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Suffocation at Night

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


About the experience of this article is not cited, nor is it a doctor's prescription nor a story, but an essence from the days of suffering I used to suffer when I was in the middle of the night or at the end of it, suffocating on the verge of death. I run with my hands in my mouth or in my neck due to a strange suffocation that prevents oxygen from my lungs. Choking cannot be described as it comes at night and with sleep.

And in the morning, when I got up, I found my nail wounds on my neck, sometimes in my chest, and other times inside my mouth, in my tongue, I didn't know why, and I was asking and searching on the Internet. I searched a lot before seeing the doctor for fear of interference or mistakes, lack of professionalism or lack of professional conscience, but I did not find any video or topic describing this situation, except for one video that touched half of the problem, which is the sputum. (Sorry )

So what did I do, I visited a general practitioner and he sent me to a pulmonologist, and he in turn sent me to a throat doctor and achieved what I was expecting. The blackboard and chalk doctors did not know anything. They did not understand what I said, and some of them did not listen (the usual story) and a prescription for medicine. I did not buy it and did not ask about it

So I began to think about when and when to choke and taste, and what kind of pillow. I found that suffocation at night while sleeping was repeated with me in Ramadan, and I discovered that after Ramadan my water became dry, unlike Ramadan, in which the gland was active, i.e. the sputum. And I remembered sometimes.

Here I saw the difference in Ramadan. I drink milk, unlike the rest of the year. It was like an allergy to milk and its derivatives, and when I stopped drinking it. Almost reduced dry saliva. As for the second reason, it was acid reflux, or as a result of satiety, and the problem of reflux may be normal for a specific person, such as an allergy to some foods, such as a chronic disease, and you can get rid of it with an increase and mastery and provide dinner or delay sleep with less eating at night.

Here we know the cause of the strange suffocation, GERD, i.e. the return of food or stomach juices and their sticking to the sticky substance, which is considered as glue, and they block the air opening and cut off the oxygen, and here is suffocation. As for the solution, try to stand when you suffocate at night and do not kneel because kneeling increases the problem. Rinse with water and salt or just with water

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If you are not one of the worshipers, i.e., do not perform ablution, then try to gargle three times or more whenever you wash. Keep away from what you are allergic to. It may be milk or something else, and in the end I hope that I have helped you.

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tabouche amin (author) from alger on January 28, 2021:

Thanks my friend Jodah for a nice visit

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 28, 2021:

An interesting condition. Thanks for sharing.

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