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The 5 Most Important Books For Safe And Effective Kettlebell Training

Best Books To Learn Kettlebell Training

You've decided to start training with Kettlebells. But is Kettlebell training safe? Maybe you heard Kettlebells are dangerous? How do you workout with Kettlebells safely, effectively and not get hurt? Look at what Kettebells did for the guys from 300? They exercised and worked out with Kettlebells. For men's health and women's fitness Kettlebell training can be an effective way to workout, build muscle, strength, condition the body and loose fat. For the beginner, Kettlebell training workouts and routines should be basic and build a solid foundation of strength and conditioning.

Let's look at 5 books that will help you train with Kettlebells safely and effectively.

Want one for your car?  Send an email to for more info and to place an order.

Want one for your car? Send an email to for more info and to place an order.

Enter The Kettlebell

If you get one book on Kettlebell Training, this is it. I can go into all the specifics, but instead I'll tell you that this is a book that will start you on a journey. That's exactly what it did for me. If you want to try Kettlebells, this book will start you off on the right path with a very solid and achievable foundation.

But heed my warning now, this book very well may insight a mild addiction and obsession with this cannon ball with a handle.

Enter the Kettlebell will take you through the two foundational Kettlebell drills, The Turkish Get Up and The Swing.

From there you will progress into the Clean, The Press, The Clean and Press and then The Snatch.

Quite literally everything you need for total mastery of the girya... that's the Russian word for Kettlebell.

Read this book, understand it, live it! Taking the journey laid out in Enter the Kettlebell and see yourself evolve into a stronger, fitter, and more confident person.

There is much you can learn from Pavel about being a stronger, better human. Strength of body will evolve into strength of mind and spirit.


Kettlebells From The Ground Up

Kettlebells From The Ground Up This is the manual to master the Turkish Get Up. Sure you can find 101 ways to do this exercise on YouTube and Google, but this manual is, in my humble opinion, the best way to understand this exercise and movement pattern. The Turkish Get Up is the ultimate exercise for is for rehab, prehab, and in fact any word that ends in hab...

The challenge for you is to KNOW this drill. Kettlebells From The Ground Up is your guide to knowing and owning one of the best, most effective Kettlebell drills in the vast repertoire of drills available.

Shoulder stability, body mobility, core strength, understanding the value and timing between tension and relaxation.

Some have compared the Turkish Get Up to the Yoga of Kettlebell drills and that is a great way to look at it. It was used in years gone by by Turkish and Middle Eastern wrestlers to build strength, flexibility and body symmetry. You too will use it for the same purpose. You will be able to create some good static tension, which will firm your arms all the while practice moving under tension which will help with a tight core. Then there's joint mobility and integrity. Also benefits of the TGU.

Bottom line here is to learn, master and use this drill!

The Kettlebell Martial Arts Connection

Even if you never wind up on a mat, in a ring or hear the cage door slam, the Kettlebell Martial Arts Connection will deliver you the strength, conditioning and mental fortitude needed to go the distance.

I am proud to say I have trained with the author who is an expert martial artist and Girevik (Russian for "one who trains with Kettlebells).

What's great about this book as that even if you're a non combatant, you will learn rock solid core fundamentals about Kettlebell Training and get a whole slew and variety of highly effective routines and programs.

Ideal for all levels of Kettlebell experience, I HIGHLY recommend this book for all interested in building functional strength and developing the conditioning of an elite fighter.

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You'll also enjoy the fluid, practical writing style of John Spezzano which in turn is highly detailed. Never mind the fact that he's got enough experience in multiple styles to open a can of whoop ass in any continent. Combine that with expert knowledge of Hardstyle Kettlebell training and you literally get a perfect combination, one two punch (pun intended) of practical application of the Kettlebell with (and with out) the martial arts.


The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge by Pavel Tsatsouline is where and how this whole crazy Kettlebell thing got all started up again here in the States.

Kettlebells were popular and used with frequency 100+ years ago and then slipped into obscurity as the dumbbell and barbell gained popularity and body building became more prevalent to pure strength training and physical culture.

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge looked to reintroduce America to the finer things of strength training and create a physical culture Renaissance.

There are two grand elements from this book.

  1. If you are looking to understand the origins of Kettlebell Training not only here but from Mother Russia, where it all began, this is the book for you.
  2. If you, like me, prefer to exercise as if it's 1913 verses 2013 then this also is the book for you.
  3. I know I just said two, this is an addendum... while this is Pavel's first book on Kettlebell Training, it is of this Kettlebell Aficionado's opinion that if you are just starting out, Enter The Kettlebell is the right book to start with.


The Russian Kettlebell Challenge is also a school of thought and strength. It is in a state of constant evolution as are we. And as we look to understand strength and being Strong First, we have the wisdom, humility and intelligence to fine tune and perfect the process. As it sits, you'll find The Russian Kettlebell Challenge to be more for the intermediate to advanced girevik.


Viking Warrior Conditioning

Have you ever watched a movie with Ancient warriors like Gladiator or 300 and wondered; what kind of shape were these guys in? I mean really, not the Hollywood version, but the real deal. Like what kind of condition do you need to be in to fight in a battle with swords and shields and running and thrusting and slashing... you must have the heart of a lion, the endurance of a horse and the speed of a cheetah.

You need muscle endurance. Kenneth Jay's Viking Warrior conditioning will teach you how to master the Kettlebell Snatch.

This is an all out endurance challenge and probably the most advanced book in the group. This is not the beginner's book. You need to very clear on the Swing and be quite proficient in the Snatch before starting on this journey.

This program outlines what is also known as the Vo2 Max.

Per Wikipedia: VO2 max is the maximum capacity of an individual's body to transport and use oxygen during incremental exercise, which reflects the physical fitness of the individual. The name is derived from V - volume, O2 - oxygen, max - maximum.

So essentially what you're doing with this program is improving your ability use oxygen efficiently and in turn strengthen up your ticker!

This is endurance training at it's finest. Scientifically formulated for maximum effectiveness and results that will filter over into other sports and activities... like hacking, slashing and being a Viking... or any warrior.

The ability to push yourself and endure is part of being a modern warrior. This program will crank up your endurance, rip fat from your body, and increase your speed and power. Once you've got a solid handle on the snatch from Enter The Kettlebell and are ready for the next level, this is the next level.

The Final Word(s)

Any of these books will take your Kettlebell Training to a new level. These 5 tomes need to be part of you Kettlebell Library and if they are not, then you are missing out and you are putting yourself at risk.

Pavel teaches us that strength is a skill. To merely wing it without proper study has worked for who? Try getting into the ring with a trained boxer after one lesson for you. How well would you do? Take a shot a Texas Hold 'Em without understanding what it means to "check." Or here's one, try knitting something without studying how to knit.

Why would you think that something simple is also easy and requires no training, study or development?

You have a purpose behind training with a Kettlebell. Either strength, conditioning, muscular development, fat loss, or all of the above. Proper form, technique and application will reduce the time it takes to achieve your goal, prevent you from hurting yourself and build strength of mind and spirit to go with the strong body.

Bottom line here... buy the books. Read them, use them and know them!

Bumper Stickers Anyone?

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