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Super Diet Plan

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Health life with healthy diet.


Solid foods are included in your weight loss diet. Consider eating a rainbow by adding a different color to the dish. Herbs, oranges, tomatoes, and even young herbs have many nutrients, dietary fiber and minerals. Adding chilled peppers, broccoli, and onions to stews and tortillas can help add color and toppings. An eating plan that deals with your weight incorporates an assortment of solid food sources.

A term “rainbow variety” of food has been coined. The most beautiful aspect of this variety is maximum intake of required minerals, vitamins, fiber, nutrients and fats. It will not only bring new taste to the food intake but also fulfills the needs of the body.

According to the American Food Guidelines for America 2020-2025, outdoor idols, healthy eating plans:-

  • Emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk,
  • Dairy products with fats and chicken, fish, nuts,
  • Eggs include daily calorie requirements with nuts low-fat saturated fat, high-fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugar,

The USDA MyPlate Plan helps you figure out what and how much to eat from different food groups in the recommended number of calories. You can also manage your food by following the plan.


Fresh, frozen or canned fruits are a good choice. Try fruits like mangoes, pineapples and kiwis other than apples and bananas. Fruit trees may contain sugar or syrup. Choose canned fruit varieties mixed with water or juice. It is worth to discuss here that seasonal fruits should be prioritized instead of canned or frozen. In case of out of season, then frozen or canned can be preferred. One more factor involved in canned or frozen fruits is that these can have added flavours or sugar. So, be very aware about it.


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It is said that change is the spice of life. By adding variety of herbs to grilled or steamed vegetables, more tasteful and delicious food we can have. It will not only be enjoyed but fulfills the body needs. A term “sauté” is referred while planning a diet plate. It means to panfry the desired vegetables. This is fried with a small quantity of oil sprayed on the fry pan. On the other hand, frozen or canned available vegetables can be served as a side dish. By adding new vegetables, more variety would be available to intake.

Calcium-rich food

Do you know the name of calcium rich food?? Yogurt! Fat free or low fat milk is a good source of calcium. At the same, yogurt is available in market in different flavours. Yogurt is a great source of calcium. Different flavours of yogurt can be served as dessert substitute. So, while taking yogurt, take necessary care to eat it without sugar.


Eating habit varies from one to another. Considering the liking of any recipe again and again is not a good habit. It would be appropriate and healthy activity to bring variations in the food plate. This healthy change can be brought very easily. If someone likes baked meat, instead of going to take the same again, it would be a mouth watering to grill it for the next time. To explore more new dishes on the dining table, search the internet and related magazines. It would be surprising to have a new dish next time.

Comfort foods

Balanced diet is a healthy life. One can enjoy his loving foods, even though sugar or calorie is added. But the key point is that all the food should be balanced. Here are some healthy tips for balanced diet:-

· Intake of the favorite food should be dropped. It will not happen all of a sudden but gradually.

· Favorite but filled with abandoned calories, cut the quantity of this food immediately.

· Shift from high calorie food to low. To make it happen, it is appropriate to cook or prepare by yourself. In this way, the required quantity will be kept in mind while preparing the low calorie food.

Water and Nutrients

The importance of water can be observed from the water level in our bodies. Intake of water level daily is very important for good health. Required water level in a body not only prevents from dehydration but also saves the body from overheating. Make sure to keep the water level balanced in the body.

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