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The Attack on Natural Living

Victoria is a stay-at-home mom, author, educator, and blogger at Healthy at Home. She currently lives in Colorado with her family.


Our country has gotten so far away from where we started that most people have completely forgotten our roots. We are now at a point that we are so dependent on our convenience and fast foods, that we have lost the art of cooking. When our clothes tear, we throw them away, and when toys break and books rip, we go buy new ones.

You hear on social media that someone lost their phone, and it's sheer panic. The electricity goes out due to a lightning storm and it's a national emergency. People are dying by the millions from pollution, medications, vaccines, and even the food we are eating, pumped full of chemicals and preservatives, and the dependence on this life we lead and those that provide it, just strengthens.

As a society, we have forgotten how to live and how to take care of ourselves. If we ever lost all technology (like the scare in 2000), lost all electricity and modern conveniences (which is becoming real for many with all of the natural disasters), or we had another civil war, what would happen? Who would survive? Would we even know how to take care of ourselves?


The Attack

At one point in our history, people knew how to raise and grow their own food. We knew how to sew and fix household items, build houses and furniture, fish and hunt for survival, put away food for the winter, and walk where we needed to go. I'm not suggesting that everyone go back to that lifestyle and start cooking over a campfire again, but only recognize the value in living naturally, and keep those skills alive.

All of those "natural" ways are under a serious attack right now. The areas you are hearing the most about are breastfeeding, homeschooling, natural healing methods and medicines, organic cooking, and homemade bathing and cleaning supplies. And there's a reason for all of this. It was all said so eloquently in an article published in Parents magazine in May of 2018, which argued that considering breastfeeding "natural" was dangerous because "it could lead parents down the path to alternative medicine, home-schooling, and becoming anti-vaccination."

The American Academy of Pediatrics confirms this fear stating, "This embrace of the “natural” over the “unnatural” appears in a variety of contemporary scientific and medical issues beyond vaccination, including rejection of genetically modified foods, a preference for organic over conventionally grown foods, and rejection of assisted reproductive technologies, as well as concerns over environmental toxins and water fluoridation."

They state in this article that these beliefs "work against specific public health goals." And that these pockets of “natural living” sentiment “tend to overlap with reliance on and interest in complementary and alternative medicine, skepticism of institutional authority, and a strong commitment and interest in health knowledge, autonomy, and healthy living practices,” which are all very dangerous for the well-being of society as a whole.


What Is the Significance of This for You?

Those with big money at stake in major industry, including food, the medical field, and pharmaceuticals don’t want to lose the power and financial success they have found. Honestly, your health and well-being is not at the forefront in the minds of those creating most of the products we purchase and use on a daily basis. My goal is not to talk conspiracy theory, but to open your eyes so that you can the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Why Would Anything Natural Be a Point of Attack?

By “natural” I mean comes from the Earth, untouched, not man-made, and maybe even original. I think many of the world’s major problems stem from getting away from the natural. For centuries now, man has seemed to feel like with our help, nature could be improved upon. Usually this is done by adding machines and chemicals (sometimes even the human component), and getting away from all that is natural. Soap used to last us years, but now, with the addition of all sorts of added chemicals, colors, flavors, and synthetic vitamins, it will only last a week or so before you need a new bar.


Furniture used to be made from real wood and would last many generations before needing the slightest repairs. Now it is made from particle board, a man-made invention combining wood chips and chemical resin to hold it all together temporarily.

Families may now own up to 5 or 6 dining tables, living room couches, or computer desks in their lifetimes, or more, because the slightest handling and they just fall apart. Food no longer needs to be eaten in a short time frame before going bad because they’ve been cleaned and stripped of everything natural, and fortified with chemicals and synthetic vitamins before reaching your grocery store shelves. Food that once needed to be eaten immediately will now last for years in your pantry.

Along with way, we’ve lost all quality and health in the products we use every day in exchange for chemicals, cost, and convenience. We may feel like we are saving money in the short term, but when you really think about it, are you really? We are losing our beaches, our oceans are poisoned, we are concerned with the ozone, all of our natural resources are running out because they are polluted, and disease is on the rise all over the world.

We extend a great amount of our resources towards making things cheaper and easier for ourselves, but haven’t seemed to consider the health and well-being of our own, or how we would survive if it all just disappeared.


We Need to Take Another Look for the Sake of Our Families

When it comes down to it, what really is best for your family? Can we really rely on big industry to decide this for us? If you knew that you could provide better options for yourself, your spouse, and your children easily, would you?

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What I am recommending is simply to take another look at those things considered “natural.” Big business may warn you against them. Even something as innocent as breastfeeding is being called dangerous by many big companies. But consider the motivation behind the claims, especially when they don’t make sense.

What could be wrong with breastfeeding over the options we have available? Why would you be warned against homeschooling when you consider what they are doing in schools every day? Why would growing your own food or collecting your own rain water be against the law in so many places?


Your Food

There has begun to be a huge swing towards organic products in recent years, as we are seeing the severe consequences of using pesticides, GMOs, chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics in our foods, and yet, all of the organic companies are slowly being bought out and dissolved.

More and more people are turning towards grass-fed meats, dairy, and other animal products to avoid all of the harmful growth and processing chemicals in them, and so now you are seeing doctors, and the medical industry as a whole telling you that dairy and meat are bad for you and should be avoided altogether.

There used to be thousands of varieties of every type of fruit and vegetable being grown all over the world, but the majority of those have disappeared because farmers are no longer allowed to grow them, and keeping seeds from precious crops has become illegal. It is endless, and it all needs to be considered when choosing food for your families. It is extremely easy to simply switch a few major ingredients in your home to avoid much of the contamination, and to make the few things you feel like you can’t do without.



The food industry is huge and is made up of grocery stores, fast food chains, and restaurants, all pushing the same kinds of foods. It’s all loaded with refined sugar, which we all know is very addictive and extremely bad for our health. Bread, meat, and anything that comes in a package like conventional milk, yogurt, children’s snacks, canned veggies, frozen meals, etc. is just loaded with the stuff, and is being used even in fast food locations and restaurants. You can’t escape it unless you cook from home.

But the need to even have those skills has completely disappeared with the appearance of the deli section of the grocery store that will make anything you need. You can whisk away to some location that will provide you hot food fast and cheaply anytime.

And in the event you need to eat at home, you can buy processed food in any size, shape, flavor and color to eliminate the need to make anything yourself. The very first thing you need to do if you want to change the health of your family in a radical way, is to start cooking from home, using good, wholesome ingredients.


Your Health

Consider the sickness that is rampant everywhere. I bet you that just about every one of your friends is either sick themselves right now, or has a sick child at home. You can read about it, or hear it from your friends any day of the week. Everyone is sick, again. Where is it coming from? Why did your family get hit again?

There is proof all around you for where the illness is coming from, and it’s not your hand washing skills. The common practice is then to go to the doctor, where all of the other sick people are, where you’ll be given a host of medications to take, or will even be given a shot that will make you better.

Antibiotics, cough medicine, fever reducers, and even steroid creams are all simply intended to cover your symptoms, not help you heal, or build your immune system to help you fight the infection. In fact, the effect is just the opposite. By using medications, not only are you putting unnecessary chemicals into your body, but you are directly hindering what your body is doing to get rid of the infection, which will only prolong your illness and possibly be making it even worse.

A cough is your body getting rid of the gunk in your lungs, and a fever is your body starving the infection. Your body needs to be able to fight the illness on its own in order to build up the immunity and keep from getting sick again.


Your Daily Cleaning and Bathing Products

Dangerous chemicals can be found in every room in your home. And these products are all causing the minor to serious, and even life-threatening, health problems you or your children experience.

Consider the cleaning products you keep under your kitchen sink, the dishwashing detergent you use on your dinner dishes, the dish soap you use on your hands, the laundry detergent that touches every part of your body and even the bed clothes that you put your head down on at night. Every one of these contains toxic chemicals proven to cause a variety of deadly diseases, like cancer and asthma, when breathed in or when your skin comes into contact with them.

What about your bathing products? Children’s bath products are often marketed as safe and gentle. However, did you know that laboratory tests commissioned by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found these products are commonly contaminated with formaldehyde or 1, 4-dioxane – and, in many cases, both?

These two chemicals, linked to cancer and skin allergies, are anything but safe and gentle and are completely unregulated in children’s bath products. However the internet is flooded with articles on how dangerous it is to use organic, natural, or homemade cleaning and bathing products. Do you ever wonder why the attack on these natural ingredients is so strong?

When it is so incredibly easy to choose better products for your family’s use, or make your own, there no reason we are still using these. It’s so easy to use simply cheap white vinegar and baking soda for cleaning every area of your house naturally, and purchase soaps and other products made out of natural ingredients like coconut oil or goat’s milk.


What is your family’s health worth to you? Of course “natural living” is being cursed and even outlawed. If you don’t send your children to public school, they won’t be trained to be the robots this society needs to keep it running in the mandated way. If you don’t follow your doctor’s medical advice, you just might stay healthy and won’t need them anymore. If you learn to make your own food at home with better ingredients, you will put lots of greedy food companies out of business. If you start using better bathing and cleaning products, you’ll put two industries, the medical industry and home care industry out of business.

If you learn to take care of yourself, grow your own food, make your own food items, care for your family’s basis health needs, and teach your kids yourself, you can no longer be controlled. But big picture aside, by making a few simple life choice changes for your family, you may just see a future where you never get sick again, or have any health issues.

My husband, two small children, and I are never sick, and there is never a need for medication. You will notice a remarkable difference in the IQ of your kids, their abilities, and even their personalities as they bloom under your guidance. And you will even notice a humongous change in the way you enjoy your food. Suddenly food will have rich flavors, deep colors, and will fill you up. You personally will notice an amazing change in how you feel physically and emotionally, and will have a clearing of the mind mentally.

You simply have to start questioning some of the practices and traditional beliefs that you see in society. Just because you hear it on the news or hear it from your best friend, read it in a popular book or in the newspaper, or have been raised that way doesn’t mean it’s the best way. There’s a great reason that everything from the “natural” foods being offered at the store, and the cloth diapers that hippie mom is using, are being attacked by everyone. When would a person’s choice in diapers really mean that much to someone else? When there’s a problem with the mainstream way of doing it. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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Victoria Van Ness (author) from Fountain, CO on January 16, 2019:

I love that you said "the good honey." Haha Most people don't know the difference. Thank you for your kind comments!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 16, 2019:

This is great stuff. I had a bad tooth with infection in the gums. I just went to garlic, oregano, the good honey, ginger, artichoke tea and cloves. Gone in two days not like the ten.

When I took out the process foods - I actually had to add salt to my cooking. (cramping) I don't think I have but a few foods that don't go rotten quickly. And I just love fruit and meat that just plain looks ugly.

Go Local or Go Home!

Victoria Van Ness (author) from Fountain, CO on January 15, 2019:

Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I was really nervous what the comments on this article were going to look like. I really think it's going to take something big, unfortunately, to wake everyone up.

Jennifer C from Ontario, Canada on January 15, 2019:

I totally agree with this article. This is a real problem in our society. Unfortunately, people do not know how to take care of themselves anymore. We all rely on the system to take care of us. A system that forces us to work long hours and spend time away from our family just to survive. A system that poisons us with unnatural food, radiation from cell phone towers, and vaccinations. Where I live, you are not even allowed to send your children to school if they are not vaccinated.

I have been wanting to write an article about this for a while. I think it's important for people to know how to survive without the system if we were to lose it all (cell phones, electricity, money, grocery stores). It's not that crazy to think it could happen especially if we look history.

Thank you for sharing this article. I do hope it helps wake people up a bit :)

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