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The 7 Laws of Attraction.

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Creativity is intelligence having fun according to Einstein. Well watching movies is having fun, analyzing them... the best

The law of attraction is a law of the universe that needs no introduction most times.

Simply put it is a law that projects energy to the universe through thought and action in order to manifest inner desires in reality

It combines the use of affirmations, visualization of an ideal reality as well as working towards the goal in order to manifest.

The energy said to be projected is said to be pure without any form of negative thought that could hinder the manifestation

Every vibration has to be balanced in order to truly achieve attraction. In order to achieve that balance.

it is accompanied by seven laws of which some take root from other universal laws.



This is the act of feeling that something is yours, visualizing it till becomes real.

It is a way of letting universal forces knows you want it so they work it out for you.

If you need good things, manifesting is getting on the same frequency and energy of those things in order to get it.

For example, if you need a new car, it’s getting and maintaining the thought that your car is on the way or has arrived already



This is the law that states that we attract whatever dominates our pattern of thinking.

People who consistently feel like the world is out to get them seem to get proved right every time. It can be seen as a result of this law

This isn’t about picking something to focus on but rather a compliment to manifestation that like attracts like, in other words good thoughts attracts good things and vice versa.

This applies not just in getting what we want but in relationships as well. Being good to people reflects in the way they respond.

Pure and Unwavering Desire

This involves emotions and their projections.

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Before trying to manifest you must understand and ask yourself if that’s what you truly want.

If you truly want it, you have to picture that manifestation without doubt or desperation and a feeling of pride because feeling unworthy of what you want doesn’t really put you in an advantageous position.

I mean if you don’t think you are ready to be what you want who else will believe it.

It isn’t simply a wish granting law so you have to be ready to keep up the frequency even on the days that other comments make you feel than.


Paradoxical Intent

Also known as the law of delicate balance. It is simply about managing and balancing the different energies that might come around.

The yin and yang (gender related energies) as well as the positives and negatives.

It is being able to maintain gratitude for your present life as well as others and kick out desperation when waiting for a manifestation. Desperation can put you up as unworthy or wanting it for selfish reasons and therefore push that desire even farther away.


Also known as the law of synchronization, in other words, it is being in sync with the forces that push you towards your desires.

This is simply aligning with the energy flowing in the universe related to what you want.

This grants one a special access to a higher manifesting power leading to abundance, blessings, gifts as well as connections

Right and Conscientious Action

This law states that even the smallest works of good reflect to your benefit. In a way, this is karma.

Whatever you give out, you get back and more

This then should remind people that by doing good, it reflects in their favor and even the littlest burst of aggression can sometimes come back to hunt or hurt them much later.

Expanding and Universal Influence

It states that energy grows and expands rather than remaining rooted or concentrated at one spot which lets the universe know what you want in the first place.

The energy we emit spreads and affects the people around us as well as the energy in the arena we are at. So in order to make a maximum impact, frequency has to be at its highest.

We have to build so much faith in the possibility of our desire coming true as well as maintain it


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