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Sun Gazing to Achieve Ultimate Spiritual, Physical and Mental Power

What is Sun Gazing?

Man performing Sungazing

Man performing Sungazing

Engaging our self with the sun in a specific manner, at a specific time to get natural energy for the fulfillment of spiritual, physical, and mental stability. It can also be performed for getting solar energy either to complement or replace the food. Sun Gazing is also known as sun-eating, Sun Yoga, Solar Yoga, Surya Yoga, solar gazing, solar healing, sun staring.

The name Sun Gazing is made of two words Sun and Gazing that means looking steadily and intently at the sun. This is a kind of medication in which an individual has to look to the sun directly in a special postural at a specific time to receive sun energy to the body. As we know the Sun is the primary source of energy for the earth, from which plants and animals are continuously taking energy for their survival.

According to Hira Ratan Manek, Sun energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter only through the human eye. Eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the human brain and also known as the windows of the soul.

History of Sun Gazing Practice?

Saint praying to Lord Surya

Saint praying to Lord Surya

The biggest planet of our planetary system is the Sun, which weights are 333,000 times higher than the weight of the earth, 99.8% of the weight of the planetary system is the weight of the Sun, which can accommodate 1.3 million earth in it. Due to its dominancy in the solar system, it has many significant impacts on our lives, this is the only reason why the Sun has been worshiped by many societies of different parts of the world since ancient times.

Every civilization has its own story regarding the worship of the sun. In ancient Egypt, the sun was worshipped as Ra, In ancient Greece and Rome as Apollo, In Mesopotamia as Shamash, In India, it is being worshiped as a "Surya", Chhat Puja in North India.

Americans used to adopt a practice of getting energy temporarily by taking sunbath with maximum body exposure to the sun for two hours, with this practice, they used to manage themselves without taking food on those days.

Mr. Hira Ratan Manek has established the safe and effective procedure for Sun Gazing by With the help of deep research and study of the ancient practice of sun gazing and experimenting on himself for 03 years. This procedure is known as the HRM phenomenon.

The HRM phenomenon is an excellent example of the rediscovery of a scientific ritual, which was used by ancient to cure physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual diseases in ancient times. This practice is known as Surya Namaskar by ancient India, Heliotherapy by ancient Egyptians and Americans, Apollo therapy by Europeans.

Let us know to try to find how HRM has established this HRM phenomenon, which has been examined by different top research organizations like NASA, Indian Medical Association, and many more. He has been visiting different countries for teaching this ancient solar methodology.

Biography of HRM, Who shown Sungazing to the West

Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) was born on the 12th of September 1937 in Bodhavad, India. He has done Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Kerala, then joins his family business. After he retired, he began to research and study the ancient practice of sun gazing in which he had been interested in since his childhood.

HRM has continued to live on Sun energy and water since 1995. He has undergone many medical investigations to prove his fitness under the surveillance of many scientific and medical teams of different parts of the world and reports have been published saying that he is perfectly leading a normal life. All the relevant documents can be found in the reference part of this article.

To name few of strict fasting which has been monitored very closely are, 211 days during 1995-96 in Calicut, India directed by Dr. C.K. Ramachandran, 411 days fast from 2000-2001 in Ahmedabad, India led by Dr. Sudhir Shah, President of Indian Medical Association and directed by an international team of 21 medical doctors and scientists,130 days in Jefferson University and University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia led by Dr. Andrew B. Newberg expert in Brain, Dr. George C. Brenard, an expert in the pineal gland. According to Dr. George C. Brenard, the pineal gland not shrinking which is typically used to shrink after the mid-fifties and its maximum average size is about 6 x 6 mm, however for HRM, it has been measured to be at 8 x 11 mm. The pineal gland and pituitary gland are known as master gland which controls our sleep cycle. Serotonin is produced during the daytime and is often referred to as the “happy hormone”. Thus sun gazing has done positive effects on HRM.

HRM has surrendered his body for medical investigation so that scientific evidence can come out and the world can trust based on medical science, but till now research is going on to established the scientific evidence about such a positive impact of sun gazing, however, scientists and doctors have agreed that hunger is being reduced if not eliminated by Sungazing.

HRM is the founder of the Solar Healing Center. Now he is teaching this Sungazing to many countries. Now with the help of scientific evidence and beneficial facts of people, it is used as a popular health practice and knowledge as a phenomenon of HRM Sungazing.

Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), among others, has proven that a person can live just on solar energy for very long periods without eating any food. Now let us discuss the precautions and steps involved in Sun Gazing.

How to do Sungazing?

Warmer climates are best suited for sun gazing but it can be done all around the globe. Many people are practicing sun gazing to achieve better health in many parts of the world. Benefits can vary based on individual efforts, climate conditions.

Safe Sungazing Practice

Data showing safe UV levels in Sunrise and Sunset.

Data showing safe UV levels in Sunrise and Sunset.

We have to do a total of 9 months of sun gazing in whole life, which can be divided into three parts, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months followed by 45 minutes’ walk daily with barefoot rest of the life. The practice involves looking at the rising or setting sun one time per day only during the safe hours. The safe hours are within a 1-hour window after sunrise or within the 1-hr window before sunset. It is scientifically well proven that during these times, one is free from UV and IR rays’ exposure. You can see the above picture for better understanding where it is showing that morning and evening time has very less level of UV radiation (in the range of 0-2) which very safe for sun gazing.

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Steps of Sungazing

First of all, we have identified the place where we can stand with bare food on bare earth and can see the sun clearly. The Sungazing steps have three parts, we will discuss one by one as follows:

0-3 Months:

On the very first day, we have to perform sun gazing for only 10 seconds with a barefoot standing on bare earth in the safe hour once a day. If anyone not able to sun gazing, he can take sunbathe until he can start sun gazing. Stillness or steadiness of eyes are not required, eyes can blink. Do not wear any glasses or lenses during sun gazing.

On the second day aim for 20 seconds, after completion of each, add 10 seconds to the previous day. When you reach the last day of three months you will have gazed at the sun for 15 minutes at one go. You will be experiencing many positive aspects in your mental health and you will be very motivated to perform this full course of sun gazing which is going to change your mental health status for rest of the your life.

As a precaution, have your eyes examined by a doctor as by doing sun gazing your eye health will be in improving path and if you wear a glass, you can also change it as you will be improving your eyes.

3-6 Months:

Here we have practice gazing the same way we have done up to 3 months. We have to keep adding daily 10 seconds and have to feel the difference which continuously happing to our bodies. In this period of 3-6 months, the physical illness will start to cure according to HRM and slowly you will be free from physical illness. The brain will start receiving all the colors of the light and start supplying to the different organs of the body like Kidney-red, Heart-yellow, and Liver-green, etc.

6-9 Months:

According to HRM at 7.5 months with 35 minutes of sun gazing, your hunger level will start decreasing as now you can get energy from sun gazing. The problem associated with hunger like hunger pangs, aroma, and cravings, also disappear. Moreover, energy levels are at a higher level.

You will reach 44 minutes sun-gazing at 9 months of practice, now you should give up sun-gazing since according to solar science further gazing can give adverse effects on the eye. As we have stop sun gazing, the body will get discharged, which has to be recharged. Now we have to practice walking barefoot on bare earth for 45 minutes, 6 days a week. Relaxed walking is enough, running or jogging is not required. Walking with bare food will help us to activate the pineal gland or third eye due to the action of the big toe of the foot during walking.

The pineal gland is a very hot topic in medical science, around 18000 papers have been published regarding the importance of the pineal gland. One year walking barefoot on bare earth will be enough and after this, you can take sunbathe once in 3-4 days that should be enough for your body.

After understanding the detailed procedure of sun gazing along with the safety precaution let us quickly go through the benefit of sun gazing.

Benefits of Sun Gazing:

Enjoying the Benefits of Sungazing

Enjoying the Benefits of Sungazing

  • Eye health will improve with improved eyesight
  • Increase the pineal gland size, otherwise, it will decrease
  • The mind will be more balanced & higher mental health
  • Will power will increase
  • Provide the needful nutrient to the brain
  • Enhance the Vitamin D level and bone health
  • Increment in IQ
  • Insomnia will go
  • Increment in initiation
  • Craving will disappear
  • Reduction in addiction
  • Improved consciousness
  • Decrease in appetite and weight
  • Higher energy level
  • Maintain hormonal balance by Boosting in production of good hormones serotonin and melatonin
  • Reeducation in hunger pains – body get completely nourishing by the sun
  • Internal emotional blocks will get released
  • The personal potential will Increase
  • Will be more intuition and psychic power
  • Raise in awareness and consciousness
  • The pineal gland will Decalcify
  • Overall health will Improve
  • Regulate circadian rhythm and hormones
  • Reduction in fatigue and drowsiness
  • Sleep quality will improve
  • Improved skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema
  • The risk for certain cancers like skin cancer will decrease
  • The immune system will Improve


Our whole earth has been served by the Sun. Sun has a much deeper impact on the health of the earth by the existence of its Sunray. There is no doubt that the sunray has innumerable things to give to us, now it depends on us how much we can take and utilize the power to enhance our spiritual, physical, and mental status. All around us, many magical things are happing; some are recognizable by us and others not. But things are happing. Like that Sun gazing has shown its potential by demonstration of the capability of HRM survival with sunray and water and it has been proved by many medical and scientific team that he is the owner of better health than other same age groups. We should defiantly try the sun gazing within the safety limits and try to feel the power of the sun in our body.


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