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Terror in the World From the Omicron Virus


Omicron's condition in Western Europe

Western European Countries are seeing an increase in new cases of corona before Christmas. The latest wave of the coronavirus has triggered a new wave of fear in Europe. More dangerous than the new variant of the virus, which has caused a wave of infectious disease in almost all continents of the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) panel has dubbed the variant 'Omecron' and classified it as a fast-transmitting virus, the same type as the previously dominant Delta variant virus. Cases of which are still occurring in Europe and the United States and are causing deaths.

World Health Organization about South Africa

Many countries around the world have protested against the announcement of travel bans on flights, arrivals, and departures from South Africa, calling the bans against Draconian, unscientific, and World Health Organization guidelines.

Hans Klug, director of the WHO office in Europe, said the public health emergency was not over and pointed out that in most countries in the region, there was insufficient coverage of vaccinations and easing of precautionary measures. European Commissioner for Health Stella Kariakadis has said that the epidemic is once again knocking on the door and The only weapon available so far is a vaccine.

Governments implementation about New Viruses

Europe is back on the world epidemic scene, forcing some governments to consider re-imposing sanctions, which are not popular. Corona has become a new hub for the epidemic, as it has recorded half of the world's average number of cases and the latest deaths in seven days.

This is the highest level since the virus first hit Italy in April last year. The new coronavirus found in South Africa is being described as more dangerous than all the viruses so far, so dangerous that the world's major powers have begun to sever 'ties' with South Africa, stopping flights from there.

World Economic Crisis

The new virus has also affected the world economy. The stock market has plummeted. The world, which had not yet been able to cope with the first, second, and sometimes third waves of Corona, has staggered again. Even in the first, second, and third waves, the poor had to suffer the most and now this new calamity will have the greatest impact on the poor.

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Violent Incidents about Corona Lock-down

According to media reports, violent protests against the Corona Protocol have been taking place in several European cities for the past several days, leaving the situation extremely tense. Protests against the Corona blockade and sanctions are also being faced, with violent incidents erupting during the protests further complicating the situation. Various cities of Italy, Austria, and Croatia demonstrated against the government-level closures, which had a violent form after protesters and police clashes between the protesters and police.

World Health Organization Concerns

A few days ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed grave concern over the spread of Corona in continental Europe, saying that more than half a million people could die on the continent by next spring if Corona's restrictions were not tightened. This epidemic has shown that there are some internal flaws in the current political framework. It divides mankind and looks at problems only from the angle of self-interest. For a better world, we need new thinking and approaches to change that mindset.

Political Strategic

Humanity will be better off if thinkers and political leaders continue to expose this heinous crime and force governments to spend more and more on this sector. We have also seen how global issues are handled regardless of the impact they have on the people involved. Political and strategic ideologies are developed keeping the people completely unaware.

Democratic World

Where in the democratic world is it fair that you spend people's tax money on making bombs and ammunition to protect the people and don't even ask the people. If the people are the source of power then the people can be trusted. Therefore, decisions should not be made without their destiny and every effort should be made to ensure that the maximum amount of money collected from people's taxes is spent on the welfare of the people. One last thing that epidemics have taught us is that if we are not serious about the environment, its effects can be dangerous for the whole world.

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