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Five Tips to Improve Your Memory

H! I'm an MBA grad, an avid reader/writer/podcaster and journalist. We all have memory lapses. I hope my tips will help improve your memory.

Taking notes can help improve your memory.

Taking notes can help improve your memory.

Memory Enhancement is For Everyone

At first glance, you may think this topic on memory improvement is about seniors, or those advanced in age. To the contrary, these tips on how to improve your memory is beneficial to people of all ages. They will help you remember everyday events such as why you entered a room, the location of your cell phone, where you placed your keys, and other items.

1. Complete Easy Crossword Puzzles

Completing crossword puzzles is an excellent method to improve your memory. The crossword puzzles do not have to be difficult or hard to solve. You will feel a sense of achievement when you complete a puzzle that has simple, easy answers. Even more importantly when you finish an easy crossword puzzle, you will experience a sense of accomplishment, regardless of how long it takes you. Of course the completion times will vary among different individuals and skill levels.

A note of caution here. The term "easy" is relative, so before you purchase or obtain an "easy" crossword puzzle book, glance through the pages to see if you can quickly solve the puzzles. If you are having difficulty coming up with the correct answers, then the crossword puzzle is not easy. Pass on this one, and choose a crossword puzzle that is easier for you to complete.

A plus for crossword puzzles is many are about current events and personalities -- so you may learn something new in the process. Additionally, in this internet age, you may also search the web for easy crossword puzzles to complete online.

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2. Place Items in a the Same Specific Location

One of the most misplaced items in households today may be the television remote. It is not uncommon for people to move from room to room with remote in hand, leaving it in different places. Of course they will invariably forget where they left the remote.

If you tend to misplace your remote, you may want to choose a coffee table or someplace else to park your remote each time you use it. The key here is to place your remote at the same spot each time, so you can remember where you left it. Make this area the designated location for your remote. By the way, you can use this system for remembering where you left other items as well.

3. Play Video Games To Exercise Your Brain

Play video games regardless of your age. Video games are not just for the millenial generation or younger. Additionally, video games are not only fun to play, but are excellent ways to exercise your memory. There are a myriad of video games available, including games playable on your cell phone or mobile devices that will help enhance your memory. In fact, games are becoming so prevalent, some computers come free equipped with them. Play them not only to have fun, but to improve your memory as well.

4. Use Word or Letter Association to Jog Your Memory

For example, awhile back there was a building that I had to enter in order to reach a destination. This particular building had two glass doors for entrance that are about a few steps apart. To get past the first door, I have to pull -- to get past the second door I have to push. You may have already guessed that I would push on the first door, and pull on the second door -- which was frustrating at times, especially if I was carrying packages.

Here is the method I used to choose whether to push or pull. When spelling the words pull and push -- both start with "pu" -- however the third letter differs. Pull, has an "l", while Push has an "s." "L" comes before "S" in the alphabet, so I equate this with the two doors. I pull on the first door, since "l" comes before "s" and therefore is first, and of course push comes second, so I push on the second door.

It would be simpler and easier if the signs "Pull" and "Push" were posted or printed on the glass doors -- but since that never happened during that time -- my way to remember which door to pull and which to push worked well for me. You may be able to use a similar system to help you remember when given a choice to push or pull open a door, or other similar type actions.

5. Take Notes and Make Lists

Warning: Do not go overboard when you take notes or make lists. Only you know the amount of note-taking and list-making that are a good fit for you.

Be aware of clues that will let you know when to take notes. For instance, if you are in class, even a virtual class during these COVID-19 times -- when lecturing, many professors or teachers will sometimes say, "There's no need to write this down." -- but invariably what is not written down appears on a test later. So to be on the safe side, jot down a few notes anyway.

Regarding lists -- try not to go to the extreme in making them. Leave room for your brain to work and try to remember what you want to do or accomplish. You will feel a great sense of pride just by remembering items on your to-do list without actually making a list. Simply, let your memory do the work for you.


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adepraise on June 29, 2012:

ladyhowto4u,your write ups are useful and interesting.i really enjoy d info.voted up.thanks in million.

Courtlney Davis (author) on June 10, 2012:

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Richard Ricky Hale from West Virginia on December 12, 2011:

Voted up, awesome, useful, and interesting. Very interesting article and very well written. These are some great tips to keep your mind sharp Ladyhowto4u. This is very important information, especially for the older ones. Nice job:)

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on December 08, 2011:

ladyhowto4u...YOU are very welcome. Anytime. Stay safe and stay YOU!

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Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on December 08, 2011:

Ladyhowto4u...voted up and all the way! Amazing hub. Masterfully-written, presented. Soaked up every word. I am sorry that Ive not been here sooner, my health isn't good, and I was finishing some things that needed my attention. I DO Value YOU as a follower and friend. I wish and pray that YOU have a Merry Christmas.////Kenneth, also praying for peace for you.

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Paul Cronin from Winnipeg on December 06, 2011:

Great ideas here for remembering things, and here I thought it was just me. I have tired all of your suggestions and they do work. Keeping lists for things to do, appts etc is high on my list. Word association is another. Thanks for the info, voted uP!

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