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The 3 Day Military Diet Review - Can you Lose 10 pounds in a Week?

3 Day Diet - The Military Diet

3 Day Diet - The Military Diet

The Military Diet plan, also known as the 3 Day Diet is a diet plan that claims you can lose up to 10 pounds in three days. In addition, the diet claims that no strenuous activity or exercise is required, and no pills or supplements needed to assist in this weight loss plan. It also proclaims that the chemically formulated food combination is designed to not only burn fat, but also kick start your metabolism to lose weight fast. The 3 day diet menu is free on the internet, and is included in this review. Not only is it free, but the meal plan itself also seems very affordable. Nonetheless, in this case I’m not sure if free and affordable equate to a good deal. After a closer look at the 3 day diet menu, and the 3 Day Military Diet plan, I did have some major concerns and questions I needed answering. And thus, I have written The 3 Day Military Diet Review to give you more information and insight as to whether the military diet is right for you. So let’s get started.

What is the Three Day Military Diet Plan?

The 3 Day Military Diet plan claims to be a combination of low calorie foods and chemically compatible foods designed to work in synergy to jump start your weight loss. This plan consists of three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meal plans span a duration of three days, which are then followed by 4 days of regular eating. Your choice of food. The claim is that the 3 days on and the 4 days off the diet prevent your metabolism from dropping. The calorie intake for day 1 is 1400 calories, day 2 is 1200 calories, and day 3 a total of 1100 calories. At the end of the 4th off day, the claim is that you should have lost up to 10 pounds for the week. Let’s take a closer look. Below is the actual meal plan laid out by its originator, whomever that may be.

3 day military diet plan

3 day military diet plan

The Military Diet 3 Day Diet Menu

DAY 1 of the 3 Day Military Diet Menu


1 slice of toast (whole wheat is best)
2 tablespoons peanut butter

1/2 grapefruit
1 cup coffee or tea (caffeinated)


1 slice bread or toast (whole wheat is best)
1/2 cup tuna
1 cup coffee or tea (caffeinated)


3 ounces of any meat (about the size of a deck of cards)
1 cup of green beans
1/2 Banana
1 small apple
1 cup of vanilla ice cream (Does not have to be sugar-free)

Hot Dogs in your diet plan?

Hot Dogs in your diet plan?

DAY 2 of the 3 Day Military Diet Menu


1 egg (cooked how you like)
1 slice of bread or toast (whole wheat is best)
1/2 banana


1 cup cottage cheese
1 hard-boiled egg
5 saltine crackers


2 hot dogs (without bun)
1/2 cup carrots
1 cup broccoli
1/2 banana
1 cup of vanilla ice cream

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Have a grapefruit in your 3 day military diet.

Have a grapefruit in your 3 day military diet.

DAY 3 of the 3 Day Military Diet Menu


1 slice cheddar cheese
1 small apple
5 saltine crackers


1 slice whole wheat bread or toast
1 egg (cooked however you like)


1 cup tuna
1/2 banana
1 cup vanilla ice cream


My first Impression of the Military Diet

I must say the hot dogs and the ice cream threw me off a tad. But of course, this could go both ways. You either hated seeing the hot dogs and ice cream in a diet plan, or you absolutely loved the idea. Personally I would substitute the hot dogs which is highly processed scrap meat, high in nitrates, sodium and saturated fat. And I will spare you the details of what animal scraps are used.

Secondly, ice cream is not only high in sugar, but also high in saturated fat. And the diet indicates that sugar in the ice cream is acceptable. This is very strange in my opinion. But maybe that is what is attracting people to this diet.

Thirdly, I would have to replace the peanut butter, cheese and banana. Eating these for three days would surely add 2-3 pounds of weight caused by constipation alone. Sorry, I just had to share that.

Finally, it appears the menu is spread a little thin over three days. By only eating three times each day, I can see where I would most likely feel starved and sick to my stomach every night before bedtime. So, I don’t think this diet would be for me.

The 3 Day Military Diet Review - Questions and Concerns

At first glance, this diet did not appear to be very natural or healthy when having seen hot dogs and ice cream included in the menu. On further inspection, seeing the options to substitute foods made this a bit more acceptable, but still questionable.

Can you really lose 10 pounds per week using the 3 Day Military Diet? Here are some problems I found with this diet.

Metabolism: I must question the claim that this diet keeps your metabolism from dropping and will even kick start your metabolism to burn fat even faster. Eating only three times per day is not going to raise your metabolism with this diet. And going back to a normal diet on the last four days, may help prevent your metabolism from dropping, but it will certainly not kick it into fat burning mode and melt off 10 pounds. And unfortunately drinking a cup of coffee or tea will only have a short term effect on your metabolism but nothing substantial.

pH Levels: This program states that either grapefruit or baking soda must be used in this diet to better burn fat, as this will raise your pH level and increase your body’s alkalinity. A high alkalinity body burns fat more efficiently than an acidic body. Or so they say. Sorry but this is not true. And even if it were, one grapefruit is not going to change your whole body’s pH level. Although foods with high alkaline levels are good for you, they will contribute very little to the change of pH in your blood. Your body works to keep that level pretty constant at all times.

Chemically Formulated: Looking at this menu and seeing all the food substitutions available to this diet, make the claim for a chemically formulated food combination to burn fat fast seem very weak indeed. There seems to be a substitute for almost everything on the Military Diet at the site listed above. And though I think this is highly considerate to those with food allergies or other dietary restrictions, it also makes me question the claim for this diet to be chemically compatible. This, I thought, was an important factor if not the key factor in making this diet a success. Apparently I was wrong. Which leads me to believe that maybe this diet is indeed more about just calories, and not so much about choosing the right combination of foods that are chemically compatible to make what should normally only be a 1-2 pound weight loss a 10 pound weight loss program.

3 Day Military Diet Plan Testimonials

There are many testimonials for the Military Diet on the internet from blogs to personal websites, but the one site I rely on for the most accurate and unbiased reviews would be hands down none other than Amazon. From all the claims I have read, reviews vary widely and opinions equally so. However, I have not seen anyone claim to have lost the whole 10 pounds in three days or even for the week on this diet plan. Nor would I trust in believing anyone admitting to such a claim. Here is why.

Can you Lose 10 Pounds in 3 days with the Military Diet?

Regardless of my own opinions and those from reviews and testimonials, any diet that limits you to around 1000 calories per day, should be successful at helping you shed a few pounds a week. But without using other additional methods such as supplements or exercise I highly question anyone losing 10 pounds in a week with this diet. The total calorie deficit for the first 3 days should be approximately a little over 3000 calories. And since 3500 calories equals one pound, we can say that you have most likely lost one pound of fat. Now let’s say the last four days actually did have some profound effect on your metabolism and generously throw in an extra couple of pounds. That still only gets you a loss of 3 pounds, which is not even close to 10 pounds as claimed.


My conclusion is that the 3 Day Military Diet plan is nothing more than a calorie counting diet. No special formulas, no notable metabolic changes, and no chemically formulated food combinations to kick start your metabolism. Basically, it’s just plain old calorie counting. So my final verdict for the Military Diet is that it is indeed a diet that can shed some fat, but not what it proclaims to be, and thus I would say 1 to 3 pounds would be the maximum weight to lose on this diet plan, but certainly not 10 pounds. If you do in fact lose more than 3 pounds in three days, then I would say anything over that would be primarily intestinal clearing. But please, feel free to prove me wrong in the comments field below.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to bash this 3 day diet menu plan. If the Military Diet plan sounds right for you and you are happy with losing 1-3 pounds in a week, then by all means give it a try. I would love to hear back from you on your results. I based my conclusion on knowledge, education, research and personal experience. My opinion is that you can lose weight with this diet, but that I personally find the claims largely over stated.

Thanks for dropping by and reading The 3 Day Military Diet Review, and as always leave a comment, suggestion, or question. We would also love to hear from you if you have already tested the Three Day Military Diet and what your results were. Please be advised that weighing in and weighing out of any diet plan must be done at the same time of day for your reading to be the most accurate. Your body weight can vary between 1 to 4 pounds each day depending on the time of day. For example, your morning weigh in can be 2 pounds lighter than your evening weigh in. If you have not tried the 3 Day Military Diet plan but are considering on doing so, please come back and share with us your experience and results. Thanks again, and stay healthy.

My Latest Update!

After receiving so many comments on how I could write a review on The Three Day Military Diet Plan without trying it for myself, I finally took the bull by the horns, subjected myself to over processed hotdogs, and came up with the following results.

Though I felt starved the entire time, I lost…and I’m sure you are saying I told you it would work… a total of 4 pounds after my fourth day on the diet. Now that we have that out of the way, please feel free to share your results with us. Your comments are highly welcome.

Let the Numbers Speak!

© 2014 John Mark


Tina on March 08, 2020:

I did the Military Diet a few years ago but don't eat grapefruit, cottage cheese or ice cream. So I swapped them out for what I could eat that was on the list. I lost 7 pounds that week. I did it again after 4 days and only lost 5 pounds but still 12 pounds in 2 weeks is not bad.

Gina McCain on November 11, 2019:

I did the 3 day diet and lost 9 pounds on the 7day . What I did was I followed the military diet to the T for 3 days then the 4,5,6,and 7 day I ate the left overs from the diet. Hot dogs no bun broccoli banana ice cream tuna eggs and I lost 9 pounds no exercising, there was Know need to waist the food I brought. The other key I really counted my water intake 4 16 oz of water A day that really helped Good Luck and I will be doing it again The diet works I will be Exercising on this go around You can do it life change I feel better too

Nel on March 11, 2019:

I have lost 7 lbs and 14lbs in 10dayz. So it did work for me. Remember you need to drink a lot of water.

Kim on August 23, 2018:

Did this years ago, it WORKS! Maybe not 10 lbs but inches for sure!

Khameleon on June 03, 2018:

How does this work if you're not one who drinks coffee/tea/sodas?

I haven't drank a caffeinated drink in over a decade. Stuff hurts my kidneys and caused way too many UTIs/bladder misery.

Maria Weber on March 04, 2017:

im going to start the military diet tomorrow, really hoping to turn my life around

Owen Foster from Burlington, VT on January 06, 2017:

Losing weight takes a lot of discipline! These are great tips. Thank you for sharing

John Mark (author) from Texas on December 02, 2016:

Hello @Kevin McClernon,

Thank you for reading this article, your reply, and for your service. To answer your question....I do not believe this diet is affiliated with any of the military branches. I believe it was named so by the creator only to capture the attention of those readers interested in this fad diet.

Daniel Hunter from Gold Coast on December 02, 2016:

I will have to give that a try! :)

Kevin P McClernon from Dania Beach, Florida on October 01, 2016:

I enjoyed your well-written hub and have no problems with anything you wrote or how you wrote it.

Do know who named it the "Military Diet"? I spent 32 years as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and never saw or heard anything remotely similar. Quite to the contrary, DoD directives concerning fitness and body composition promote physical activity coupled with healthy eating habits. As a Marine, 3 days without physical training just wasn't going to happen. The average daily caloric intake was between 2500-3500. When was the last time you saw a "fat" Marine? Maybe it's a new version of the Chinese Torture Treatment or a replacement for waterboarding.

Again, nothing personal...I like your writing, but was wondering what military came up with that diet.

Rikke Dootjes on September 07, 2016:

I am a 70 year old male and I have followed the three day military diet plan for 51 days I stand 5'7" and started at 230 lbs. Last week I came down to 2o8 lbs. On my days off, I try to eat sensible and I do. For my 3 day plan I elected Mon, Tues, and Wednesday so I am not as restricted approaching the weekend socializing and or eating out. This week was not quite as good as all the other weeks, because I gained a couple more pounds than planned Mostly due to wine and not the food that was consumed at the couple of social events I attended. Tomorrow, I know my weight will be where it was last week but I am not going to beat myself up over this loss of time or gain of weight. My reason for writing this is to let people know that the claim of losing 10 lbs in a week did not happen to me, I did not exercise, mainly because I hurt my knee just prior to the start of this diet plan, but it also states up to 10 lbs without exercise, so that is not true I followed the program to a T. I did not overdo it on my days off and gained 2 to 3 lbs back at the end of my 4 days off. Had I not gained any, perhaps I would have lost maybe 6 lbs per week? The reality however is, I chose this plan because I feel that anyone can do three days, because inspite of the punishing 800 calories you eat during your 3days on, there is a light at the end of the tunnel because you have 4 days off. I have worked on other programs and find them too taxing.

I believe I can keep this up an other 52 days and by thenI will have reached a weight of 186 lbs. My Goal is to weigh 180, I do not mind fluctuating for 5 lbs or so at the end. There is one more thing I like to add,

I have become much more aware of my daily intake and that in itself I am thankful for. Conclusion: Although it claims more that it can deliver, it did boost my metabolism, and I am on my way to to slimmer me.

I Like the three day military plan because it is easy.


gjp32 on July 22, 2016:

this diet actually works and because its not for long its super easy! 10 out of 10 for me.

Annalee on July 15, 2016:

I was willing to try this to focus on eating and exercise. In the past I have lost weight just cutting back on eating and no wine for dinner, losing 2 pounds in 3 days. I think age, metabolism and gender have a big impact on the results. Men have a larger calorie intake a day than women needing less carbs. I counted the calories and this diet for me was less than 800 per day; day one 540; two 650;and three 600. I lost 3 pounds and have 20 more to go, lets see what the next week brings. A good jump start for my program to walk, jog, golf and eat less each day.

Daisy Caterina from Connecticut on July 07, 2016:

I am on week 3 of doing the 3 day military diet. I have lost 5 pounds over the 2 two weeks. I am not hungry at all during the diet, just the food gets boring after a while. It makes sense that I am losing weight, because of the amount of calories that is allowed during the three days and I continue to exercise. I believe the majority of the pounds I have lost is water weight.

The diet is not sustainable, but I am only doing it to shed a few extra pounds before vacation in August. So far, it has not been bad and I have not felt uncomfortable while going to the gym.

I have been trying to keep under 1500 calories for the 4 days off, but it has proven very difficult. I am always up a pound or two before starting the next session of 3 days.

mommanyc on June 22, 2016:

Hey guys. I started this diet today and I have to say I do not feel starving at all. Lets see how it goes tomorrow. I did substitute the tuna with a 90 calorie protein shake and did add sugar to my coffee (I would vomit with bitter coffee) I will update on results. Wish me luck!

OMG it works on June 21, 2016:

I have been on multiple nutrition plans, I do not drink soda or sweet drinks I eat clean and healthy and exercise. However due to my age I was unable to shed major fat and pounds even after doing cross fit for months on end. I tried the military diet to just see if I could toss aside some extra belly fat. I know this sounds crazy but it worked! 10 pounds in 3 days gone and 1 pound gone on the 4th day just following a 1500 calorie meal plan. I did feel a tad hungry but nothing like I had experienced on my previous nutrition programs. After the 3 days I found meals more satisfying and I ate slower. I no longer craved salty foods which I had issues trying to break in the past and I feel great! I think this program is a great kick starter to a healthier lifestyle. I did substitute the hot dogs for something less processed we used oven roasted chicken and just kept it the same calorie count. The ICE cream I found acceptable due to the fact it is very small portions!! Hope you all enjoy and have the same great results! :)

HappyMe on June 06, 2016:

I was struggling to lose some extra pounds and I tried several diets. I have now lost 2 stones (12kg) over 4 months. I went to the 3 days military diet by having 4 days break healthy eating. I reached my ideal weight of 56 kgs more than 5 months ago and kept the weight off. I walk about 4 hours per week on average and have a healthy diet now. I feel great in my size 10 (uk) cloth and very confident. I have recommended the diet to friends and families.

dashingscorpio from Chicago on May 30, 2016:

"My conclusion is that the 3 Day Military Diet plan is nothing more than a calorie counting diet." I agree 100%.

The bottom line is in order to lose weight one has to burn more calories than they take in!

I could tell someone to eat a 1/2 of ice cream for breakfast, another 1/2 cup for lunch, and for dinner have a Cesar chicken salad for two weeks.

Two things usually happen on these types of diets. People will voluntarily eat less because they're sick of the monotony and just want to "get through" the week or two weeks to see the results as they count down the days until they can eat whatever they've been craving or they do other things such as exercise or walking in addition to the diet. Odds are if they ate small proportions as a way of life and got 1 hour of exercise per day they'd lose wait.

In fact various pre-packaged frozen meals in a grocery store with calorie count specified of 350 calories per meal, drinking only water, and eating fruit and veggies for snacks in between will likely lead to weight loss.

The biggest challenge for most people in taking in too many calories and living a sedentary lifestyle. Free refills of soda in every restaurant in America hasn't helped either!

John Mark (author) from Texas on May 21, 2016:

Hello @Pe88les and @Kim. Thank you for contributing to our comment section and sharing with our readers your very informative and descriptive experiences with the 3 day military diet. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing back from you @Pe88les.

Pe88les on May 20, 2016:

I tried the 3 day diet, and lost 4lbs. However, I did cheat on my last day. I had coffee with sugar and milk, and a slice of pizza for lunch. Now the doubt of "would it had worked IF" remains. I will do the 4 day break and follow the diet once more to see if I get a different result.

Kim on May 19, 2016:

Hi... I've lost 16 pounds over the past year on Welbutrin but the Welbutrin stopped working...I've tried everything to lose the last 7 or so pounds I wanted to lose...I've tried juicing...cleansing...protein shakes...working out at the gym and went as far as going to a medi spa and eating their medical cookies protein bars and taking Phentimin but nothing seems to work. I'm on my 2nd day of this diet so far I've lost 2 pounds when I got on the scale...

I skipped the grapefruit at breakfast and the fruit with the first dinner..I've been full from every meal and again didn't eat everything that the meal plan has. This is just my opinion and experience...everybody is different and if you have a medical condition like hypo thyroid (like me) it makes it really hard to lose an ounce!

Barbara on May 17, 2016:

Not being able to find my bathroom scales I feel lighter and better. On my second run at this diet I find myself having trouble finishing the dinners because Iam just not that hungry. I eat all of it though knowing that it all works together to help burn the pounds. I also have family now doing this with success.

KMCDESIGNER on May 09, 2016:

Every time I need to drop a few #'S, I do this....I consistently lose approx. 10#....It's easy...hunger proof and works!!!

MNMS on May 09, 2016:

I tried it and lost not one single pound. I'm not sure where I went wrong. I also worked out during the diet. Don't think I will be doing it again.

John Mark (author) from Texas on April 29, 2016:

Hello @KC, Great question. Maybe you should give it a try and come back to share with everyone. I personally have not tried that. Thanks.

KC on April 25, 2016:

What would happen if you stayed on the Military Diet for a week and not do the 4 day ?

Lilly on March 31, 2016:

Well I'm going onto my second day and I am a vegetarian so instead of the meat and hotdogs I'm Jst eating tuna but I think that's even better to drop more pounds

John Mark (author) from Texas on March 17, 2016:

Hello SANY, there is really no way of knowing the answer to that until you try it. If you do, please let us know how it goes. And good luck.

SANY on March 16, 2016:

i've lost around 25 kgs by other Diet[s], But now those diets are not working for me but i need to lose 10 more Kgs. will this diet work for me? or only for beginners?

(Sorry for my Bad English)

Nia on March 08, 2016:

If you actually stick to the diet for the entire seven days and eat moderately healthy during the four you can actually lose ten pounds or more. I lost 11 pounds during my first week on the diet, but again you just have to monitor your portions and make healthy choices.

Bob Schroeder on February 09, 2016:

Sounds a bit resrictive to me. I can't stand being starving hungry so this may not work for me.

Summer on February 07, 2016:

on the morning of the 4th day, weighed myself and lost 4 pounds. I jumped on my trampoline for 40 minutes for the 3 days too.

Believer on January 29, 2016:

This diet does work. But only with excercise. I used this plan while keeping my normal workout routine which was an hour and a half workout and lost the ten pounds. If you are not willing to put in all the work necessary then it wont work . The point is to burn more calories then what you are eating.

John Mark (author) from Texas on January 21, 2016:

Thank you "Common Sense" for sharing some great information. Sounds like you've got the perfect formula for yourself. Congratulations. Well said about the lifestyle change. Thanks again.

Common Sense on January 21, 2016:

I lost weight by just going vegan. I cut calories by no longer drinking soda, eating copious amounts of bread, and cutting out the meat. I can eat tons of broccoli and lentils and rice and fill full. The thing I love about eating a plant based vegan diet is I continued to eat large meals without having to count calories. Once you learn to enjoy a potato bake and lentils and rice, or a nice hummus salad, you no longer want to eat a pizza, or ice cream. Of course I am now an ethical vegan, but I enjoy being able to eat large meals through out the day without having to diet. I am now 119 pounds, and while an active person, on a previous standard diet I could only get to 140. This is why I just do not see the point of the military diet. Sometimes a lifestyle change is more important than a diet. Knowing I can have several CLIF bars and not worry about weight gain is also pretty nice. I do not crave ice cream because I am always eating fruits that hit the sweet spot.

Pamela Carter on January 12, 2016:

I have done this once. I have always had issues with cleansing so no it doesn't make everyone's intestinal empty. I did it and lost 8lbs without doing anything but walked around the block 2 times. So I highly recommend this. My daughter and I are doing it together tomorrow and the 2 days after .

Nancy on December 16, 2015:

I like the military diet menu than 7 days GM diet menu. At least the 3 days military diet let you have a combination food of egg, fruits, and vege. The GM diet seems torture to me which is like first day you just eat only fruits and water ( and I don't like fruits anyways). Then 2nd day vegetable ( ok I can do that). You mentioned about hot dogs and ice cream; well you can substitute that with lean meat and low fat yogurt. And the 3 day military diet does mention about doing some light exercise. I don't think if you just eat and sleep none of the diet out there would work for you. The 3 day military diet worked for me and I'm happy it taught me how to portion my everyday meal. I'm happy with this diet plan.

Polly on November 16, 2015:

Certainly didn't loose 10 lbs in three days, but I have also been following the suggested choices for the 4 days "off." The suggested choices have taught be to make better choices for my meals and to use portion control showing me how much I actually need in a day. I have been working out on the diet and also drinking lots of water. I have enjoyed it for the way it has helped me change my eating habits. I have done the 3 day/4 day thing for about a month and have lost about 10 lbs and learned a lot. I think the learning part is the most helpful and is what is important for maintaining weight in the long term.

Amanda on November 16, 2015:

I think everyone will have their own opinion where different diets are concerned. I do believe that it is true that calories in vs calories burnt will ultimately burn the weight off. I lost 20kg doing this, exercising eating healthy. I'm now stuck at a plateau I can't get past. I have lost 3kg which is great for me and yes I will definitely do it again.

I wasn't hungry on this diet at all and also realised like black coffee is great tasting and certain things I don't need. It is really like a budget diet which is also great as some diets I've seen expect expensive meals like salmon etc which I know i don't eat or can afford everyday...

Anyway, good luck to everyone else....

Common Sense on October 19, 2015:

The military diet looks like a starvation diet. You could essentially eat a few bowls of cereal per day and achieve the same results. People should just read books on nutrition, become more physically active, and not aim to lose ten pounds in three days. Unless you are eating high off the hog and drinking tons of soda and eating a buffet of sweets, the promise to lose ten pounds in three days is a bit extreme. I sounds like this could lead to binge eating and more yoyo dieting.

Mel on October 08, 2015:

I just finished day 3 of this diet and am down 7.2lbs! I was stuck at a plateau with my weight. I workout daily doing a cardio workout and sometimes manage to get a walk in. I watch what I eat and felt stuck so I decided to give it a shot. I do not feel hungry do t0 the 64oz of water intake. I feel it has jump started my system again from my usual normal routine. I do plan on doing a second round of it.

T J on October 07, 2015:

I tried this diet without any exercise last week. I weighed 158 lbs and lost 4lbs. I did drink 80 ounces of water per day. Added black coffee 2nd and 3rd day for breakfast and lunch.

Jen on September 28, 2015:

To do a proper and full review, you should of tried the diet first. But that being said, I agree that your theory about it being a calorie count diet is the whole method to the diet. I do believe that it's possible to lose 10 lbs, most of it NOT being fat but water and waste. But I haven't tried it to know. However I do plant to try it out so I can do a proper review for myself.

Mary on September 25, 2015:

You should at least try it before you say anything. Also, if you tend to over eat or eat a lot, then OBVIOUSLY this is not the diet for you. I am doing it and I don't get hungry at all because I don't over eat. Also, the diet does in fact state that you should exercise.

Mich on September 18, 2015:

I recently started a healthy regime and exercise about 1.5 hours a day. I do a colon cleanse once a month and eat non processed whole foods. I weigh 138, female 5'6".

All my food for this plan was bought at Whole Foods. As well as the "hot dogs". Drank 70 oz a water every day and didn't change my yoga or excersice regime. I did lose 4.2 lbs but I noticed my BMI decreased as I put on more muscle mass and some inches loss around the pouch tummy area so I was pretty impressed and kept me much more satiated than most juice fasts or meal replacement shakes.

I grew up with marines and this was something they had to do to train themselves in. Our men/women in service don't have the luxury of going to Whole Foods or getting a quick juice down the street. Which is why it's called a military diet. We at least have the option to change up what they couldn't.

I didn't need to do this but in order to give a real honest review about something one should at least try it. lol.

I say go for it the 3 days and keep eating healthy after.

Sabb on September 06, 2015:

I've run this diet 3 weeks straight (with the 4 day breaks) and cut 8lbs. a week with a 15 min walk a day. The plan doesn't say NO exercise, it says no STRENUOUS exercise. But if your just reading and looking for flaws, of course you'll miss the value.

Robert Morgan from Hutchinson Island, FL - Myrtle Beach, SC - Gilbert AZ on August 24, 2015:

JohnMark, this has to be the most unhealthy diet on the planet. Thank god it's only for three days. How sad to see people tearing up their immune systems and throwing their metabolisms into chaos. Wishing you the best day ever. Bobby

John Mark (author) from Texas on August 22, 2015:

Hello @Sandra. Thanks for your comment. I value everyone's opinion, even if we disagree. Thanks again.

Sandra on August 21, 2015:

I disagree with you on the pH stuff. Mixing water, lime & 1 teaspoon of baking soda does work. All you need is 8oz in the AM upon arising. My personal trainer introduced this remedy to me. Read it....its all over the Internet. Has health benefits.

talerith on July 23, 2015:

I have finished day one and am on day two. So far I'm 1.8lbs down. This peaked my interest because I have been stuck at the same weight for 4 months. I workout, I'm active, I hike, I watch what I eat and don't overeat... etc. and nothing for all of it.

I think that this is good for getting you off that plateau. It's frustrating to do all the right things and have nothing happen.

I'm not hungry because I never over ate in the first place. I like the foods on here. It's obviously working.

I'd say try it. It's 3 days.

Stephanie on July 19, 2015:

My husband and I did the Military Diet for 3 days, following the plan exactly. I lost 10.5 pounds, and he lost 8. We haven't gained it back either.

I wasn't starved for food, and I wasn't tempted to eat between meals. I like the fact that it only lasts 3 days. I felt like I could try any diet for 3 days. Also, there are so many substitutions for these foods, you have a variety to choose from if you were to continue the diet after the 4 days of rest.

Your article was interesting to read, and I didn't find anything wrong with your opinions. I believe you should ALWAYS research any diet and discuss it with your Healthcare provider before starting one. Thank you for sharing your insight.

Hunter on June 27, 2015:

Add Your Comment.. I lost 8 pounds after 3 days. Doing it another 3 days immediately and see what the results are versus 4 days off. Let you know.

Elizabeth Barrett from Maine on June 26, 2015:

Thank you for this. I have seen a number of friends try it and give up after the first day from being hungry and exhausted. Hot dogs and ice cream and cheese are just not on my ideal list for a healthy diet. I would rather juice for three days then eat saltines and hot dogs. It's not healthy or sustainable, and you may lose weight from simply calorie depletion but it will rebound immediately and you will regain because this is simply an unhealthy diet to maintain long term. Thank you !!

CON on June 24, 2015:



GenPDuff on June 21, 2015:

Yeah you can shed 10 pounds, if you weigh like 400 and put in a ton of cardio

John Mark (author) from Texas on June 19, 2015:

Hello @Simplymar1. You already seem very educated on the matter and make some valid points. As for the amount of weight you lost; this will absolutely differ from one individual to the next depending on body size and body fat percentage, and even metabolism. I have, since writing this article, tried the diet plan and lost 6 pounds. It's not 10, but it's something. I have read where some are losing 10 lbs and more, and others much less. I am still of the opinion that a diet should consist of healthy food. Thanks for your awesome comments.

John Mark (author) from Texas on June 19, 2015:

Hello @Nidhi. Sorry I did not get to your question sooner. There is absolutely no problem with you restarting from the beginning. I hope you succeed in you weight loss goal. Thanks.

dsjcrvt on June 17, 2015:

I am on day 2 of the diet. I am 39, 5'4",and a female. I started at 173lbs., 39 percent body fat. Today I weighed in at 170 lbs., 34 percent body fat. I have not been able to get my body fat percentage down so quickly before ever! We'll see if I can keep it up.

June on June 14, 2015:

Haven't finished the diet yet ate what they said but I did eat 4 strawberry a day hope it doesn't ruin all the work I've done I only want to lose about 15 lb.I did walk 30 minutes a day I'll fine out what I weigh in 2 days

Simplymar1 on June 14, 2015:

I found you Hub very enlightening and informative. I did have a question as I was reading it...Did you try it? It does for the most part sound ridiculous. However, it is called the military diet. So I look at the meal plan as something that if you were in the military you would be able to get you hands on...not including the ice cream of course. However, I did try it... all though I did not lose 10lbs...I lost 5. I primarily think I didn't lose all 10, because I didn't follow as recommended when it came to the water intake. If I had I think I would have lost the full 10. I must admit this is not for everyone. With the high in sodium in the hot dogs and high sugar content in the ice cream. I think this diet was simply made to help those who struggles with dieting. No ones get paid for this its free. If only one person try's this in hopes to counting their caloric intake and monitoring their eating habits for good. It worked. You page is a helping to all that have read it and do read. You points are valid. Keep up the good job.

Nidhi on June 14, 2015:

Hi , thanks for your lovely post. I was myself a little thrown seeing ice cream and other food options but decided to give it a shot nonetheless. The problem is I did the diet yesterday successfully till dinner but due to some pressing social commitment I had a few drinks and finger food for dinner. I lost 600 grams this morning and now wondering if I could restart today or will I have to wait 4 days?

Please do let me know , it's critical as I have a huge family function coming up and need to lose 15 pounds pronto.

Cedeacp on June 11, 2015:

I followed the plan religiously and lost exactly 10 pounds after the 3 days. I've done it twice since, although not as religiously, and I'm now down 15 pounds from my starting weight.

Nyuu on May 25, 2015:

I've done this a couple of times, as well as my mom, but can never follow through dinner the last day, because let's be real, it's awful. However, even taking that into consideration, we always seem to average about 7 pounds lost by the fourth day.

Jtaco on May 22, 2015:

I am interested in trying this diet, but t am sceptical. I work out daily, and stick toa pretty healthy diet of approx. 1200-1600 calories a day. It would be very helpful if people posted their height, weight and activity levels so that others had something to compare their success with

Jane on May 15, 2015:

Eating plain ice cream does stablize your blood sugar. When I had my son I got Gestational Diabetes and the doctor told me to eat 1 cup of vanilla ice cream before bedtime to keep my blood sugar stable overnight.

debsingleton on May 07, 2015:

I tried the diet two weeks ago and stuck to it religiously without exercising, and I probably did not drink enough water. I substituted the ice cream for yogurt as suggested. I lost seven and a half pounds in the three days and have kept it off. Starting again today. Although I was hungry the first 2 days, I kept telling myself that it was only 3 days and that I was a wimp if I couldn't do it. It cut my cravings down tremendously and my stomach shrunk considerably. FYI I started out at a 172pounds and am a 5'4" postmenopausal woman. It works-

John Mark (author) from Texas on May 07, 2015:

That is great news @Micemrick. Thanks for sharing.

Micemrick on May 07, 2015:

Hi I woke up to my fourth morning today. Weighed in and am down 7 pounds !! Day 1 and two i was hungry in the evening but just drank water to get through it. Day three I was hungry after lunch and ate dinner early but was fine the rest of the evening. I did excersise two of my three days. I will continue to eat healthy my four days off and will do it again on Monday. I followed it to a T except added 1 cup of black coffee with breakfast day 2 and 3.

BurstIntoSong on May 06, 2015:

Thank you for your respectful reply :)

I lost 2 lb the first day, 2 lb the second day and 1 lb the 3rd day. The rest of the week, I used the same principles of mixing my food, and without exercise, continued to lose 1/2 lb per day! So I was happy with it. The first day, I was painting my kitchen cupboards, so it wasn't strenuous, but constant stretching, and on my feet. the second and 3rd days, I went for walks and day 2, I did ab toning exercises. You have to not expend too much energy, but a brisk walk, like it recommends is important to do if you can.

It's almost 2 weeks since I started, and I'm going to do it again starting tomorrow. A quick way to lose 7 lb in a week. The first 2 days, the portions were satisfying, I was surprised. the ice cream and bananas did carry me over until 11:00 or midnight before I got hungry, but I just had a glass of water which took off the edge and went to bed. The third day, I was quite hungry and lost the least amount, so I may not do the 3rd day again this time around.

najohal on May 05, 2015:

I tried this diet as it is except I added one cup coffee with one cream. I lost only 2.5 lbs in a week. Yes, I was disappointed cause expectations were higher.

John Mark (author) from Texas on April 29, 2015:

Hello BurstIntoSong. I always welcome everyone's opinion. It appears that the original Military Diet plan has changed numerous times and that there are now multiple sites and plans out there. The original stated no exercises needed. In my opinion Franks are still overly processed and are not healthy at all. I also disagree that this is a HIGH protein diet. It does have protein, but nothing about it is high. Also, protein does not burn fat. Protein builds muscle. Exercise, metabolism and muscle burn fat. I highly doubt you will build enough muscle in three days to make a difference. There is nothing synergistic about this diet. I am curious as to how much you lost on this diet. I'm not saying you can't lose weight with this diet, but I can think of better, healthier ones. I do appreciate your opinion and thanks for dropping by.

rebecca on April 26, 2015:

My Navy recruiter gave me this diet because I had gained weight before I went to boot camp. He asked me to do this diet for 3 days and the come back in a month for a weigh in. I completed the 3 days and then started eating normal food. In day 30, I had lost 14 Lbs. The diet does work!!!

BurstIntoSong on April 24, 2015:

#1 - It's not hotdogs on here, it's franks. Hotdogs have mixed meat and lots of fillers, franks are all beef or all turkey, and have no fillers.

#2. Yes, you exercise! If you read the whole thing through, on the 3 days you're eating the Military diet, they tell you that military people don't sit on their rumps, they're moving around. So on the 3 days of the diet, you are to go for a brisk walk, distance depends on your fitness level. And on days 4-7, you are to do more intensive exercise. READ BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE.

#3) You are drinking lots of water during the 3 days - the ounces = half your weight. The example they give is if you're 160 lbs, you drink 80 oz of water per day. So you are flushing stuff out.

#4) The stuff is high protein - cheese, peanut butter, cottage cheese. Protein burns fat when it's mixed with exercise, and yes the food is synergistic.

Do it yourself before you say anything negative.

No, you may not lose 10 lb, but whatever you lose, you're ahead, and you're not losing water weight like most diets, you're losing FAT.

Have a great day!

John Mark (author) from Texas on April 23, 2015:

Hello nicole, Deb, Evelyn, and dynosaurdollie. Thank you all for your comments and for sharing your experiences and results. Nicole, this is precisely why I wrote this article; to get feedback and results from people like you. But honestly...13 lbs in 3 days? Wow! I'm not sure what to think of that.

Evelyn on April 22, 2015:

I've just completed this diet , and lost 2 lb ,, disappointed isn't the word , I think the food could have been better , if I did the diet again I think I would miss out the ice cream , hotdogs and peanut butter , don't get me wrong I'm still chuffed I lost 2 lb and it has made me think about my portion sizes x

dynosaurdollie on April 21, 2015:

The body really isn't meant to lose such a large amount of weight at one time, 10lbs in 1 week is asking for bone density problems. Seriously, a healthy fit body takes time and dedication not hotdogs and grapefruit for a couple of days.

Deb on April 19, 2015:

I don't know why everyone keeps saying you can't exercise on this diet. You can and the site I read tells you to. I did the diet and lost 5.8 lbs. You do eat meet on the first day at dinner you eat 3oz of a meat of your choice I choose grilled chicken you also eat tuna. I am starting it again Monday.

nicole on April 17, 2015:

If you never even,tried the diet why would you make a blog about it????? I love it I have never went on a diet and I tried this one and omg I lost 13 pounds in 3 days!!!! I love this diet and I will continue to do it:))) just give it a try then post what you think

Katie on April 13, 2015:

i am doing this diet , I have already lost a few pounds and on day 2 . Can't wait to weigh in tomorrow . I have ate the all beef hotdogs didn't eat the ice cream today or lunch because I woke up so late today . Do not knock it till you try it ..

Tracey H. on April 13, 2015:

I just finished this diet. Kind of disappointing , I only lost 3 1/2 lbs. I did not think I would lose 10, would have been happier with 5, though. Eating the ice cream and hot dogs felt weird for a diet. I did eat the lean beef dogs and low fat ice cream. I could have done the same loss with just cutting out my usual sugar and junk. It did help me to jump start a more sensible eating plan, though.

lance garcia on March 29, 2015:

Lost 5 pounds per week. Im on my 4th week now. Im satisfied.

John Mark (author) from Texas on March 26, 2015:

Hello Janner, Brittany, and Kristine. I'm always open to everyone's opinion. So thanks for being open and sharing your success. Congratulations Krinstine on losing 9 lbs in 3 days.

Sorry guys, but you can't change my mind on the hotdogs. They are overly processed meat, bad for your pancreas, usually high in sodium, bad fats, and other bad preservatives and additives. I think some of you are confusing hotdogs with brats. It's just not for me, nor is the ice cream.

A big thanks to all of you for your comments.

Janner on March 23, 2015:

I can't help but notice that you keep repeating that hot dogs are trash. I beg to differ. Sure, if you're eating the 2.oo$ ones from Walmart then yes, they are trash, but if you get all natural, organic, pure beef hot dogs then no, they aren't trash and they taste great! A friend of mine did this diet and they liked it so I'm going to see how it goes.

Brittany on March 23, 2015:

I just completed week one of the 3 day Military Diet. It works! To the author....don't knock it b4 u try it and YES there IS MEAT! U get Tuna and eggs plus at dinner whatever kind of meat u like! Don't forget the peanut butter is a protein! Also I bought all beef hotdogs! It worked and I got on the scale every day was a pound lighter! Im doing again this week!

Kristine on March 21, 2015:

How can you review sosomething you didn't even try!?

I did this diet once and will be doing it again. I followed it almost exactly except i did put cream and sugar in my coffee and i did sneak a few unhealthy beverages along the way but i still lost 9 lbs in 3 days.

You can't prove something wrong by doing internet research and believing what you have read qualifies you to make scientific assessments of claims.

Also, it wasn't the best tasting diet ever but i didn't have any problems with feeling extra hungry/starved/deprived.

Beach Bum on March 06, 2015:

By the way, there are alternates to many things including the hot dogs. They also note the hot dogs to be pure beef or turkey, nothing with fillers.

I have substitued the yogart for the ice cream. Check out the list of alternates.

I do work out every morning and I also weigh at the same time each 3rd day and am tracking it to the tenth of a pound.

Good luck to those who try it.

Beach Bum on March 06, 2015:

I've been on the 3 Day Plan for 3 weeks and am averaging 3 pounds lost each week. The food is plentiful and for the most part nutrious. I gained weight a few years back when I stopped smoking and this is working. My goal was 10 pounds in 4 weeks so happy with the results. I never thought it would be 10 pounds in 3 days.

gezzy on January 30, 2015:

Has anyone skipped the ice cream??

????? on December 08, 2014:

I tried this exactly the way it says. I lost 7 pounds in the 3 days and didn't put it back on. It is a good way to train your stomach not to need so much food.

T on November 12, 2014:

I tried this diet twice before once I lost a total of 7lbs I followed the plan and exercised, the second time I tried it I followed the plan without exercising and I lost 3-4lbs.

John Mark (author) from Texas on October 09, 2014:

Hello @lvnarose, I'm not sure I understand your comment. Maybe you should just try the diet plan and let us all know how it worked for you. Thanks for your question.

@lvnarose on October 08, 2014:

im not saying that any of your opinions and theories are wrong, but how could one say that it doesn't work to its extent if no one that commented had tried it at all?

John Mark (author) from Texas on September 04, 2014:

Hello Aya, I love your question. It made me chuckle a bit since I don't really see any meat on this diet. Unless of course you are referring to the hotdogs. And don't get me wrong...I'm not saying your question was wrong. It's just that hotdogs are so overly processed and full of junk I don't consider them meat at all. LOL. They taste great, but are pure trash to eat. So, my answer is YES. By all means, if your going to try this diet, please do substitute the hotdogs with some healthy chicken. Yum. If you do follow through with this diet I would very much like to know how it worked for you. Just remember to weigh yourself at the same time of day for both start and end. Thanks and good luck.

Aya on September 03, 2014:

Hey I was wondering if I could replace the meat with chicken as you can see I'm not really a big fan of meat so can I replace it with grilled chicken??

John Mark (author) from Texas on September 03, 2014:

Hello @mommaruns1, I believe that if you already workout, that even if you continued to do so, you probably wouldn't lose 10 pounds eating that junk. Anyway, some people seem to like it and say it works. I personally doubt that very much. They probably are not weighing themselves correctly. I can lose 3 to 4 pounds overnight just by sleeping alone. Mostly water weight of course. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great day.

@mommaruns1 on August 31, 2014:

I had a friend do this diet, and was horrified when she told me what it entailed. It is not sustainable, I can't even imagine the hunger, and you can't support an active lifestyle on it (so no running or working out for 3 days...dealbreaker for me).

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