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Summer Pregnancy: Tips to Avoid Risks

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Pregnancy in summer: sunbathe with caution

Pregnancy in summer sunbathe with caution

Pregnancy in summer sunbathe with caution

In the summer months, you should take extra precautions during your pregnancy to ensure your safety and that of the fetus.

In the summer months, you should take extra precautions during your pregnancy to ensure your safety and that of the fetus. Being attentive to the risks arising from heat, sun exposure, and dehydration are the most important issues to be addressed.

During pregnancy in the summer, many women are prone to melasma, and there is a higher risk of dark spots on the skin especially on the face.

Remember that improper exposure to heat and the sun increases your risk of miscarriage, according to a document from the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Discomfort a woman feels during pregnancy in summer

According to experts, high temperatures cause greater discomfort in pregnant women.

She feels more tired and fatigued, feeling dizzy, sweating continuously and, having difficulty breathing.

The heat that represents the summer season is perceived more intensely because its body temperature increases by the metabolic change itself and is appreciated as in two more degrees, experts explain.

Therefore, they recommend following several some many umbers of hygienic-health tips to make symptoms more bearable. They're going to help both mother and baby find the baby in top shape.

How to take care of yourself during pregnancy in the summer?

Constant hydration during pregnancy in summer

You have to drink a lot of water and fruit juice at least a liter and a half a day. Drinking fluid is essential to hydrate the body, prevent fluid retention in the body, and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Dehydration can cause urinary tract infections and fainting. That's why it's important to keep in mind to avoid very hot baths, hot tubs, and saunas.

Take care of your diet

Taking lighter dishes, making it easier for you to manage your weight in pregnancy. Choose easy-to-digest foods with high nutritional and energy value and avoid eating too much at night, to make rest easier.

Fruits, vegetables, and dairy should be incorporated into your diet. It is important to reduce the consumption of very caloric products mainly fats of animal origin, (sausages, butter, bacon).

Also do not eat a lot of sugar such as industrial pastries, soft drinks, desserts, and minimize salt consumption. You should distribute the servings in five meals daily, as far as possible at regular times to promote your digestion.


Physical activity is something that has many benefits during pregnancy. Doing so moderately and regularly, and avoiding violent sports is the most appropriate behavior during this period.

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In the summer it is important to reduce the intensity of efforts, to avoid risks such as dehydration and heatstroke. The most recommended in the summer is swimming.

Also daily walks on the beach. It relieves the feeling of heaviness, and being in contact with water and sand improves circulation and reduced pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Taking care of the sun

Do not sunbathe in the hot reddest hours of the day, cover your head with a hat, stay in the shade, and always wear sunscreen. You can walk first thing in the morning or when it starts at sunset.

Wear light clothing

In the summer months, your body experiences an increase in sweating, therefore, it is essential to wear light, comfortable and loose clothing to reduce the effects of heat.

It must be is important that it is made of natural fabric, and as soon as the underwear, the advice is to wear cotton garments.


Rest is a priority during your pregnancy. Remember that heat accentuates the feeling of fatigue. It's time to relax, pamper yourself and take care of yourself, that's what your baby's health depends on.

Sleep while you can and place your legs up, it will help you a lot to improve circulation. It would be ideal if you could spend five minutes a day relaxing or meditating.


As for whether you plan to travel by plane during the holidays, up to the seventh month it is allowed if you are wearing a normal pregnancy.

Remember that on flights longer than three hours it is necessary to move your legs so that you are not at risk of thrombosis.

During the last two months of pregnancy, it is not advisable to travel due to the possibility of preterm birth.

Important to keep in mind

Let yourself be pampered, summer is an ideal time to relax with the couple, enjoy their company, family, or friends, and plan the new life with the baby. Summer and heat should not impede social life.

You can keep your routine in a controlled way, continue to do your activities to have a healthy pregnancy without risk to you or your baby.

Remember that it is not all so bad since summer involves holidays, beach, pool, sun, free time. Taking preventive measures will make it much easier to cope with high temperatures and summer.


Pregnancy in summer doing soft sports is good.

 Pregnancy in summer doing soft sports is good.

Pregnancy in summer doing soft sports is good.

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