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The Autism Spectrum Has Become A Playground For Exploitation And Abuse

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

"alteredego" is the author of this photograph.

"alteredego" is the author of this photograph.

You may have read my other articles on this same writing platform about fraud and abuse connected with Asperger's Syndrome. In those articles, I had questioned whether "Asperger's Syndrome" was anything beyond a concept or a theory, especially in view of the fact that a state-sanctioned child killer with strong ties to the Nazi Party conceptualized it during the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler in his home nation of Austria. What I stressed most emphatically in those same articles was that there was a wave of parents who were obsessed with "Asperger's Syndrome" insofar as they actively sought out charlatans in the mental-health profession to misdiagnose their own children with that same so-called neurological, developmental disorder. These same parents usually go as far as either pressuring or coercing their own children into going into "Asperger's Syndrome" testing and treatment.

Asperger's by proxy is a subset of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy ("MSP"), which is now known as Factitious disorder imposed on another ("FDIA"). It is a mental illness in which a parent attempts to get their own child misdiagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" in order to satisfy a harmful emotional need that such a parent may have or to capitalize on their child in some way or another. There are other reasons that such a parent may seek to have their child misdiagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome," but those other reasons are never good ones and they endanger that same child more often than not.

I realize that I am likely going to receive a great amount of flack from autistic communities throughout the world for publishing this article here of mine, because seldom does anyone who has ever been diagnosed with autism wish to find out that perhaps they may have been used or manipulated in some way or another by a parent or even a mental-health professional. However, as I have stated in other articles of mine regarding this topic, I cannot and will not remain silent about this disturbing subject matter. As the title of my article here reads, the autism spectrum has become a playground for exploitation and abuse; and when the theory and the concept of "Asperger's Syndrome" is involved in such exploitation and abuse, not only are minor children in danger but adult children are so as well, especially if their parents suffer from Asperger's by proxy.

Parents with Asperger's by proxy, particularly fathers with it, continue to be control freaks with their kids long after they have grown up and have left the home nest, and those adult children can still be at risk of falling victim to these parents' predatory actions, especially if those adult children suffered physical, emotional, or even sexual abuse at the hands of those same parents who have Asperger's by proxy. Most unfortunately, parents who engage in such harmful conduct toward their own children are not limited to ones who suffer from Asperger's by proxy. There are parents who have kids that are actually on the autism spectrum and suffer from cognitive and linguistic limitations, and those same parents exploit their their children for their own self-serving purposes.

Melaina Juntti agrees with Edith Sheffer, Ph.D. that it's time to stop calling autism "Asperger's." My response to Ms. Juntti's article about their shared opinion is that it is time for the American Psychiatric Association to eliminate the diagnosis of "Asperger's Syndrome" as a subset of autism spectrum disorder altogether. Ms. Sheffer claims to have a son who suffers from "Asperger's Syndrome." I do not believe that "Asperger's Syndrome" is a real disorder. Ms. Sheffer insists that her "Aspie" son wearing the label of autism spectrum disorder has opened the doorway for him to valuable programs and services that he would not otherwise have access to if the diagnosis of "Asperger's Syndrome" had not been merged with the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in 2013 upon the publication of the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ("DSM-5"). However, I beg to differ.

At the end of the day, even allowing for the diagnosis of "Asperger's Syndrome" to exist as a subset of the umbrella diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder produces consequences that far outweigh any benefits that may be derived from it. Children and adults have needlessly died as a result of this toxic Asperger's Syndrome fairy tale even subsequent to the death of its conceptualizer - the late Dr. Hans Asperger. All you have to do is read my article titled "Don't Fall For The Asperger's Syndrome Fairy Tale!," and you will clearly see that there is no getting around or away from this same fact.

Mental-health professionals who provide testing and treatment for this so-called disorder simply do not have the public's best interest at heart, because the majority of them have dollar signs in their eyes. It could explain why they come to different conclusions about it as Ms. Sheffer complained about according to Ms. Juntti's above-aforementioned article.

Ms. Sheffer claims that somehow magically a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder instead of "Asperger's Syndrome" caused the government in her state jurisdiction to shower her son with programs and services. What bothers me so much is that a child who doesn't have autism at all could easily be absorbed into this same dangerous vortex if he or she has a parent with Asperger's by proxy and if that parent is abusive with that child in some way or another.

The late Dr. Asperger never had any honorable intentions when he initially conceptualized "Asperger's Syndrome" under its original name of "autistic psychopathy." His actions led to the murders of innocent children who were unfortunate enough to fall within his reach. What is so outrageous about it is that this subhuman received praise from the world of medicine as though he were some kind of hero who wanted to save all the children of the world, and people honored him right on up to his death in 1980.

If Dr. Herwig Czech had exposed the late Dr. Asperger for his atrocities against children in 1974 instead of 2018, the late Dr. Lorna Wing would never have gotten involved with the late Dr. Asperger on a professional level; and it is probable that she would never have renamed "autistic psychopathy" as "Asperger's Syndrome." The American Psychiatric Association likely would have removed the diagnosis of autistic psychopathy ("Asperger's Syndrome") from the medical books altogether at some point in time, and we all would be living in a much better world than we do today.

Now, before I proceed on with this article here of mine, I would like to make it clear that I am not here to antagonize anyone with autism. I realize that autism is a serious subject, and it is nothing to be joked about. I also want to set the record straight that I'm not looking to rain on anyone's parade who may have been diagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" or the likes on the autism spectrum. If you fit that description and you are getting therapy that you feel happy with, it is not my intention to belittle you or disparage any decision you have made in connection with your diagnosis.

My main purpose herein is to expose individuals, particularly parents, who misuse the autism spectrum to involve their children in deceptive business practices and immoral activities. It greatly angers me that abusive and greedy parents have made autism a part of American pop culture in a perfidious way that has turned the autism spectrum into a moneymaking machine that they can misuse to exploit and even abuse their own offspring.

"studiolive4u" is the author of this photograph.

"studiolive4u" is the author of this photograph.

Joshua Barbour Has Identified Parents Who Have Exploited Their Own Autistic Child For Financial Gain

There is a Canadian gentleman named Joshua Barbour who has a group of channels on YouTube. He lives in the Canadian province of Ontario. He is a minister, and he has posted numerous videos on his YouTube channels critiquing family vloggers in a negative light on that same platform.

Now, I don't necessarily agree with everything that he has said in his videos about family vloggers. He believes that all family vloggers who film their underage offspring are somehow exploiting their children for money. My response to his contention is that if those family vloggers are including their minor children in their videos in a tasteful manner and they are doing so in such a way that their kids will someday benefit from it, I have no problem with their presence on YouTube.

Annie LeBlanc (also known as Jules LeBlanc) started out as a little girl on the YouTube channel named The Bratayleys so many years ago, and she is now a singer and an actress who appears regularly on television. She is not yet 18 years of age, but she will now have more opportunities in life than most girls her age will because of her stardom on YouTube. On their YouTube channel, she and her family educated the public on how the entertainment industry works, and I see nothing wrong with their doing so. So long as other family vloggers follow that same pathway on YouTube, I find no harm in what they are doing. Of course, that is neither here nor there. Mr. Barbour and I will simply have to agree to disagree on that particular topic.

Nevertheless, I feel that Mr. Barbour definitely had his head in the right place when he decided to post videos on his YouTube channels to speak out against Asa Maass and Priscilla Maass for exploiting their autistic daughter for profit in their YouTube channel named FatheringAutism as well as other YouTube channels of theirs. If you are unfamiliar with who Asa Maass is, he is a former auto mechanic who now makes a whole mint of money alongside his wife, Priscilla Maass, in making videos to post on YouTube about their family and their experiences with their severely autistic daughter, Abigail Maass. Abagail also suffers from intellectual and developmental disabilities ("I.D.D.").

The problem that Mr. Barbour is having with these videos by Asa Maass and Priscilla Maass is that they are not really about autism awareness to the extent that Asa Maass and Priscilla Maass mislead their viewers to believe. He dislikes the idea that they put their autistic daughter on camera to pull in a tsunami of views on their YouTube channels despite that they have to know that they are exploiting her to monetize off their channels. I could not agree more with Mr. Barbour on this same concern about Asa Maass and his wife. Asa Maass and his wife have had their YouTube channel FatheringAutism since 2010. They claim that the purpose of it is to combat the stigma that gets attached to their daughter suffering from autism spectrum disorder. However, their actions in filming her for that channel prove otherwise.

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Mr. Barbour has posted 14 videos on his two YouTube channels named The Dad Challenge Podcast and The Dad Challenge Channel, exposing Asa Maass and Priscilla Maass for exploiting their daughter, Abigail, only to make themselves rich and live high on the hog. As you will see, Mr. Barbour has thoroughly done his research on this subject matter, and he even once worked with autistic people. Therefore, he is well qualified to make such videos about the Maass family and their YouTube channels. Here are all fourteen of those same videos below in chronological order. What you are going to see is mindboggling. These same videos will give you a broad look into the dark side of the autism spectrum that is seldom ever seen by the public at large.

Joshua Barbour Describes The Exploitation That Abigail Maass Has Suffered At The Hands Of Her Greedy, Self-Serving Parents

After you have viewed all fourteen of the videos above, there can be no doubt in your mind that Asa Maass and his wife, Priscilla Maass, have exploited their autistic child, Abigail, through the years in that they have capitalized on her presence in their YouTube videos. In other words, they have gotten rich off her back. They claim that they only post these videos on YouTube and monetize off of them to put money away for Abgail's future. However, their actions don't support their alleged honorable intentions inasmuch as they continue to spend exorbitant amounts of that money on depreciable items for themselves.

What adds insult to injury is that Priscilla is involved in a multilevel marketing scam known as LimeLife by Alcone, and she has used Abigail in videos she has posted to promote her product line despite that Abigail appears not to want to be in those videos. Priscilla misuses the FatheringAutism YouTube channel and other YouTube channels of hers to sucker people into joining her multilevel marketing company as her downline distributors so that she can rake in revenue off of these individuals' hard work and at these individuals' expense.

At the end of the day, Priscilla has taken this same injustice of hers and her husband one major step further by putting Abigail on camera in YouTube videos to promote her LimeLife by Alcone business to her fan base. This same multilevel marketing organization she is in is questionable on its own. In a nutshell, Priscilla is exploiting her daughter to victimize other people whom she can recruit into her downline in her multilevel marketing company. It simply never gets any better. Floridians? Beware of these people, because they may be living in your community.

Mr. Barbour points out in one of his videos above that multilevel marketing companies are usually scams, because only a small minority of people at the top of the line make money by luring others into their downline to sell products for them and rewarding them with very little compensation, if any, in return. My personal experiences with multilevel marketing companies have seldom ever been positive. Therefore, I do not find Mr. Barbour's deductions about multilevel marketing companies to be without wisdom. You can get details about such experiences of mine with multilevel marketing companies in my articles titled "Do Not Trust Self-Appointed Nutritionists" and "Avoid AutoAssure, LLC at All Costs!"

The only legitimate multilevel marketing company that I know of is Avon. Then again, there appears to be a debate over whether or not Avon really is a multilevel marketing company, because I have personally known individuals to have made an honest living from selling their products and to have even excelled financially in doing so. On the other hand, I am yet to meet someone who got rich from becoming an Amway distributor in an honest manner.

Limelife by Alcone appears to have a sketchy reputation, and Priscilla Maass is high up in that company's sales and marketing hierarchy for reasons that have nothing to do with any significantly hard work or effort she has put into that business. She is definitely not a professional saleswoman, and she is no corporate genius. Her exploitation of Abigail on camera makes it possible for her to avoid all the heavy lifting that would normally be involved in getting to where she is currently at in the Limelife by Alcone's sales and marketing hierarchy. Like her husband, Asa, she has literally cheated her way to the top at the expense and the detriment of others, including her own daughter, Abigail. Below is a video that warns consumers about Limelife by Alcone.

YouTuber CC Suarez Provides The Brutally Honest Truth About Limelife By Alcone

After watching YouTuber CC Suarez's video above, you will find that everything about Priscilla's involvement in Limelife by Alcone stinks to high heaven. Not only is Priscilla victimizing her own daughter, but she has also harmed people in her YouTube channels' fan base for her own self-serving objectives.

According to Mr. Barbour's research, only 1 percent of all distributors actually make a substantial amount of money in multilevel marketing companies. The description that he gave of the cultish manner in which many of these multilevel marketing companies operate will remind you of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church of Scientology. Below is his video wherein he presents all of these facts about multilevel marketing companies.

Joshua Barbour Puts The Dirty Laundry Of The Multilevel Marketing Industry On Exhibition For The Entire World To See

It should also be noted that Asa and Priscilla are not honest business people in anything that involves them. In one of his YouTube videos, Mr. Barbour interviewed one of their employees who had nothing but problems with Asa and Priscilla despite that he had an excellent work ethic. They wrongfully terminated him from his job position with one of their businesses for reasons that were not even legitimate on their part. For this reason, among others, I feel that the "misconduct connected with work" loophole should be eliminated in every state jurisdiction of our nation whenever a claimant applies for unemployment compensation insurance benefits and their employer challenges the claim. Most employers will lie about why they fired an employee.

Asa and Priscilla constantly bragged in their YouTube videos about being job creators for autistic people. However, Mr. Barbour exposed the fact that Asa and Priscilla only hired three autistic employees among the whole host of people they employed to staff a business of theirs that they opened up last summer in Jacksonville, Florida. False advertising and misrepresentations have become a way of life for Asa and Priscilla.

The outrageous unfairness and indecency of Priscilla and Asa taking wrongful advantage of Abigail's disability by placing her on camera in their YouTube videos is that Abigail suffers from cognitive limitations and is virtually non-verbal. Therefore, she does not have the mental capacity or wherewithal to give her informed consent to appearing in any of these videos for the whole world to see. Of course, by their own admission in one of their videos on YouTube, Asa and Priscilla don't believe that Abigail has any rights of consent inasmuch as she is still a minor. The irony of how they disregard Abigail's rights is that if Child Protective Services were ever to take Abigail away from them, all of their YouTube channels would go right down the drain financially and they would be forced into giving up their lavish lifestyle inasmuch as they would no longer be able to afford it afterwards.

As Mr. Barbour points out in fourteen of his YouTube videos, Asa and Priscilla try to elicit pity from their viewers in their YouTube videos, because they have an autistic daughter. Then they turn around and misrepresent themselves as these amazing parents who are attempting to raise awareness about autism as well as educate other parents on how to raise their autistic children. Meanwhile, Asa and Priscilla have paved their way to riches on the back of their autistic daughter, Abigail, which is a recipe for exploitation.

Overall, Asa and Priscilla are disingenuous hypocrites who are all about appearances and not about ethics. In figurative language, they have hidden skeletons in their closet as Mr. Barbour revealed in his fourteen videos about them. Their background is like a soap opera drama that will shock you.

Asa and Priscilla got married when they were only 19 years old. I find it interesting that they procreated a severely autistic child with I.D.D. three years later, because there is all of this junk science floating around everywhere about how young parents usually produce healthy, neurotypical offspring and about how older parents run the risk of procreating an autistic child with numerous birth defects. I elaborate on this topic in my articles titled "Beware of Junk Science Regarding Older Fathers" and "Beware of Femi-Nonsensical Science Regarding Older Fathers." It looks as though Dr. Kári Stefánsson and deCODE genetics are not as high and holy as they present themselves to be in the public eye.

I guess marrying in their teens or early twenties does not guarantee anyone a healthy, neurotypical offspring. At the same time, older fathers over 45 years of age should not be afraid to get married and start a family regardless of what society says is the right age to get married or what the make-believe deadline may be for marriage. Mr. Barbour expressed his disapproval of teenage marriages in one of his fourteen videos about the Maasses. Of course, that is neither here nor there.

The elephant in the room here is that Asa and Priscilla have an autistic daughter, and they are not being responsible parents to that young girl. People have even complained to Child Protective Services about them. Asa is not the goody two-shoes that he depicts himself to be on camera.

A year and a half after Asa married Priscilla and fathered a son (Isaiah Maass) with her, Asa decided conveniently that he did not wish to be married anymore. Therefore, he walked out on Priscilla and Isaiah. He even admits to these wrongs in one of his videos on YouTube that Mr. Barbour showed in one of his fourteen videos about him and his family.

While Asa was living apart from his wife and his son, he got another woman pregnant with his oldest daughter. Therefore, Isaiah and Abigail currently have a 17- or 18-year-old half-sister that neither one of them have ever met. Asa eventually went back to Priscilla. Despite all the money that he has to his name, he has aggressively evaded child support payments for this love child of his through the years. At one point in time, his driver's license was suspended because of non-payment of his child support obligations.

Asa has used Priscilla to hide his assets from the woman who is the mother of his love child so that he doesn't have to pay as much child support as he would if he had kept those same assets in his own name. What is so infuriating is that he is a wealthy man and he tries to neglect his love child's financial needs as much as possible. He is a snake with very little of a conscious, and he has no excuse for behaving the way he does with his oldest daughter.

It brings to mind a woman who used to be my landlord when I was living in Los Angeles. Her daughter was up to her eyeballs in debt to the Internal Revenue Services, and my landlord arranged to put all of her daughter's assets in her own name so that the Internal Revenue Service could not access them.

What is so interesting about the above-described youthful indiscretion from Asa's past is that the mother of his love child wants nothing to do with him and does not want him in their daughter's life. It reminds me of the lyrics of this one song by Honey Cone.

The Song Titled "The Day I Found Myself" By Honey Cone

It is particularly deplorable that Asa and Priscilla have put Abigail in danger by arranging for her to have meet-ups with strangers at Dunkin' Donuts restaurants against her wishes so that they can film videos of it to post on YouTube. Abigail seldom ever looks happy to be in those videos.

Mr. Barbour has identified questionable fans of the FatheringAutism channel who have either attempted to get in contact with Abigail or have actually done so with the permission of her unsuspecting parents. In his fourteen videos about the Maasses, Mr. Barbour demonstrated that many of these fans were not playing with a full deck and could pose a threat to the safety of Abigail.

Now, many of you are probably wanting to ask me what any of this has to do with "Asperger's Syndrome" or high-functioning autism. Well, if you read my article titled "An Asperger's Syndrome Fairy Tale Turns Into A Nightmare," you will notice that Asa and Priscilla have a large number of characteristics in common with those of Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett, who are the parents of Jacob Barnett and the adoptive parents of Natalia Grace Barnett; and I don't mean so in a positive way.

"mohamed_hassan" is the creator of this image.

"mohamed_hassan" is the creator of this image.

If The Maass Parents Had Asperger's By Proxy, They Would Be A Thousand Times More Dangerous Than They Are

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not making any excuses for Asa Maass and Priscilla Maass. What they have been doing to Abigail is disgusting and reprehensible. At the same time, I am well aware that they are vindictive and that they may decide to retaliate against me for calling them out on their misconduct with their daughter, but, in any event, I feel that the public has the right to know about the dark side of the autism spectrum; and the Maass parents are not helping their autistic daughter by treating her like a pet and capitalizing on her disability.

The Maass parents exploit their autistic daughter, Abigail, to line their own pockets. The Barnett parents have exploited their son, Jacob Barnett, to build their empire of wealth. Abigail has severe autism, whereas the Barnett parents claim that Jacob has "Asperger's Syndrome." The major difference between the Maass parents and the Barnett parents is that the Barnett parents are criminal in their behavior in that they cannot seem to stay out of trouble with the law, whereas the Maass parents are people that simply ride on the edge of the law without actually breaking it.

What makes the Barnett parents much more dangerous than the Maass parents is that it is possible that their son, Jacob, may not even be autistic at all but rather is a young man who simply has a very high IQ. That is, the Barnett parents show telltale signs of having gotten Jacob misdiagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" from an early age on so that they can turn his so-called diagnosis into a moneymaking gimmick for themselves. If this is the case, the Barnett parents may make perfect candidates to be tested for Asperger's by proxy. If they do have Asperger's by proxy, it could explain why they have exploited their son, Jacob, and their adoptive daughter, Natalia Grace, in the manner that they have done so.

Asa Maass's prior infidelity with Priscilla brings to mind that Michael Barnett was a bigamist over a period of two years at one point in time. That is, Michael was married to Kristine Barnett and to one other woman at the same time. Michael has proclaimed himself to be a Christian, but his actions are not very godly, to say the least. I really wish that Mr. Barbour would take his mission against parents who exploit their autistic kids beyond the YouTube platform and do videos about parents like Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett, because this is a serious problem that is much bigger than what meets the eye.

No. Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett may not have a YouTube channel as far as I know, and, to the best of my knowledge, they are not family vloggers. However, they have capitalized on their son, Jacob Barnett, and their adoptive daughter, Natalia Grace Barnett, in more exploitative ways than you can possibly imagine insofar as they don't even need YouTube to capitalize on their kids. They have gotten so many television appearances and book deals related to Jacob's academic fame as an "Aspergian" and their adoption of Natalia Grace that it all has elevated them into the ranks of wealthy Americans.

Even after the Barnett parents were criminally indicted for abandoning Natalia Grace in an apartment in Indiana upon taking their three biological kids to Waterloo, Ontario in Canada to put Jacob in an exclusive institution of higher learning, they were accepting offers from different television shows to appear on camera to tell their side of the story, so to speak, and they were paid generously for those television appearances. The presiding judge in that manner finally decided to impose a gag order against them to keep them from doing so. Mr. Barbour lives in Ontario, and he may have even walked past the Barnetts on the streets of Canada without even realizing it while they were living in Waterloo.

Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett are evil geniuses who know how to manipulate the court system to their unfair advantage. In 2012, they got a judge to change Natalia Grace's legal age from 8 to 22 years of age, even though there was medical evidence that proved that she was still a prepubescent child rather than an adult back then. They have gotten people to believe their ludicrous and obviously mendacious story about how Natalia Grace had the homicidal personality of the protagonist in the 2009 movie titled Orphan. However, they have committed so many deceptions that it is impossible not at least to suspect them of some kind of wrongdoing.

At one point in time, Kristine Barnett even believed that she had healing powers and that she could cure her nephew of an illness. She is worse than some of those multilevel marketing hucksters who sell oils with the promise that they will cure cancer that Mr. Barbour talks about in his video about multilevel marketing scams. I don't know how anyone with any brains would take anything that she or Michael Barnett say as serious. Unfortunately, there are actually people out there who trust their every word about what actually happened between them and Natalia Grace.

The Barnett parents are toxic and possibly lethal. After they adopted Natalia Grace back in 2010, she depended on them to pay for her disability-related surgery if it ever became necessary. However, they did not fulfill their promises to her, and she ended up in a great amount of pain because of it.

The Maass parents are clearly a disgrace to society, and it would not surprise me in the least if the day ever comes that they will have a confrontation with the law that they will not be able to get out of. In viewing some of the updates on YouTube regarding the Barnett parents' criminal matter with the state of Indiana as a result of their abandonment of Natalia Grace back in 2013, it appears that they may have weaseled their way out of going to prison this time because of legal technicalities that have interfered with the state of Indiana's efforts to convict them. Why should any of us be surprised? They have criminal minds, and they're talented at dancing one step ahead of the law.

The Maass parents may never find themselves in serious trouble with the law as the Barnett parents did, because they are not as vicious as the Barnett parents are, as strange as it may seem. Yes, the Maass parents are vindictive, and they like to bully people who get in their way. However, if they were in a very tight jam with the criminal justice system, they would not have the same evil process of thought that the Barnett parents have to weasel their way out of trouble. The Maass parents would likely serve hard prison time in that event. Then again, the Maass parents are not as sinister-minded as the Barnett parents are. Unlike the Barnett parents, they likely have some fear of the police pounding on their front door with an arrest warrant.

The Maass parents are less of a threat to society than the Barnett parents are, not because the Maass parents have a stronger moral compass than the Barnett parents do. The Maass parents don't have Asperger's by proxy, whereas the Barnett parents would fit that diagnosis perfectly if a mental-health professional were to evaluate them and conclude that they, in fact, did suffer from that same type of mental illness.

The Maass parents never had to fake the fact that their daughter, Abigail, had autism to achieve their greedy objectives, because she already was autistic. The Barnett parents, on the other hand, have shown telltale signs of grooming their own son, Jacob, into misidentifying himself as someone with "Asperger's Syndrome." In a television interview show in Canada on which both Kristine Barnett and her son, Jacob, appeared, Jacob told the interviewer that he was glad to be autistic. No kid in their right mind, whether neurotypical or autistic, says something like that, unless his parents have coaxed him into doing so.

Kristine Barnett shows herself to be a dangerous woman who easily harms others, whereas Priscilla Maass shows herself to be an irresponsible woman who is morally bankrupt. Kristine and her ex-husband, Michael Barnett, adopted a little girl (Natalia Grace Barnett) to bolster their reputation as amazing parents so that more people would invest in their so-called autism-awareness-related activities in the form of generous contributions, television interviews, and book deals, among other things. The Barnett parents' exploitation of both their son, Jacob, and their adoptive daughter, Natalia Grace, could have become deadly to Natalia Grace because of her medical conditions connected with her dwarfism if others had not come to her rescue after the Barnett parents had abandoned her.

Also, it is probable that while Natalia Grace was residing with the Barnetts in Indiana, she had learned from her conversations with Jacob that his biological parents had gotten him misdiagnosed with "Asperger's Syndrome" on purpose and misled others to believe that his high IQ was a result of autism, so that they could capitalize on him by publicizing his so-called high-functioning disorder. Once the Barnett parents saw Natalia Grace as a threat to their scam, they likely plotted to leave her behind once they moved away from Indiana to Canada.

Peter Lanza is even worse than the Barnetts, because his obvious Asperger's by proxy led to the needless death of his son, the late Adam Lanza, and the mass murder of innocent children that Peter likely plotted with his son, Ryan, and two unknown men. I wish that Mr. Barbour would go after Peter Lanza in his YouTube videos. I do not believe that the late Adam Lanza murdered those children in Newtown, Connecticut and committed suicide back in 2012.

If you want details on why it is my assertion that the late Adam Lanza was not the sniper in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre back in 2012, you can read my article titled "Does The Late Adam Lanza's Father Have Asperger's By Proxy?" After reading that same article, you will find that Peter Lanza is by far a greater danger to society than the Maass parents are inasmuch as he views the lives of innocent children to be expendable in the event that they are in his line of fire.

"mohamed hassan" is the creator of this image.

"mohamed hassan" is the creator of this image.

Abusive And Exploitative Parents With Asperger's By Proxy Are Harder To Detect Than Ones Like Asa Maass And Priscilla Maass

Anyone who watches numerous videos on the FatheringAutism channel or other channels associated with it on YouTube will eventually pick up on the fact that Asa Maass and Priscilla Maass are exploiting their underage daughter, Abigail, for views and for revenue in multiple ways. However, it is so easy for parents like Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett as well as Peter Lanza to slip under the radar without detection whenever they take similar or identical actions to very dangerous and even deadly extremes, because they are better at putting up appearances than most bad actors are in the proverbial world of autism, for a lack of a better description.

Unlike the case with the Maass parents, abusive and exploitative parents who show the telltale signs of Asperger's by proxy have the minds of evil geniuses that enable them to fool the world into believing that a child of theirs has "Asperger's Syndrome." They know where to find all the shady mental-health professionals who will purposely misdiagnose their child with "Asperger's Syndrome." It becomes like a regular obsession with them.

So many different forms of behavior can easily be mistaken for a mild case of autism. The autism spectrum is deceptive in that manner, and it has the capacity to pull innocent victims into its vortex whenever any parents who have telltale signs of Asperger's by proxy get dollar signs in their eyes or simply enjoy having an unlimited amount of control over their offspring's lives.

Below is a video of an interview with a 15-year-old boy who proclaims to have "Asperger's Syndrome." The boy's name is Garrett. Judge for yourself whether or not this young man suffers from autism.

Garrett Proclaims Himself To Have Asperger's Syndrome

I am not a doctor, but I also do not buy into the Asperger's Syndrome fairy tale; and I do not make this statement herein to offend this young man in the above video or anyone. When I watch Garrett in the video above, I see a 15-year-old boy who has good manners and speaks to others in a formal way. He is a proper gentlemen.

In the video above, Garrett expresses his concerns about fitting in and others not making fun of him. Okay, Garrett. Welcome to adolescence. Everyone likes to fit in, and nobody appreciates someone making fun of them. How easily he makes friends can strongly depend on the environment that he is in and how clannish his peers are.

It is possible that Garrett may live in a very competitive area of the United States of America. I once worked with this one woman who told me that her kids had a significantly easier time making friends at their previous school in Vermont than they did in the school that they were attending in the county where she and I now lived.

If someone exhibits poor eye contact, it could mean a whole myriad of different things. It doesn't necessarily make them autistic. Child abuse survivors have difficulty maintaining eye contact because of the violence and abuse they suffered at the hands of a parent or someone else in authority.

It appears that Garrett brings up the topic of anger management in his interview. Okay. If he really does have anger management issues, it does not mean that he has to be autistic. It is not unusual for a teenage boy to become feisty about the littlest of things. Their adolescent hormones can sometimes make them fly off the handle when others least expect it, but it doesn't mean that they suffer from mental illness or the likes.

A great portion of what Garrett states in his interview appears to be common-sense information. He does mention that sometimes he daydreams and that he feels as though he is floating in the clouds. He merely describes a common characteristic among most boys his age. He doesn't really tell us anything that concludes that he has "Asperger's Syndrome" or any form of autism. He could have been merely thinking about the song in the video below when he imagined himself floating in the clouds.

The Song Titled "Meditation From Thais" By 101 Strings

Garrett comes across to me as a pragmatic individual. He appears to put more thought into his actions than most boys his age do. That trait does not make him autistic or an "Aspie." It simply makes him a more mature young man than most kids his age.

Garrett gets along with his little sister, Ella. All right. Most little girls look up to their teenage brothers as their hero. Most teenage boys are protective of their little sisters. Teenage boys who don't have a little sister often wish that they did. In the parts of the interview where Garrett is with his little sister, Ella, he demonstrates that he is a compassionate young man who cares about his little sister and would do anything for her.

Nothing in that entire interview indicated to me that Garrett was suffering from any kind of autism. Of course, as I stated previously herein, I am not a doctor. However, the fact that his father does not appear to be an abusive parents and/or someone who suffers from Asperger's by proxy indicates to me that Garrett's father probably did not force his son into "Asperger's Syndrome" testing and treatment, and, therefore, I have to question how honest the mental-health professional was with Garrett's father when he diagnosed his son with "Asperger's Syndrome."

Mental-health professionals can easily get dollar signs in their eyes every time some young boy Garrett's age walks into their office for an "Asperger's Sydrome" evaluation. Parents can be gullible and blind to this type of professional misconduct in the mental-health profession. One of the YouTubers in his video's comments section stated that he didn't believe that Garrett was autistic. I am not convinced that he is so either.

HaticeEROL is the creator of this image.

HaticeEROL is the creator of this image.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

What Joshua Barbour is doing to expose Asa Maass and Priscilla Maass on his YouTube channels is deserving of praise, and he should keep up the good work. He indicated in one of his videos that he was going to do the same about other family vloggers who put their autistic child or children on camera in their YouTube videos. I'll be interested in seeing his videos about it.

Asa Maass and Priscilla Maass are not self-made millionaires as they have their viewers to believe. They became rich on the back of their autistic daughter, Abigail.

Abigail is not an adult. She has severe autism, and she suffers from I.D.D. Therefore, she cannot consent to being on camera every time her parents decide to put her in one of their YouTube videos to jack up their views and revenues.

Asa and Priscilla have also been placing Abigail in great danger by attracting mentally unhinged people to their fan base and exposing Abigail to them. They live in Florida where kidnappings and crimes against young people are both quite common. They take her to places where she obviously does not want to be and force her to meet up with strangers who likely make her feel uncomfortable in their presence.

Asa and Priscilla have misrepresented themselves to be amazing parents, when reality has it that they did not get to where they are now at financially by sincere means. They are both master manipulators and bullies who walk all over vulnerable people to work their way up the ladder of success without truly putting any meaningful work or effort into earning their money in a sincere manner. They have skeletons in their closet that reveal their true colors whenever shocking facts about them come to light. Someday they will both get themselves into a fix from which they will not be able to escape.

Nevertheless, regardless of how much of a disgrace both Asa and Priscilla are, they are Good Samaritans in comparison with Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett as well as Peter Lanza. Michael Barnett and Kristine Barnett have actually ruined people's lives to a substantial magnitude in their quest to become rich and famous. Asa and Priscilla treat their autistic daughter, Abigail, like a pet, whereas Michael and Kristine have treated their son, Jacob, and their adoptive daughter, Natalia Grace, like inanimate objects that they can put on exhibition to line their own pockets.

Peter Lanza is worse than the Maass parents and the Barnett parents, because his actions to manipulate the autism spectrum for his own self-serving purposes have led to the needless, tragic deaths of numerous children and other people. Moreover, he caused the death of his youngest son, the late Adam Lanza, and it is likely that he involved his oldest son, Ryan, in dangerously criminal activities.

Whether we all want to face it or not, the autism spectrum has a very dark side to it that allows for the exploitation and abuse of children to take place. Even though I admire parents like Edith Sheffer who look out for their children's best interest whenever the question of autism presents itself to them, I cannot be mindless of the existence of people like the Maass parents, the Barnett parents, and Peter Lanza.

Mr. Barbour is raising an awareness about such exploitation and abuse. However, he has a long way to go before he can cover every facet of this problem that continues to harm the United States of America and Canada. We need to change laws in both of these countries and hold mental-health professionals accountable whenever they unethically seek to profit off of these situations. Children are our future; and if we cannot protect them from this kind of harm, our nations may have no promising future.

Asperger's by proxy does not get the amount of public attention that it needs to stop parents with this mental illness from exploiting and harming their own children regardless of whether those same children of theirs are minors or adults. The autism spectrum on its own has created an entire population of vulnerable individuals in this respect. It is time to educate ourselves as much as possible and to take action.

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