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Stop Making Bad Choices and Become Successful

Best Relationship has been married for 20 years, is a parent of 6 and loves to share what they have learned about life and relationships.


Want to Stop Making the Wrong Decisions?

Does it seem things just don't work out for you? Maybe you feel you are always making the wrong decisions or picking the wrong person to get into a relationship with. Do you feel you were telling yourself no when you were making these decisions that turn out wrong? If so you need to keep reading this vital information that will change your life. How do I know this will change your life? I personally use this advice to improve my life on a daily basis and everyday I have more to be thankful for and a lot less regret. Moreover, other successful people have used these very techniques to become successful, so why not try them out?

Making the Wrong Choices?

Whether you believe in a heavenly father, God, a creator of all, the laws of attraction, etc., to be successful in every aspect of life, you need to know who you are. Here is where we need to break out of the conventional Sigmund Freud psychology and come to a realization that all humans are born as sociopaths (the scientific term for sinner). Yes there are studies that say only 1 in 4 are sociopathic. However, what defines a sociopath is one who has antisocial behavior which includes: deceitfulness, hostility, irresponsibility, manipulative, risk taking behaviors, aggression, impulsive, irritability, or lack of restrain. These are all behaviors that all humans distribute at least one or two of on a daily basis as otherwise people would die within a certain amount of time. We can't restrain from breathing or eating, which eating not only distributes a lack of restrain but a presence of hostility and aggression. Even vegans eating only plants are still killing in order to eat. Really the study is stating that 3 out of 4 are making better choices on when and how they distribute these sociopathic behaviors.

Selfie Time is a Must

Those who are successful in life know who they are, they know what brings them joy, and have learned how to use the sociopathic behaviors (some might call human nature) to their advantage. Get to know yourself! Take some time from your day to learn about yourself, think about what you like, experiences that have and will bring you joy, what peaks your interest and curiosity. Are you doing things you enjoy, partaking of things that make you feel good, thinking about positive things? If not, why not? That is your healthiest, happiest, and greatest version of yourself just waiting to be set free. When you are thinking of, partaking of, and doing things that you enjoy and that make you feel good, you will let that greatest version of yourself out of the cage, and your spirit or life energy will be lifted to a more positive level. This is important as you first have to learn how to care for and respect yourself if you want healthy relationships and a successful life.

Good Day vs. Bad Day

Are the Laws of Attraction at Work?

Take a moment to examine your day. On those days you wake up and tell yourself "I don't want to wake up and go to work" how does that day turn out? Usually when you start your day with a negative thought like that it doesn't turn out to be the best day. Try starting your day waking up with a positive thought, such as" it's great to be alive", or "what a beautiful new day" to start attracting postivity for the day. I know you can't just leave your crappy job as your lively hood depends on it, but you can stop focusing on how much you hate the job and focus more on what you enjoy to help keep your spirit or life energy on a positive level. Focus on previous healthy enjoyments you have had. Focus on ideas that will help you achieve what you want in life. Be grateful for those experiences and what you do have to automatically raise your your life energy or spirit to a more positive level. When you are feeling positive, having positive thoughts, doing things that are positive, you will attract more positive.


Make Better Choices!

So you want to stop making bad decisions, stop getting in bad relationships, and live a more successful life that is fulfilling in every aspect, you will need to start listening to your feelings. I don't know about you but I have had many times where I have felt a sickening feeling before making a decision and many times where I have had an excited and very optimistic feeling before making a decision. Every time I have followed through with a decision that produced that sickening feeling life would get tough, and really the only thing I benefited from it was learning to listen to my feelings. Every time I have followed through with a decision that produced an excited and optimistic feeling, life would get easier and things would work out. When an opportunity arises that you have to make a choice, take a moment to listen to your feelings.

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Stop saying yes to others when your instincts are really telling you no, and start saying yes to yourself. Stop beating yourself up for any bad decisions you've made and focus on the positive things you have done. You want things to go right for you, to have the best relationship with people, to make better decisions, or to be successful in life, then you need to know who you really are and be who you were born to be without beating yourself up for mistakes made in the past. Remember you were created for a purpose and that purpose is to be the greatest version of yourself which will inspire others around you to be the greatest version of themselves.

Develop Healthy Habits

Try this advice for a more successful life and to have the best relationship with yourself and others for at least 30 days straight to develop a habit of lifting your spirit or life energy to a positive level. After 30 days come back here and tell me how it has worked out for you, what changes you are experiencing, or if you have tips that help you keep your energies on a positive level, I would love to hear about them in the comments below. Thank you for reading and much love to you.

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