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Stop Reading Wisdom Memes


Epidemics seem to be springing up all around. More evident in the past few years, however, is the wave of memes  —  specifically, those in which the intent is to impart soul-liberating ideology.

While I do respect the right to an opinion, the modern-day psychological fixes aren’t what they’re hyped up to be in the heat of the moment  — in most cases, doing more harm than good by believing them. Somebody dreams up a meme and it applies to everyone across the board? Not all memes contain absurd, overarching statements, but many of them do.

Social Media Dopamine Fixes

It’s nearly common knowledge at this point that social media interaction causes synaptic activity in the brain  —  increasing levels of the chemical dopamine, at least temporarily. Social media usage, in general, does cause an increase in the chemical, but reading those overrated wisdom memes can be even more stimulating, at least to some people.

How are readers benefiting from them? The short-term chemical fix is there, but do the memes truly make life better? Thousands of anxiety-stricken folks cling to social media, many of them for comfort, unconsciously seeking dopamine fixes.

True Resolution

If diagnosed with a mental illness or lacking direction for life in general, consulting a psychologist or folks who know you  are more likely to be beneficial. They will listen to your unique story — we all have a different one. Attempting to digest meme after meme, day after day isn’t going to work. The fixes will burn out quickly and many of the supposed, wisdom-imparting billboards will be forgotten.

Professional counseling is practically free in modern society. If you’ve got a few extra bucks to spare, pay for one or two convenient sessions. Educated, trained psychologists will know more about who you are than somebody across the internet who dreams up a meme  for all to believe.

Whatever the case, it's my contention that the Holy Bible has all the answers to life's problems, and counselors with a proper understanding of it can help those who are misguided or need direction. The numerous fulfilled prophecies of the bible, which can be verified in world history and extra-biblical sources, validate the reliability of the text — it can be trusted as a source for knowledge and personal fulfillment.

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