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The 12 Laws of The Universe

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Creativity is intelligence having fun according to Einstein. Well watching movies is having fun, analyzing them... the best

Zodiac signs, horoscopes, alignment of stars, karma, manifestation and so much more seen to be superstitious beliefs are actually believed and imbibed by an unbelievable number of people in the world today.

Today you could even meet a person who doesn’t make a decision without checking in with their horoscopes and if their star signs don’t match, they won’t date a person.

These days they also appear in songs a lot.


Reading up on all this, I stumbled on the dozen laws of the universe not just attraction and honestly I gotta say some of them operate in our lives even subconsciously so I’m here to share.

The 12 universal laws are all directed towards happiness, success and well-being manifested on every part of one’s life through the one path of intentional action.

Commonly thought to be only law of attraction, it also includes gender, compensation, and vibration among others.

When mastered is seen to bring about a smooth flow in life and decision making

Law of Divine Oneness

This is seen as the foundational law of universe. It sees the world and everything as one as it is all interconnected.

Every little action or person is significant and influence what happens in life.

Being aware of this very law makes it even more powerful as we project it out to the environment around us making manifestation even more imminent

Law of Action

‘Actions speak louder than words’

No truer words have been spoken when it comes to this law. It emphasizes the rule of doing and not just talking or thinking about it.

It involves making intentional steps towards a goal in turn increasing the frequency of energy put out to the universe.

It doesn’t matter if we take massive steps, even baby steps take us closer to achieving our goals. When we put the work in, the universe sees us as worthy


Law of Vibration

This law sees energy in the universe in motion.

Such energy comes from hopes, emotions as well as anticipations of different people; the stronger the emotion, the stronger the frequency when it goes out to the universe.

‘Like attracts like’ is what this law is about, whatever energy you give out, you tend to get it right back.

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It can be seen to be true because when you think of some of the people in your life, they have your kind of vibe and so the flow is so effortless

Law of Rhythm

It addresses the fact that in life everything goes in cycles.

Just like nature whereby everything has a birth and death process as well as a reproduction process in-between where another cycle starts from.

This also applies to the seasons in a person’s life sometimes happy and other times sad. It involves taking it all in good faith, enjoy the good time and keep the hope in bad times.

To master rhythm, you have to pass through every cycle successfully

Law of Gender

This goes according to the Yin Yang principle rather than biological sexes whereby one cannot exist without the other.

One is masculine and the other feminine, finding a common ground between both influences puts you in a controlling and balanced position.

Each energy has a role to play and appreciating them in a way that they complement each other truly puts us at ease


Law of Correspondence

Simply put it states that our reality is a reflection of the inner thoughts

It is some type of communication that goes on within and transforms the human mentality to one of a higher force.

A higher force is one that simply sends love and light into whatever situation being faced with.

It’s also the reason a particular thing keeps repeating itself until we truly learn from it and can change the circumstances through the energy we give out even before it gets to a certain point

Law of Cause and Effect

This is the sow and reaps principle.

It states that every person is accountable and should take responsibility for their actions.

Every action has a consequence or reward and one should keep this in mind when doing anything. Every action leads us to certain points in our life consciously and subconsciously.


Law of Compensation

Often seen as an extension of the cause and effect law. It is the reward given after a ton of intentional works of good or good deeds.

It is the inflow of abundance, prosperity and blessings given in form of money, new relationships, discovery of a new gift and so much more.

All this is achievable by the goodwill we give out to the world

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This states that the energy around us is always changing.

Just like everyone has a different mood and tone at different times, energies differ in different places.

Being able to change the energy around you, placing yourself in the place where you get good vibes as well as a positive countenance can truly motivate you a lot towards your goals

It also state that since energy changes, you can easily convert the down vibes to highlights by your actions


Law of Attraction

This law needs no much introduction to most of us as it has been heard one too many times.

This law refers to being able to use thoughts, belief as well as actions to manifest our desires in reality

What you focus on expands like a microscopic view. It’s being intentionally intent on one thing and slowly drawing it to you with the mind.

Like attracts like and so your desire could get attracted to the energy you surround yourself with.

Law of Relativity

This is using comparison to truly derive an objective result or emotion

It is placing your situation with another side by side to bring out the disparity only to realize that your problem isn’t as deep as you think

It is a law that seeks to bring or snap one back to reality that anything given to us is within our strength and when placed against the struggles of others we realize we are actually blessed to be where we are at.

At the end of the day, tests build our strength and character

Law of Polarity

This law states that everything has an opposite so we can appreciate that component even better. The darkness exists so as to appreciate the light.

Passing through such bad phases teaches you resilience and appreciation. Thereby teaching you what to do if you encounter the situation again.


As it is said, ‘if you want something bad enough, the universe conspires to get it to you’.

Maybe it’s time to send something out to the universe, be intentional and let it yield amazing fruits

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