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Struggling with Abandonment

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Abandonment: Somehow it will be OK

The emotional turmoil that abandonment can cause can last moments, days or even decades. Were you abandoned by a parent? Partner? Friend? Or... by chance: did you need to abandon someone in our life? There are so many kinds of abandonment -- all of which come with their own unique, and often complex issues.

In reality - no one person or article can ever even begin to heal the wounds that may be open in your life. Sometimes the honesty of the situation is the hardest truth to face; but you are here, you have started the journey to healing.

Is it possible to heal from the hurt of Abandonment?

If someone could just create a magic want, a potion or an off-button to fix the pain that abandonment causes -- they would be rich beyond winning any lottery. But the reality of the situation is simple: there is only one way to move towards healing and that begins with your choice to take the journey. YOU. You are in charge now... later and forever -- from this point forward. Feel the power of what being in charge of your own destiny can detail. Breath it in and allow yourself to minimize the negative effects that someone else brought into your life.

Maybe you are living too deeply with-in the pits of 'abandonment' that you don't yet feel like you have the power to change the situation? News flash: You are reading an article on 'Healing From Abandonment' -- the ONLY thing that this can mean is that you have already began your journey to healing, weather this fact has hit you or not. The only way to heal from abandonment is to face the reality that it has occurred.

-- Congratulations for already taking the steps to heal...

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Take it from me... on this topic I'm an expert

So what does it take to be an expert on being abandoned? Well take a mother who would just toss you to the foster care system, instead of pouring her booze down the drain. Take an ex-husband who had a wondering eye. Take my self-esteem that once ran out on me. All of those things and many more kind of make me an expert in this field.

Such an expert that I landed a job in Stopping the Violence... let me tell you one thing: people who are fleeing abuse, be it a man, woman or child - young or old... each person came with abandonment issues.

Am I still abandoned though? Quite honestly I will have to say that I'm not. It took a long time, but I found myself and once that really, truly happened the wounds of my past quietly left and I became whole.

For me, a warm, thick pair or socks is like a hug I carry to remind myself that I am not alone, that I am enough...

Find your inner healing

There is no one on the face of this earth who is better prepared than you are to accomplish your healing. Take one step at a time. Cry when you need. Hide when you must... but never, never give up. Life is too short to quit now and too long to wait for someone else to step in and fix your life.

You are the key. Once you 'have yourself', you have gained the best there is in your world. Let any mom, dad, ex, Tom, Dick and Harry go on their way... you didn't need their false love any ways, so they can take their selfishness and keep on trucking. It's time to hold yourself near and dear. When you can master that, others will be drawn to you... they won't replace the ones that you have lost, but it sure will help to ease the pain and push it back to the point that you almost forget what hurt looks like.

You have this! I believe in you!!

Sometimes we need a quiet reminder

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