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Powerful Ways to Make Your Mind Work for You

Simplified Mind Secrets that will make life new

The most powerful way to influence the mind is the use of Auto Suggestion. For us to understand what it is and how it works , we will first understand what suggestion is and its importance or role in All our lives.

The Oxford dictionary says that suggestion is:

1a: the act or process of suggesting.

b: something suggested.

2a: the process by which a physical or mental state is influenced by a thought or idea the power of suggestion.

You will always get and give suggestions in life, whether you ask for them or not. Sometimes indirectly and at times directly. Many times you also give suggestions, whether you are asked or not.

Suggestion then is the order of exsistence and it is what influences a men postively or negatively.

The last defination is what we are looking at , it states that Suggestion is a process by which a physical or mental state is influenced by a thought or Idea-the power of Suggestion.

Auto -suggestion then comes into play and is a very powerful , unkown secret that easily trasforms the lives of man and women in life.


Powerful secrets of the mind for Awesome Results

.The oxford dictionary states that Auto suggestion is:

the hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea which one has originated oneself.

This sounds much like affirmations but Auto suggestion is not an affirmation.

In Auto suggestion These subconscious thoughts program your mind. ''Autosuggestion is all about describing your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a way that influences your behavior and state of mind. ... Affirmations are positively formed sentences that you want to ingrain in your brain.03 Dec 2019 "


Powerful secrets of the mind for awesome results

Below is an extract from Lesson Transcript by Instructor Orin Davis on The power of Suggestion and its effect on the human mind:

The power of suggestion describes how people take ideas given to them and turn those ideas into reality. Explore examples, an experiment, and the definition of the power of suggestion and learn about the human imagination and the roles of vividness and salience in suggestions. Updated: 09/07/2021

Suggesting a Strawberry

Imagine a nice, plump, ripe red strawberry. Think about how sweet it would taste, the spurt of juice dribbling over your tongue, and the textured surface nuzzling your palate.

At this point, you are probably hankering for a strawberry, if not outright salivating at the thought (unless you happen to hate strawberries). How could two simple sentences get you to want a strawberry and perhaps even make your mouth water? This is the power of suggestion.

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The power of suggestion isn't just for imagining good food, though. Psychologists sometimes actually harness the power of suggestion to give people ideas they can use to change their behavior.

The Human Imagination

Human beings have incredible imaginations, but they also have the potential to turn those imaginings into reality. When we get ready to put food in our mouths, our bodies start preparing to digest food. So, by imagining that we are going to eat something, we start responding in the same way as if we are actually going to eat something. When someone suggests the possibility that could happen, we tend to imagine what that possibility would be like, and our bodies may start preparing for that possibility becoming a reality. If someone talks about feeling tired and wanting to sit down, we can sense how that might feel in our imaginations, and think about how we might feel if we were tired, and find ourselves having a similar desire to find a comfortable chair.

Instructor: Orin Davis

Orin holds a Ph.D. in Positive Organizational Psychology and a M.A. in Positive Organizational Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, as well as a B.S. in Neuroscience from Brandeis University. He has experience as a lecturer, teaching courses in Creativity, Critical Thinking, Psychology, Management, and Statistics.

Turning a Suggestion Into a Reality

In some cases, we can even make those ideas actual realities. If you imagine that your right arm is trying to lift a big bucket of water, you might discover that it is actually hard to lift your arm. Go ahead; try it!

For some of you, your arm felt really heavy. For others, the exercise seemed silly, and you lifted your hand right up. For still others, you tried imagining the bucket but couldn't quite feel the heaviness of it and felt somewhat confused. This is because each person has a different level of suggestibility, which is the capacity to turn suggestions into reality...

Instructor: Orin Davis

Orin holds a Ph.D. in Positive Organizational Psychology and a M.A. in Positive Organizational Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, as well as a B.S. in Neuroscience from Brandeis University. He has experience as a lecturer, teaching courses in Creativity, Critical Thinking, Psychology, Management, and Statistics.

Are you suggesting I am not or that Iam

The late Knute Rockne, famous coach at Notre Dame, knew the value of suggestion and used it repeatedly. A story is told that on one Saturday afternoon Notre Dame was playing in a grueling game, and at the end of the first half was trailing badly. The players were in their dressing room nervously awaiting the arrival of Rockne. Finally the door opened and Rockne’s head came in slowly. His eyes swept inquiringly over the squad-“Oh excuse me, I made a mistake. I thought these were the quarters of the Notre Dame team.” The door closed and Rockne was gone. Puzzled then stung with fury, the team went out for the second half and won the game.

How to unlock powerful spectacular mind power

Whose suggestion you listen to matters, others might suggest that you won't ever make it. Don't buy into that suggestion. Why shouldn't you make it? It hurts when others convey their vote of no confidence in you, but you don't have to accept it. Refuse it and put in your own suggestion to counter theirs. It is important that you do counter it. Merely saying " I will make it" won't counter it. looking it again and declaring," you will make it" works, and it does open those very doors that others had closed when they mouthed"You won't make it"

That's how it works. So take the time to go over areas in your life where you know doors have been shut and get to suggesting. Knowing the power in starting of with" You will" , that is your magical ward.


How to power your mind for spectacular suggestions

In 1922, Dr. Emile Coue, a pharmacist who lived in a small brick house in Nancy, France, became world famous. He had stumbled on a remarkable cure for a variety of ills – a cure which became known as the science of auto-suggestion. News reports from that time marveled, “Week after week, people stricken with disease come to Dr. Coue and go away strengthened, on the road to recovery, sometimes instantaneously cured.”

The fame of Dr. Coue’s achievements spread throughout France, then leapfrogged to England and the United States. Thousands of people began to repeat his formula for health and happiness. Coue’s technique was deceptively simple and his honesty quite disarming. “I have never cured anyone,” he told reporters, “You can train your subconscious to radiate health and success.”

Source is by selling power editors


How to power your mind to overcome hesitation

The trick behind this is to present yourself in the second person. Should you ever find yourself in a corner and you aren't sure how to extract yourself from the situation, then just turn to suggest. Turn inwards and say" Oh you will find someone to give you a loan". Believe it not you will find Someone who will give you a loan too. It is very simple to do but you have to understand the whole process.

You will find that you do place yourself in a position to receive and have opportunities come to you when you practise it.

There is power in suggestion when you don't address yourself in the first person. The first person seems to think he is never capable of achieving anything so anything you say to yourself in the first person , for instance, " I will get myself out of this" won't work. Your mind believes that you won't get out of it. It reminds you there is no way out and there is no hope for you. Yet it always believes there is hope for others.


How to empower your mind for success

The university of Illinois divided 143 students into two groups, and the participants were asked to solve anagram problems.

The anagram is a matter of rearranging randomly shuffled alphabets into meaningful words. This is a study to investigate how motivation and motivation are affected by this.

First-person group: A group that solves a problem while encouraging themselves by saying, “I can do it!”.

Second-person group: A group that solves a problem while encouraging themselves by saying, “You can do it!”

Both groups worked on the issue with words of encouragement applied to themselves but differed only in terms of First-person or Second-person expressions.

As a result, the group that encouraged themselves in the second person was an overwhelming win.

Source: Afred Foresta , Data Scientist

The best times to try suggestion is in those times you are faced with tasks that seem difficult to complete and deep down you feel you can't do it. The ' I am ' side of you agrees that yes you 'can't.' Then turn to suggestion. Just adjust your wording to: " You are competent and you will find a solution to this problem" and sure enough you will.

I think there is a part in all man that shrinks from the thought of succeeding easily, it seems men has grown up with this idea fused in his mind that he needs certain skills to be an achiever or even to get very wealthy. Or that getting wealth has to be very difficult and since it is , then it is not for him but for others. He can see others making it and not himself.


How to empower the mind in the morning and night

According to Dr Joseph Murphy the best times to impregante your subconscious mind is at night prior to sleep , and also in the morning after awakening.

You can suggest all day if you like and you are sure to reap results, just remember to start your suggestions with" You..." followed by whatever it is you are wanting to achieve or to have. The good part about all this is that things do fall into place of their own accord. There is no need for you to try and pull strings to make things work for you. Things just work out for you. Most often you won't know how but they do and you do get your desired results.

You might write your suggestions in a notebook so that when they do take shape you know it works and this will also serve as a reminder to keep suggesting in future. Life tackled from such a perspective is stimulating. You won't ever feel fatigued by defeat and unfilled desires. This will be your very special ticket to getting those things that you never thought you were capable of getting or even,ever achieving.


Powerful Mind Boosters for awesome results

You can throw in your name in too, just for good measure, so you would say, " Moss you can get that job" , you too will look at Moss in a different way. You suddenly see yourself differently, you are empowered just by suggestion. The way to it is also to know what it is that you want to achieve. Maybe your dream is to , one-day be a household name.That is very possible. Just suggest your way to it. You can get adventurous and suggest yourself flying all over the world. It never hurts to suggest it!


Guaranteed Useful mind power for jaw-droping results

There was a salesman who had to make sales to a businessman who had the reputation of being very difficult. The salesman kept repeating to himself: ‘Jack, you ‘re going to sell him; you’re going to sell him. You are going to find him a fine old fellow, no matter what everyone says. He’s going to be friendly and he’s going to accept what you have to offer” The salesman repeated those ideas over and over and over. When he did get to meet the businessman he turned out to be cordial, and he walked away with an order for $25,000.00 policy, the first the company had ever secured from the old man.”


charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on February 17, 2019:

Thank you so much Sean.

I suggest that I make God smile

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on February 16, 2019:

I can see true Love in your writings, Love for all! I like and admire it! Thank you for sharing.

I suggest you remember that you are God's beloved child!


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