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Pre-Empting Co-Worker Sabotage: Protecting Your Good Ideas

Alexandra is an ambitious, self-driven, and aggressive woman who knows what she wants.

Resenting the New Hire

There is a time and place for everything. You feel that if you don't share your idea right now, then somebody else might. But If nobody had your idea prior to your employment, most likely nobody will have it once you've started. Here are a few tips to share your ideas whilst avoiding resentment:

1. Do Not Share Your Ideas With Other Co-Workers

If you share your ideas with other people, there is a higher chance you will not receive credit. If you are a shining star at work, trust me, others will notice. Insecure employees will resent you and try to dim your light, while others will embrace it and want to improve.

2. Document Your Ideas

Keeping track of all your ideas and documenting when you had them will help you articulate your thoughts when it's time to share it. If you did not follow step 1, and discussed your ideas with co-workers, having your thoughts documented can help show the boss who the brain of the outfit is.

3. Don't Spread Your Wings Prematurely

If you were at a company for several years and a new girl came along, showering the office with brilliance, how would you feel? We need to be honest with ourselves. You would think, "Who does this chick think she is? She's been here two minutes and telling us how to do our jobs?" If the idea is good, other employees will be annoyed that they didn't think of it. Have you ever seen an infomercial on television advertising the most simple contraption? You thought, "Why didn't I think of this?"

4. Keep Your Mouth Selectively Shut

As a temporary employee, you might feel, "I have to prove myself to make this job permanent." Yes, you do have to prove yourself, that is correct. But proving yourself doesn't mean upstaging senior workers. Incorporate your idea in the work you produce. If the idea makes life easier, you will not go unnoticed. Speaking about your ideas at work is the same as giving a child gross cough medicine. If they don't taste the medication, it'll be easier to swallow. The same concept applies when it comes to ideas at work. If an employee's lives are becoming easier due to a system you've incorporated, they will see the difference, rather than hear it from your mouth.

Remember: Talent recognizes talent. Be patient, keep your mouth shut, and do your work. Nobody likes a "know it all." People are less inclined to listen to a self-professed genius. Keep your head down and your eyes up, and pounce when the time is right.

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