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The Best Poison Ivy Rash, Poison Oak Bumps, Sumac Puss, and Bug Bites That Itch Cures

Tired Of Itching From Poison Ivy and Oak, Sumac, and Bug Bites

Along with warm weather comes bites and itching, do you have a rash forming on your skin, is it spreading ? I just recently had the same symptoms. I'm writing this to hopefully help you save a lot of time, effort, and money on trying to figure out the best treatment.

Poison Ivy starts out small and spreads quickly with intense itching, it then raises and oozes, then scabbing over. Poison Oak looks like big puss filled blisters and most of the time will appear very suddenly.

Or how about just bug bites, I have found what I consider to be a "miracle cure" to anything related to skin irritation and itchiness.

Poison Ivy Rash Bumps


Poison Ivy Rash on Arm and Leg


How To Apply Calamine Lotion

When applying Calamine Lotion or any sort of cream or ointment to poison ivy you never want to touch it with your hands. So when you use the Calamine Lotion you want to use cotton balls, q-tips, or toilet paper. You then want to dab gently until the area is covered. Then let it air dry for two to three minutes until it dries. Repeat this process 5-6 times a day.

Poison Ivy Plant


Poison Ivy Plant Picture

When I first got poison ivy I had no idea what a poison ivy plant even looked like. I did some research and discover that my yard was full of it. It grows everywhere, but especially likes shady areas. You will find it in abundance under tree, bushes, and shrubs. It is dark green and has 3 leaves with a fuzzy appearance.

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Poison Ivy Plants


Ivy Dry Spray For Insect Bites, Sumac, and Poison Ivy

Ivy Dry spray is the best product I have used to stop the itchiness of insect bites, sumac, and poison ivy. When used on poison ivy it stops the itching instantly, it does sting for about 10 seconds but once it stops it takes away the pain and itch. It also helps heal poison ivy very quickly, in two to three days it's almost gone.

Poison Ivy Rash on Stomach


Poison Ivy Bumps


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