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Stomach Flu Remedies

Audrey is a mom who tries to do things as naturally as possible, whether it be cooking or home remedies.


Stomach Flu Season is Coming

When it starts going around, you'll know it. Your child will come home saying, "Sally threw up in class today." Then it's only a matter of time until it hits your home. It spreads through spores found in vomit and feces; breathing in the air after someone vomits or cleaning up after a sick person can infect you. If a restaurant worker feels better and goes back to work, tiny fecal spores on their hands that they thought they washed off can land on your food and put you down for the count. Why? Because soap doesn't kill it, and neither do Clorox wipes. In fact, the only thing that kills it is boiling water or bleach, and your local restaurant worker is thoroughly washing their hands with soap––not scalding their hands in a boiling pot or burning their skin with harsh chemicals like bleach. The spread is inevitable with such a contagious virus.

In fact, some people when they get this illness think it is food poisoning because they pick it up from a restaurant. It's technically not food poisoning, which would include things like listeria, E Coli, and botulism. However, this virus does go by many names.

Call it what you will: stomach flu, stomach bug, norovirus, or a vomiting spell. Catching it can be miserable, and oftentimes there is not much you can do. I am sharing here a few natural remedies that can make your suffering much shorter with this horrible illness. Have these things on hand for the next time this horrible sickness hits your house and you all start falling like dominos that squirt out both ends.


Natural Remedy #1: Oregano Oil

So, we all learned the hard way that chugging Welch's grape juice does not work; it only gives you and your family purple-colored vomit. Fun times!

One product that does work is Oil of Oregano. This oil is high in carvacrol, which gives oregano its signature Italian flavor that we love so much on our pizza and in our lasagna. Carvacrol breaks down the stomach flu cells' outer layers very well. In fact, it starts working within fifteen minutes of exposure to the virus inside your body. As soon as you're sure you have the stomach virus, put a few droppers full in a shot glass diluted with room temperature water. Be sure to read the dosage instructions on your particular bottle as concentrations vary. Also, don’t exceed the maximum doses for one day as too much carvacrol can be harmful. Drink your dose and let it work! If you throw it up, try again one more time. Some people also massage Oregano Oil on their temples when ill, but I believe ingesting the oil is key with such a vicious virus as the stomach flu.

I use Garden of Life's oil of oregano. It is very highly rated, affordable, and available on amazon.


Natural Remedy #2: Colloidal Silver

Okay, so this one is controversial. We've all heard the story. There was a man affectionately called Papa Smurf who drank ten ounces of large-particle colloidal silver over a decade and, yes, he turned bright blue. Ten ounces is crazy. Every day for a decade is crazy. Large-particle is crazy. There's a right way to do it, and Papa Smurf's was not it.

Sovereign Silver is an extremely small nanoparticle silver solution that has cured me of strep throat and kept me healthy when exposed to my kids' numerous snotty-sniffy schoolhouse viruses. Colloidal silver also works well for the stomach flu because it attacks bacteria, fungus, and viruses at the cellular level. None of these three invaders can live when silver comes into the picture.

Don't drink a lot of this stuff––it's not meant for that! Instead, when you get sick with the stomach flue, put up to a teaspoon under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds. After that, you can swallow it. Repeat this process up to (but not more than) seven times in one day while suffering with the stomach flu. It will make it way shorter so you can get on with your life.

Do not use silver more than you need to. If you feel like you may have been exposed to a sickness, or you are sure you are sick, then it is fine to use in small doses like the one mentioned above. Never drink ten ounces and never use it for a long period of time (i.e., longer than a week). Also, be sure your silver has tiny nanoparticles, like Sovereign Silver's 10 ppm. The large particles can stay in the body, causing Argyria, blue-gray skin color changes, over decades of use.


Natural Remedy #3: Ginseng Tea

When you are sick with the stomach bug, you need to stay hydrated. Often we turn to sports drinks like gatorade. Really, if you're drinking anything it's good for you while you're sick, so no judgment. But from my natural perspective, if you're sick, why not drink something that will both hydrate and help fight the virus inside you?

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This is where ginseng tea comes into play. Any old brand will do, but below in the amazon box I have the one that I buy. Korean ginseng and American ginseng have a few differences, but none that are worth mentioning here. What they have in common is that ginseng, when gathered from nature and not from a planted crop, is extremely expensive. I have known several older men from the Appalachian area that would gather and sell wild ginseng and bring in a small fortune.

Luckily, the tea is not that bad as far as price goes, and it can help while you're battling norovirus or other illnesses. Ginseng is a natural anti-viral, and since the stomach flu is a virus, not a bacteria, consuming antiviral tea will help abate your symptoms.

So, when you get sick, drink your oregano oil, place your silver under your tongue, and brew yourself a cup of ginseng tea. You'll be feeling better in no time!

Proper Hygiene Helps Stop the Spread

It's a good idea to start the remedies above once exposed, but here are some tips for proper hygiene as you try to avoid getting it or help vulnerable family members to stay safe:

  • Hand sanitizer will not kill the germs that spread the stomach flu. Don't even try. Alcohol doesn't kill it, either. Washing hands a specific way is a better idea, as stated in next point.
  • If you only have access to soap and water to kill the germs on your hands after cleaning up a sick person's vomit or feces, you need to wash your hands with warm water and soap for thirty seconds or more. Then, rinse thoroughly. The germs will still be alive, but if they are washed and rinsed thoroughly, they may dislodge from your hands and wash down the drain. Avoid touching the drain or anything you touched before you washed your hands, as germs may reside there. They are tough little guys!
  • Bleach surfaces with a diluted bleach solution, not lysol or clorox wipes which won't kill it. Toilet flushers, toilet seats, doorknobs, floors where vomit may have sprinkled, light switches, sink handles, are all places that need disinfection. Keep small children and vulnerable people out of the restroom where the vomiting or diarrhea took place. If possible, have sick individuals use one restroom and healthy individuals use a different one. We are not able to do this in our home due to only having one toilet, but it's wise to do if possible.
  • Separate sick kids from their siblings. They can have extra screen time in their room or in our case, lay in the hammock on the back porch and read.
  • Remember that even when you are better, the virus lives in your poop for several days. It is important to continue to disinfect the bathroom and have everyone thoroughly wash their hands after each bowel movement or trip to the bathroom. Bleaching of the toilet lid and surrounding area should continue for a week. Remember to flush with the lid closed, as fecal matter can be propelled into the air during a flush.
  • Luckily, the stomach bug is short-lived, often lasting between ten and forty-eight hours. If you do the hygiene tips above as well as start the remedies early, you'll be feeling better quicker than you can say 'norovirus'.


The following websites and scientific papers support the antiviral claims detailed above.

Oil of Oregano:


Ginseng tea:

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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