large egg yolks

2 cups pure, cold-pressed safflower oil

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1/4 cup of water (purified)

1 teaspoon fo sea salr (optional)

1 teaspoon of dry mustart

Beat egg yolks for 2 minutes in a food processor or with and electric mixer. Pour 1 cup of the oil into a measuring cup. Very slowly drizzle a thin stream of oil from the cup into the yolks, while beating at high speed, until all has been used; mixture should become thick. Drizzle remaining cup, still beating on high speed. Add lemon juice, water, salt, and mustard; mix. The mayonnaise is ready! Keep in a container with a tight fitting lid and refrigerate until ready to use.

This recipe makes 3 cups of mayonnaise and 1/2 cup has a carbohydrate.

Moroccan Chicken with Saffron and Almonds


Moroccan Chicken with Saffron and Almonds

This is Delicioussss........

6 chicken legs or thighs or 3 chicken breast

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 coarsely chopped onion

2 cups chicken broth

1/2 cup sliced almonds

1 small bunch cilantro

1/2 cinnamon stick, broken

1/2 t saffron

1/2 t ground cumin

1/2 t ground ginger

Sea salt and pepper to taste

Brown chicken.Add the onions, ginger and cumin. Deglaze the pan with the chicken stock and add the saffron, cilantro, cinnamon and almonds.Cover and braise at 325 degrees until the chicken is falling off the bone. Serve with a spoonful of sauce over each piece.

Clarified Butter


How to Make Clarrified Butter

You must use clarified butter on a Candida diet. By clarifiying the butter you are getting rid of all of the milk sugars in the butter.

Microwave Method

1 pound of unsalted butter

Cut butter into 1/4 inch squares;place in micro-wave safe container. Heat on medium high just enough to melt butter and completely separates. Skim of the white residue from the top and discard. Pour the clear yellow liquid into a storage container. Discard the residue on the bottom of container. When cool, cover and store with a tight lid and refrigerate.

0 carbohydrates

Chicken Stir Fry


Chicken Stirfry

This is really yummy!

8 chicken breast tenders cut into strips

3 cups broccoli heads

2 zucchini, sliced

1 large onion, sliced into strips

1 tsp minced garlic

1/2 cup chicken or vegetable broth

1 TBS Braggs

Heat olive oil in a deep frying pan or wok. Add chicken, onion, and garlic to pan. Sauté until onions start to become translucent. Add broccoli, zucchini, broth, and Braggs. Bring liquid to a boil. Once boil is reached, lower heat and simmer with lid on for about 15 minutes, or until vegetable texture is reached. If too bland, add more Braggs or sea salt. Serve over your choice of rice or eat alone. Its great either way!

Pecan Pie Crust


Pie Crust Substitute

Perfect Pecan Crust (flour crust substitute)

1/4 cup clarified butter (recipe above)

1 cup ground fresh pecans

Melt butter in skillet or microwave.Add pecans and stirPlace into a greased 8-inch pie dish and press against side and bottom to form crust. Fill and bake or chill according to pie instructions.

16 carbohydrates per serving, makes 6 servings

Meringue Topping


Perfect Meringue Topping

Perfect Meringue for your Favorite Pie

2 large egg whites

1 tablespoon 100% pure vegetable glycerine

1/4 teaspoon of special vanilla flavoring (check out your health food store for alcohol, sugar, color, salt and artificial preservative FREE, one brand is Spicery Shop).

Preheat oven to 400. Beat egg whites until stiff. Fold in glycerine and vanilla.

Bake 10 minutes or until browned.

o carbohydrates

Lemon Meringue Pie, One of my Favorites


Lemon Meringue Pie

No Need to Give up dessert!

3 large eggs

3 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon arrowroot powder (cornstarch substitute)

1 cup of water

2 teaspoons lemon flavoring

3 tablespoons 100% pure vegetable glycerine

Pecan crust (recipe above)

Meringue topping (recipe above)

Separate eggs. Place yolks, arrowroot powder, water and lemon flavoring into the top of a double boiler.Whisk, mixing over medium heat untilthick.Remove and cool.Add glycerine and stir.Pour into pecan crust and cover with meringue topping.Bake for 10 minutes or until browned.

Chill 2 hours before serving.

7 carbohydrates per serving, makes 6 servings

Roasted Herb Chicken


Roasted Herb Chicken

Roasted Herb Chicken

Chicken broth and fresh herbs make this a yummy dish. Great with brown rice.

1 whole roasting chicken (app. 3 lbs.)

100% pure, cold-pressed olive oil

Sea salt to taste

Chopped freah rosemary and tarragon to taste

2 tablespoons of potato flour

1/2 cup unsweetened chicken broth

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place chicken in a large baking dish or roasting pan. Rub oil over chicken and sprinkle seasonings over the top and sides. Cover dish with foil, bake 45 minutes, basting frequently. Remove foil and bake 15 to 20 minutes longer until browned. Remove from overn. Pour drippings into a 2 quarter saucepan. Mix potato flour and broth in a measuring cup with a wisk and pour into saucepan and stir until thicked. Simmer 5 minutes. Cut chicken into serving pieces. Serve gravy of chicken and or side of brown rice.

Yields 4 servings, 6 carbohydrates per serving.

Orange Roughy with Butter Sauce and Almonds


Oragne Roughy with Butter Sauce and Almonds

Orange Roughy is a white low-fat fish but you may replace it with sole. The sauce may be used with other fish and shellfish.

1/2 cup of clarified butter (recipe above)

1 teaspoon of each chopped fresh basil and oregano

Garlic powder to taste

4 orange roughy fillets (6 to 8 ounces each)

1/2 cup sliced or ground fresh almonds

1 medium lemon, scrubbed and cut into wedges for garnish

Fresh parsley sprigs for garnish

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter in a small skillet; add seasonings, mix and immediately remove from heat. Dip both sides of fish into butter sauce: place in a baking dish and pour any remaining sauce over the tops of the fillets. Sprinkle almonds over the top of the fillets also. Bake 20 minutes. Test for doneness with a fork. Garnish with lemons and parsley.

3 carbohydrates per serving for sauce and almonds ( 4 servings per recipe): 0 carbohydrates for fish

White Flour Substitues


List of Flours that can be Subsituted on a Candida Diet

If you are Gluten intolerant, please stay away from flours with a (G).

  • Almond - flour and meal

  • Amaranth - whole (as hot cereal), flour, puffed

  • Barley (G)whole hulled, flakes, flour

  • Buckwheat - whole groats, cereal, flour (raw or roasted)

  • Cassava - flour

  • Chestnut - flour Chickpea - flour

  • Flaxseed - whole and meal

  • Hazelnut - flour and meal

  • Jerusalem artichoke - flour

  • Kamut* (G) brand whole grains, flakes, flour, pasta

  • Kuzu (also called Kudzu) - starch

  • Legume Flours - yellow & green pea, red & green lentil, white, lima & pinto bean

  • Malanga - flour

  • Millet - whole grain, flour

  • Milo/sorghum - flour

  • Oat (G)- Scotch style, flour, oat bran, rolled flakes

  • Pearled Millet - whole, flour

  • Poi (dehydrated) - starch and flour

  • Potato, white - flour, starch

  • Quinoa - whole, flour, puffed

  • Rice (short, medium, long grain) - whole, flour, pasta, puffed, cakes, crackers Rye (G)- flakes, flour, WASA cracker(Light Rye has no yeast, only rye flour, water, and salt)

  • Soy - flakes, grits, flour

  • Spelt (G) - whole grains, flakes flour, pasta

  • Tapioca - starch flour, "pearls" of small, medium or large granules, such as Minute Tapioca

  • Teff - whole (for hot cereal), flour

  • Water Chestnut - flour White Sweet Potato - flour

  • Wild Rice - whole

  • Yam (true yam) - flour

  • Lotus - flour, pasta

Macadamia and Cranberry Cookies


Macadamia and Cranberry Cookies

These are so good!!!!

1/2 cup *butter softened ( or ghee)

1 egg

1 Tablespoon chicolin

1/4 teaspoon stevia

1 Tablespoon *glycerin

3/4 cup *spelt flour (or a mix of sweet rice and rice flours)

1/2 cup macadamia nut pieces

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup unsweetened carob chips (if desired)

Mix all ingredients in order of list. Drop in spoonfuls

Breads on a Candida Diet

Most breads are a no-no! But after a lot of research I found one company that makes breads that are allowed on the Candida diet. French Meadow Bread have various breads that are sugar, yeast, gluten, dairy and fat free. Here are a few that you have. You may find other brands that follow these lines, ask at your local health food store.

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Brown Rice Bread

Kamut Bread

Millet Bread

Rye Bread

Sourdough Bread

Spelt breads, bagles, pizza crust.

Look for these breads at health food store near you. They taste great and if you are like me I love my breads.


neffmom on July 17, 2013:


I just realized that I'm not seeing answers to people's questions for the last couple of years. Is this web site still current?? Thanks. i'm looking for as much help as I can get. Thanks so much. Amber

omar a on April 23, 2012:

i just want to say that this work and wen you are not giving the candida the sugar she need it stars fighting making you feel worse so dont worried keep it up

JALOBEE AUSTRALIA on March 17, 2012:

WHAT IS CHICOLIN, haven't heard of it in OZ.

Libby8888 from Panama City, FL. on February 03, 2012:

OMG! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I was just diagnosed with severe Candida and am on a program of fasting and have so desired to have recipes for this condition...and my nutritionist at our local health food store who is treating me (NO MORE DOCTORS, PLEASE!!), and has given me this program/fast gave me this web site. I am so grateful to the Lord for leading me to you! I am 70 years of age and have suffered all of my life with G-I and D-I and did not know it till a week ago! As I listened to your video I was listening to all the symptoms of what I've suffered, and now experiencing on this fast! It is worth ever single pain!! I am going to be HEALED and WHOLE, probably more than ever in my life because of dedicated, caring people like you who give their hearts and souls to helping others like myself. May God bless and keep you in all of your ways, and bless you abundantly for being such wonderful servants to the public in sharing and caring in giving us so much hope and health! I am so thrilled I have cried so hard today, just from relief in knowing I am FINALLY on the right track, and will be healthy again before I meet my Lord, and able to help others for the rest of my life with the knowledge I am receiving from those like you, and on this awesome site. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER! Libby8888

Steve Richard on January 29, 2012:

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rebecca on December 01, 2011:

I am confused you are allowing potatoes...i thought we are not supposed to not have starchy vegetables??

melissa on November 24, 2011:

I tried to make the lemon meringue pie and failed on the yellow custard part of it. I did exactly what the directions told me except that I used tapioca starch instead of arrowroot powder because that's all i had and the custard wouldn't thicken when I was wshisking it over the double boiler. Do you know what I may be doing wrong? I was really excited to eat pie for thanksgiving day and ended up i couldn't. :/

Katie on July 17, 2011:

Hi these recipes are great! Can I link to them? I have a new site at and I want to let people know about all the nice meals you can eat on the candida diet.

Helen on July 11, 2011:

Hello, is lemon flavouring in the lemon meringue pie just juice from a whole lemon? Thanks very much

cyltiesue on January 18, 2011:

I am new at this having just started the candida diet. My Doctor ran a blood test on me and said when he got the results that my IgG score for yeast was one of the highest he has ever seen. No wonder I have been feeling ill for years. Upset stomach, heartburn, headaches and many more symptons which are long and boring. My doctor said the systemic yeast infection is probably due to many years on Prilosec which a nurse practioner prescribed when I was having shortness of breath. She thought I was inhaling the fumes which was in turn irritating my lungs. That was four yeasr ago.

I have been on the diet for a week now and feel worse than when I wasn't...Help! I am hoping I start to feel better soon, maybe some of the recipes on this page will help.

Natalie on December 13, 2010:

Hi, I stumbled upon your page and plan on going on a candida diet once and for all after the holidays. The cookies look AMAZING, but I have one question. Where did you find dried cranberries that won't pose a problem? Almost all the dried cranberries i know of are loaded with a ton of sugar

Leeroy on November 21, 2010:

thanks for these awesome recipes! the cookies are amazing i substituted the butter for coconut oil and it worked pretty good! the pie on the other hand not so much. my filling was to runny and had a bitter taste? i think i mustve messed it up somehow by leaving it in the oven too long or something.

Alfreta Sailor from Southern California on November 03, 2010:

Thank you wammytk for this very helpful group of recipes. I'm on my second go round with this diet, and so far it has been very boring, but now with your recipes I no longer have to be bored with my choices of foods. Thank you so much for this wonderful hub.

Gustave Kilthau from USA on November 03, 2010:

wammytk - Looks like this article can provide lots of diet help to those with yeast-type conflicts. Yeasts, molds, fungus, and the like are responsible for lots of the miseries from which folks may suffer. I heard from one fellow whose mother was beset with "COPD" to the point of virtually total disability from being unable to breathe properly. After many doctors whose treatments proved to be useless, he put his mother onto an "anti-fungus" diet - and she came around to more reasonable health once again. Recently he let me know that the Mayo Clinic asked him for the several years worth of notes and observations he made about the whole thing. Diet is important. Yeasts, molds, and various fungi need to be deprived of as much sugar(s) as you can deprive them of.

Good work! Gus :-)))

Kristina on November 03, 2010:

Thanks for this list!! I have a gluten free all purpose flour made by Bob's Red Mill that has Garbanzo Bean Flour, Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, White Sorghum Flour, Fava Bean Flour. Is this safe for Candida or should I skip using it? Thanks for your help!

Tennille on June 26, 2010:

I have been on a candida diet roller coaster for many years now and am trying to conquer this once and for all. Thanks for posting such great recipes and information, as I can't wait to try some of them. I chronical my yeast free journey at Thanks again for being such a great resource.



Terrylee5151 from Pennsylvania on June 07, 2010:

You have a lot of great recipes.

I am having an APRON GIVEAWAY on my blog. Please check it out. Thanks Terry

Mrs. Tomi on May 21, 2010:

I can not WAIT to make the lemon merange pie you have pictured....yumm! Thank you so much. I have to stay on this anti candida diet for 3 months!! I find so much conflicting peanuts...some sites say 'yes' others say 'out of the question'. Some say yes on Lemons for juicing for salad dressing, others say 'no way'. So I am just sticking to the strickter side of things...but 3 months is a long time. I have to stay on the same diet the whole adding things here and there...mostly just veggies, meats and nuts....I am craving sugar so bad, so your merange pie is just what I needed. My hubby is going to the health food store tomorrow for me!! Thank you so very much for your wonderful recipes...I will be checking back for more!

Tomi in WA

igor on March 27, 2010:

This the best anticandida site..try here

Kim on January 25, 2010:

In addition to following a candida diet, I also have food sensitivities. Do you have any good recipes for candida plus no diary, eggs? Thanks. (specifically breads or baked goods?)

ela on January 18, 2010:

my boyfriend has bad candida. hes been trying to get rid of it for about a year now and the doctors just perscribe antifungal cream but he feels sick all the time and hung over and his memory is sucking because of it. hes alergic to dairy and citris really bad and hes a vegeterian. is soy ok for this diet?

wammytk (author) from Iowa on November 24, 2009:

That I do not know anything about, hope someone else can help on this one!!

denisezw on October 09, 2009:

help!!!!!!!!!! my 2 daughters have many food allergies and candida issues. anyone know where to find jerusalem artichoke flour?

Boldizar on October 06, 2009:

My own (victorious) battle with candida, and how I incidentally lost 60 pounds while maintaining lean muscle mass, is chronicled here:

Chris on September 10, 2009:

Hi Darcy

Thank you for these recipes I know they will help so much. Its so difficult at the moment just finding food without sugar, just in my canteen at work today looking for something for lunch and everything was unhealthy or had loads of sugar in. Now with your help I can cook a healthy meal I can enjoy

Thanx again

wammytk (author) from Iowa on August 21, 2009:

Darcy, Thank you, I am so glad that I could help you. I actually owned a restaurant for 5 years and had a light side to the fried, unhealthy foods. Thank you again!

Darcy on August 21, 2009:

I am in week 3 of the candida diet and I could not have made it this far with our the help of your blog. The Moroccan chicken is to die for !! The carb shake saved me from cheating with bad deserts and the flank steak was a hit at a dinner party!!! My 2nd week was hardest for me to get through, but after i cheated really bad one evening I went to your site pull 5 recipes, went shopping, and have felt really good all of week 3 about the foods I am eating and how I am feeling. This is going to be a life change for me not just a 6 week diet and I thank you for helping me get through it!! You are a fabulous chef!!!

Thanks again,

~Darcy Zettler

Portland, Or

wammytk (author) from Iowa on August 04, 2009:

Braggs is an apple cider vinegar

For crunches try rice cakes or veggies. I also like to slice potatoes very thin and bake them.

btrdeal on August 02, 2009:

I'm on my 2nd day of a candida cleanse/diet but I'm craving cruncy items, can you suggest something other than nuts?

momzywomzie on July 30, 2009:

what is Braggs?

wammytk (author) from Iowa on March 19, 2009:

goat cheese is allowable but in small quntities.

lisa Ehrlich on March 19, 2009:

is goat cheese out of the question?

wammytk (author) from Iowa on September 16, 2008:

Thanks, I hope this does help everyone.

wammytk (author) from Iowa on September 16, 2008:

Thanks, I hope this does help everyone.

wammytk (author) from Iowa on September 16, 2008:

Thanks, I hope this does help everyone.

Rose on September 15, 2008:

Awesome recipes. Thanks so much for the photos. They are really helpful.

wammytk (author) from Iowa on June 13, 2008:

Kelly, hope you like them. Enjoy!

Kelly on June 12, 2008:

Thank you thank you thank you for these recipes! I have been desperate to find some decent ones and these are what I've been wanting.

wammytk (author) from Iowa on May 19, 2008:

Thanks Decrescendo, as time permits, I will be adding more.

wammytk (author) from Iowa on February 07, 2008:

I will be adding more.

carroll51401 on February 01, 2008:

Great recipe, I will be waiting for more. Thank you!

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