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Stomach worms or intestinal worms in children, the best home remedy

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stomach worms in children

stomach worms in children

Stomach worm problem in children

Stomach worm is very common in children as worms enter through their hands when they play outdoors. Children put toys into mud and put back into their mouths. This makes them vulnerable to stomach worms. Parents however do not understand that their children are affected by intestinal worms. Sometimes affected children do not show any symptoms. Sometimes losing weight may be the only sign. Parents may feel that children are losing weight as they refuse to eat properly. Intestinal worms may be the culprit behind the weight loss of children. You can however note for certain symptoms in children

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Stomach worm symptoms in children

  • Diarrhea can appear as a symptom in certain children
  • Stomach pain may come as a symptom in certain children
  • Itching in anal area (sometimes in vaginal area for female children) can be a symptom
  • Children may grind teeth during sleep
  • Some affected children are restless at night. They may get up every now and then crying.
  • Children wake up with an irritable mood after sleep
  • Weight loss even when children eat well

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Stomach worm problem in toddlers

These are the general symptoms to look for intestinal worm problem in children. But parents with infants above 1 year, and toddlers should compulsorily give intestinal worm remedies to children. Your doctor would suggest giving stomach worm syrup to children at least once in 6 months. Albendazole syrup is the anti-worm syrup given for children.

Parents can however choose to give home remedies for stomach worm problems in children. The following are the effective home remedies for intestinal worm or stomach worm in kids and toddlers

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Asafoetida, the best remedy for intestinal worms in children

Asafoetida or hing is the best home remedy for intestinal worms. Asafoetida, however, should be given only in mild amounts. Just a pinch of hing powder would do the trick for babies. If it is Asafoetida piece, just take a small bit (in the amount of a mustard seed) and dissolve it in warm water. This can be given to children. Children may not like the taste of asafoetida. But it is very effective for children. Do not give more amounts as asafoetida is very strong. Give as per the dose mentioned. Asafoetida can be given once in a fortnight. Giving asafoetida once in a while would also protect children from getting stomach worm problem. This would save your child from intestinal worms. Along with giving asafoetida in mouth, you can make a paste of asafoetida and rub in the navel area of the child. This can be easily done in infants below 1 year old.

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