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The Best Weight Loss Drink – Power of Green Tea

The author is a Japanese Karate Champion with many experiences in exercise, diet, health and weight management. She shares useful tips here!

Sado, Japanese Tea Ceremony

Sado, Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Mind of Harmony

The Mind of Respect

The Mind of Purity

The Mind of Non-Disturbance

— Sen no Rikyu (Japanese Tea Mater)

Japanese Tea Ceremony, 茶道 (Sado)

The Japanese tea ceremony is one of the oldest Japanese cultural activities where you learn these 4 basic spirits and engrave the teachings in your heart through a cup of tea. It involves a ceremonial preparation and was developed by Buddhist masters as a spiritual practice that embodied the Zen philosophy.

The Japanese word "一期一会 (Ichigo Ichie)," which was born from the tea ceremony, means to think of an encounter with a person as once in a lifetime and to make tea while doing our best to serve it to the person.

The History and Elements of Green Tea

Japanese tea used in the tea ceremony is now booming worldwide. Tea, which has a history dating back more than 1,000 years, has long been valued as a "health remedy." It is one of the longest-running drinks in the world and continues to be popular with tea lovers. Among them, green tea contains several healthy ingredients, the most representative of which are "catechins."

Recent studies have shown that many of the benefits of tea are due to the action of catechins. Besides, catechins inhibit the absorption of fat and are attracting attention as a very effective ingredient for weight reduction. As a result, drinks with high-concentration catechins have become a trend in Japan as the best weight loss drink.

Tea Farm

Tea Farm

What are Catechins?

Catechin is one of the polyphenols and is a component that causes the bitterness of green tea called tannin. The catechins contained in green tea leaves are known as "tea catechins", and together with the "coffee polyphenols" contained in coffee, they are called "two major polyphenols".

Health Benefits of Catechins

  1. Suppresses fat absorption.
  2. Facilitates emissions.
  3. Improves cholesterol levels.
  4. Slows down the blood sugar spike.
  5. Increases energy consumption.
  6. Antimicrobial action.
  7. Prevention of tooth decay.
  8. Deodorizing effect.

Catechins as Natural Deodorant!

Utilizing the deodorizing effect of catechin, Japanese households dry the used tea shells and coffee brew grounds and use them as a deodorant. These natural deodorants smell so good so give it a try!


Green Tea Diet

The green tea diet is a method of obtaining weight loss benefits by utilizing the caffeine, catechins, minerals, and other ingredients contained in green tea. It is an easy weight loss method and is suitable for people of all ages.

How to Start the Green Tea Diet

  1. Drink before a meal.
  2. Drink after a meal.
  3. Drink before exercise.

1. Drink Before a Meal

Drinking a cup of warm green tea before a meal not only warms the internal organs but also stimulates the digestive system. Also, by inflating your stomach with green tea in advance, you can adjust the amount of food you eat without difficulty.

2. Drink After a Meal

Drinking hot tea after a meal can reduce the absorption of what you eat. Also, if you feel unsatisfied after eating, drinking warm green tea will give you a sense of satisfaction and prevent snacking.

3. Drink Before Exercise

Thirty minutes before exercising, drink a cup of green tea to raise your body temperature, and promote fat burning. Incidentally, the caffeine contained in green tea is effective in improving concentration, and some top athletes drink it before a game.

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How to Make the Most Effective Green Tea

Tea leaches differently depending on the temperature. If you go to the green tea section, you will find various types of green tea on sale. Select any type of green tea that suits your lifestyle.

To fully enhance the effect of the epigallocatechin gallate in green tea, extract it with hot water at 176°F (80°C) or higher. If you are using powder type green tea, dissolve it well with condensed ingredients in hot water and drink it.

Suggested Daily Intake

Drinking 5 to 10 cups of green tea a day provides the most benefit. Drinking 5 to 10 cups of green tea a day is most effective. People who do not usually drink green tea should take it before or after meals, before exercise, or during a break time. If you have difficulty drinking large amounts a day, try drinking slightly thicker brewed green tea.

Variety of Green Tea

  1. Green Tea Brewed with Cold Water
  2. Green Tea Brewed with Mineral Water
  3. Bottled Green Tea and Its Benefits

1. Green Tea Brewed with Cold Water

Green tea made with cold water is sweet and tasty, and is a good way to prevent infectious diseases, but if you want to gain weight loss benefits, drink green tea made with hot water where the catechins are fully extracted, rather than watered out.

2. Green Tea Brewed with Mineral Water

In some countries, you can make tea with tap water, but if you want to follow a tastier green tea diet, it is preferable to use mineral water. It also tastes better when brewed with soft water.

3. Bottled Green Tea and Its Benefits

It is also effective to warm up and drink green tea available at supermarkets. If you bring your own beverage in a plastic bottle, carry it around in a heat-retaining bottle bag. Also, instead of putting your mouth directly on the bottle, consider hygiene and pour it into a cup if possible.


Don’ts for a Successful Green Tea Diet

  1. Don't drink green tea cold.
  2. Don't drink too much green tea.
  3. Don't drink green tea before bed.

1. Don't drink green tea cold.

Since ancient times in Japan, people believe that cold is the enemy of health. Chills can interfere with weight loss, so drink warm green tea.

2. Don't drink too much green tea.

Drinking green tea for goodness sake, but standing in the bathroom more than necessary due to overdrinking hinders your work and movement, and keep you away from enjoying it. Do not overdo anything. Keep it up as if you were drinking green tea instead of coffee or juice.

3. Don't drink green tea before bed.

Japanese people say that drinking a glass of water before bedtime will help you get a peaceful night's sleep but changing this to green tea won’t be a good idea. Green tea contains caffeine, which is a diuretic, and if you drink it before bedtime, you will find yourself waking up several times during the night for the bathroom. Lack of sleep can interfere with your weight loss sleep. Drink green tea at night at least 1 hour before bedtime.


Enjoy Your Delicious Green Tea and Lose Weight Healthy

Losing weight effortlessly at an affordable price is fun! Get your best weight loss drink now and enjoy your tasty moment!


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