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The Birds Are Coming Home to Roost: China Imposes Fresh Curbs as Virus Re-Surfaces

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The only man to call a spade a spade was Donald Trump, who repeatedly referred to the virus originating from China as the China virus which is the correct terminology. The present incumbent Joe Biden should have shown little more spunk but he has stopped using the word 'China virus' totally, though it is crystal clear as per the intelligence reports that China has refused to cooperate with the WHO investigation and refused to share any information regarding the spread of the virus. If I am correct one journalist and doctor who reported have been executed.

What a shadow of a great power the United States has become, that it has no plan at all; I would use the word ability to counter China on this virus. The sad part is that the United States has suffered the largest number of deaths due to this virus in the world and the figure is 756,352 as to date and it is going up. I will not be surprised if in the months to come it touches 1 million. I had expected the Americans to take a stand on this issue against China but then they have surrendered the leadership of the world and now they are just licking their chops.

However, God is a great leveler and the Chinese have not gotten away though initial reports suggested that China has not only controlled the virus but also not allowed it to spread. The Chinese president Xi had declared victory in a new year celebration last year but I think it was a little premature.

The backlash

The Chinese were sitting pretty smug as they had vaccinated 75% of the population. China's aim was to stamp out COVID-19 totally but now we have information that China has reinforced lockdowns in 11 provinces as the virus has re-emerged.

Since October 17, the National Health Commission has reported that the virus has reemerged and there is every chance that it will spread. CNN has reported that the outbreak was first detected on October 16 among a group of senior citizens who had gone on a holiday tour to North China. They have been identified as hailing from Shanghai.

The Chinese have now grudgingly acknowledged that the virus has infected a third of the provinces covering Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, and Beijing. The government has also banned inter-state travels between these regions, in an effort to control the spread of the virus.

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China is gearing up to hold the winter Olympics in 2022 and obviously, the Chinese cannot allow the virus to spread in the capital city Beijing. They have now brought in strict rules for entry into the capital and anybody entering has to have a seven-day quarantine. Authorities have also banned the October 31 showpiece marathon event which was scheduled on that day.

Last word

The entire thing is becoming pretty scary and China has stopped many flights in 11 provinces. The head of China's Center for Diseases, George Fu Gao has reportedly said that a 'Mini-Wuhan' is in the offing. It appears that the new year's Lunar Celebrations so popular in China may be canceled.

Sir Winston Churchill had referred to China as the bamboo curtain and whatever information we are getting out of China is really just the tip of the iceberg. We do not know exactly what is happening in China and its distant provinces. However, there are enough indications to show that along with the virus China is also facing a food shortage because 70% of the Chinese territory is just barren and mountainous and production of food is an issue. The Chinese are reinforcing restrictions on food with an iron hand and anybody ordering more than what he can consume in the restaurant will be fined.

The Chinese press which is state-controlled is not printing any news on this subject but as usual, they're finding a scapegoat, and this time it is England which the Chinese say has helped spread this virus.

All this is pretty eerie and a reminder of what Chinese people suffered last year. There is also the question; how much is China hiding this time?


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