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How to Stop a Bloody Nose Fast with 3 Easy Cures

Nose bleeds can be stopped fast with home remedies.

Nose bleeds can be stopped fast with home remedies.

It can be an embarrassment when it happens in public and even when it happens when you’re alone on a persistent basis, a bloody nose can be disturbing to people who suffer from them.

There are several reasons why nosebleeds can occur. This article will explain why and some things you can do to stop them. Plus, there are some things you can do to prevent them from dripping down in the future.

Read the three prevention techniques below for a better understanding of how to stop a bloody nose fast.

1. Stop a bloody nose fast by moderating your environment

The number one cause for nosebleeds is the climate that you are living in. Nosebleeds tend to happen when you are situated in cold and dry environments where your skin doesn’t receive enough moisture. The winter months are the most popular times for our dreaded bloody noses.

One thing you can do to curb the effects is to buy a humidifier and turn it on within the areas in your home or office that you tend to be situated in the most. The moisture generated by humidifiers can make the air less harsh on your skin and can stop bloody noses before they occur.

If you don't want to buy several humidifiers for each room, just put one in your bedroom. Turn it on while you sleep. You should notice a difference in the morning and your nose will retain its moisture.

Steam from a humidifier can help stop and prevent nose bleeds.

Steam from a humidifier can help stop and prevent nose bleeds.

2. Stop a bloody nose with home remedies

Another preventative measure you can use to make nosebleeds a problem of the past is by making sure your body is receiving the right amount of vitamins.

Often people think the only way to stop bloody noses is to clog your nostril with heaps of tissue and just wait it out. However, often even the simplest of prevention measures are a more effective remedy.

Nosebleeds are sometimes a sign that your body isn’t receiving the right nutrients internally with the food you consume.

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Take a multivitamin every day or foods that are rich in vitamins such as fruit and green vegetables. Vitamin C and K are especially important. If your bloody nose is particularly runny or watery, take some Vitamin K since it helps your blood clot more efficiently. Anywhere between 25 to 50 micrograms of Vitamin K on a daily basis is ideal.

3. Stop a bloody nose right when it happens

What do you do to stop a bloody nose the moment it occurs? First, when you first notice a nosebleed dripping down your lip, don’t panic and calmly sit in an upright position.

Many people instinctively hold their necks back, but this is inappropriate since the blood will just end up dripping down your throat. Instead, plug your nose with your fingers, tilt your head forward and breathe slowly through your mouth.

Don’t forget to breathe or else you’ll end up passing out and make the situation worse. Remember, it’s just a nosebleed – not the end of sliced bread.

If the bleeding is excessive or you’re overly concerned about ruining your white carpet, then you can hold some tissue in your hand as you squeeze your nostrils with your fingers. Adding the tissue will also help clot the blood faster.

After about five or ten minutes of pressure, you can release your fingers and check if the bleeding has stopped. If your nose is still bleeding, apply pressure again for another five minutes until the blood has fully clotted.

Get help from a friend or visit a doctor if your nose won't stop bleeding.

Get help from a friend or visit a doctor if your nose won't stop bleeding.

Visit a doctor if the bleeding continues

Call your doctor if your blood hasn’t ceased to bleed after twenty minutes of applying pressure. It could be serious so it is always wise to take precautions just in case.

Getting a nosebleed is a common problem and can be managed well if proper preventative measures are taken. If you want to know how to stop a bloody nose fast, make sure your living space is humid enough and take the necessary precautions when a nosebleed occurs immediately.

Remember to stay calm and carry on.

Doctor Tips on How to Stop a Bloody Nose

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