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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Vibration Platforms

What Are the Benefits of Vibration Platforms?

Developed by the Russians, the vibration platform’s initial usage was to aid Russian astronauts with exercise that would allow them to stay in space for a longer period of time. As there is no gravity in space, weight-bearing exercises were not an option.

This exercise phenomenon has since been adopted by other countries around the world as a way to exercise without the grueling time spent on the road walking or jogging, or in the gym lifting weights and walking or running on aerobic machines.

There are supporters of this type of exercise, other than its creators. Some physical therapists, scientists, and exercise enthusiasts see this as a new age in exercise. They believe that people who are not avid exercisers can receive the same benefits in a minimal amount of time, which is equivalent to walking and weight-bearing exercises.

Oxygen Circulation

Studies have shown that the vibration platform immediately provides an increase in oxygen that flows through your body’s blood; thus increasing blood circulation in the body. Studies have shown that as soon as a person begins using the vibration platform, circulation is increased in the body.

The increased blood flow is encouraged and increased by the contraction of the muscles through a routine on the vibration platform. As blood flow and oxygen increases the blood is better able to deliver nutrients to the cells within your body for optimal health.

Muscle Tone

Due to the process of muscle contraction during a session on the vibration platform, muscles are worked without the intense strain of weight-bearing exercises. This is especially great for those who are prone to injury or have been injured from other forms of exercise.

As the muscles contractions just tone muscles, those who are concerned about gaining large muscles that are often seen with weight-bearing exercises may opt for the vibration platform. The only thing that will be achieved is a toned and flexible body that can also be related to a walking session.

Physical Therapy

The vibration platform exercise routine is great for those that need physical therapy for a variety of reasons, such as a bone, muscle, or nerve injury that is causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. Those suffering this type of pain are highly unlikely to be able to walk, run, or do weight-bearing exercises to increase strength.

The vibration platform provides a great alternative. It supplies the user with a mild form of exercise to effectively tone and flex the muscles. As the muscles are used in this way they are not left to deteriorate from lack of use. Not only muscle tone increases, but bone strength as well due to the vibrations resulting in the contracting of muscles and blood flow.

This form of exercise is also great for those who suffer from a neurological condition, such as sciatica, which can be very uncomfortable and painful. When the muscles are used on the vibration platform, nerve firing occurs. This action is said to decrease pain suffered from inadequate nerve stimulation.

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What Are the Drawbacks of Vibration Platforms?

Vibration platforms received its name from its main action of circulating oxygenated blood flow throughout the body. This action is produced through the continuous contraction of the body’s muscles and manipulation of the body’s tendons.

The overall action achieved on a vibration platform is a means of gaining overall health benefits in the least amount of time. The greatest benefit is seen in its low impact performance. On the positive side, this is great for firming muscles and strengthening of bones.

What is important to understand is that no exercise is immune from some type of danger, including the vibration platform that boasts of its safety and small amount of time needed to burn calories and get toned. Extra precaution needs to be taken with any exercise routine, in addition to informing yourself of the potential dangers.

The vibration platform exercises are no exception, and do pose some dangers to your body and health.

Blood Clot Formation

If you are prone to blood clots or have had blood clots in the past, the vibration platform exercises can be extremely dangerous. As the vibration platform greatly increases blood circulation throughout your body, there is a chance that this process can release a blood clot that may have been lodged in your blood vessels. This can be fatal.

In addition, those who are taking blood thinners are recommended to stay away from the vibration platform. Blood thinners are usually taken to prevent blood clots and for those who have previously suffered, or are prone to, a heart attack, stroke, or heart disease.

The act of the vibration machine increasing blood flow and heart rate can be dangerous for those who have, or have suffered from these conditions. It is best to check with your doctor on an alternative exercise routine.

Muscle Injury

Due to the high level of involuntary muscle contraction when using a vibration platform, there is a chance of muscle injury to occur just like any other form of exercise. The vibration platform, although advertised as a low-impact exercise system, can still bring about injury in your muscles and tendons.

Small tears in the muscle can occur when using a vibration platform, which may not be noticeable immediately. If you feel a slight pulling or twinge in any muscular part of your body or in your tendons, stop exercising immediately and reassess your exercise routine.

A tendon or small tear in muscles is common with the vibration platform. You will need to adopt a different performance method on the vibration platform, or stay away from it until you heal.

Low Back Injury

If you do not have a strong core or back to begin with, you are more likely to suffer low back injury or pain on the vibration platform. Due to the movements that the vibration platform involuntary causes your body to perform, you are at a greater risk for lower back injury.

Yes, the vibration platform does strengthen your core and back muscles; however, what is not commonly shared is that you need to be in somewhat good shape to begin with to prevent injury. It is best to slowly build your core strength with other exercises prior to jumping on a vibration platform to prevent injury.

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