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Stomach Flu Gastroenteritis Advice How Long Does the Flu Last? Signs and Symptoms

What are the causes of stomach flu?

Learning how to cope with stomach flu is the key to recovery

Learning how to cope with stomach flu is the key to recovery

Stomach Flu Symptoms

Stomach flu represents an extremely discomforting stomach virus that produces key symptoms. Gastroenteritis remains the recognised name of this body like flu. Follow the correct advice to help your prevent, treat, and get rid of stomach flu.

Sufferers may experience the following Gastroenteritis flu symptoms including:

  • Diarrhoea and cramping especially in the stomach
  • Vomiting including projectile vomit
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Discomfort of suffering frequent toilet visits when relieving diarrhoea and nausea

The Symptoms of Stomach Flu

Typical flu like symptoms also persist with stomach flu including high temperatures of around 100 F, 37.7 C, chills, muscle aches, cramps, and feelings of fatigue. Regular bouts of explosive diarrhoea and vomiting regularly occur simultaneously. This double-diarrhoea issue often leads to interesting bathroom gymnastics.

Advice on Cleaning

The stomach flu virus remains contagious so ensure all areas remain clean. Advice focuses around using bleach or hydrogen-peroxide to clean the toilet areas to kill off the stomach flu virus. Always ensure your hands and nails are scrubbed clean after using the toilet. This helps protect yourself as well as others. Killing off Gastroenteritis before it starts offers the best protection and advice.

Common Questions About Stomach Flu

How long does stomach flu last?

Normally Gastroenteritis lasts up to 5 days in most cases. However seek the advice of a medical professional if you’re concerned about the duration of the stomach flu symptoms.

An Anti-diarrhea tablet can help stop the first sign of stomach flu.

What is the scientific name for the stomach flu?

The scientific name for stomach flu is Gastroenteritis

How to ward of the stomach flu at first symptoms?

Eat home cooked foods, rest well and avoid caffeine, alcohol or any other substance that weakens you body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Prevention’s Always Possible With Gastroenteritis

Avoid sharing drinks, food and utensils with other people remains solid advice when trying to avoid cross-contamination with other potential sufferers of stomach flu. Gastroenteritis remains contagious in most situations and in fact exists in many places. However the virus remains innate until one person catches it and then infects others.

Food stuffs as well as places of dubious nature should always be avoiding reducing the risk of suffering from the symptoms of stomach flu. Perfect advice centres on eating quality home-cooked foods using fresh organic vegetables and meats.

Avoiding areas prone to contaminated foods as well as water proves ideal to avoid polluted virus food reaching your digestive system. Stomach flu loves a stomach to reach its full virus effect.

Advice On Fluids to Prevent Dehydration When Suffering From Stomach Flu

Drinking fluids helps to alleviate the effects of the flu virus in your stomach. Keeping the essential minerals in your body remains an ideal way of helping your body function as it’s supposed to when suffering from Gastroenteritis. A simple home-made remedy involves mixing a teaspoon of sugar with a quarter teaspoon of salt and dissolving in a litre of warm water. This effective fluid helps keep your mineral levels at normal when suffering from the stomach flu virus. The best advice is to sip the drink over two hours.

Alternatively shop brought products such as Gatorade will serve the purpose of replacing lost body salts and minerals while suffering from diarrhoea. Electrolyte based sport drinks remain sound advice on keeping hydrated when suffering from stomach flu diarrhoea and dehydration.

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Common symptoms include stomach pain

Recover and rest are the keys to getting over stomach flu

Recover and rest are the keys to getting over stomach flu

What foods can you eat if you suffer from Stomach

What Foods To Eat if I Have Stomach Flu?

Home cooked foods remain the best advice when suffering from Gastroenteritis. Soups remain digestible at speed so these help replace your food intake as you beat the diarrhoea onset. Broth based soups remain the ideal solution. Similarly when suffering from stomach flu fruits juices provide vitamins for your body. White rice and bananas produce much desired energy helping you to fight the stomach flu fatigue issues.

When to Consult Your Doctor About the Stomach Flu Virus

Seek medical advice when possible to ensure you develop no further complications.

How to cure stomach flu

Finding suitable stomach flu remedies is easier today thanks to the internet. Searching for relief from stomach flu is essential when you are showing signs or symptoms of this infamous sickness. Treating yourself is the most viable way of getting back your health and feeling human again!

Stomach Flu Song to Make you Feel Better

If You're Suffering From Stomach Flu and Diarrhoea Sing the “The Diarrhea Song”

“When it comes out of your bum

Like a bullet from a gun

Diarrhea Diarrhea”

“When it runs down your leg

Like a scrambled egg

Diarrhea Diarrhea”

“You're getting in a state

Cos' you've left it very late

Diarrhea Diarrhea”

Stomach Flu resides in the Intestines

Identifying stomach flu is essential for a quick cure!

Identifying stomach flu is essential for a quick cure!

The Summary of Stomach Flu Gastroenteritis Advice

Useful advice in avoiding Gastroenteritis focuses on prevention, treatment mixed with a little humour. However, joking aside, advice should always be sought by a healthcare professional if your child shows any signs of Gastroenteritis. This advice remains extremely pertinent if your child or baby seems to suffer from any of the signs and symptoms of stomach flu. Gastroenteritis remains an unpleasant experience for you, your friends and family. Suffering constant diarrhoea with stomach flu drains your energy and essential body minerals, keep yourself protected and prevent Gastroenteritis ruining your week.

If you start to feel stomach flu symptoms seek follow the advice to keep yourself in the best possible shape despite having contracted Gastroenteritis.Learning how to ward of the stomach flu at first symptoms gives you increased peace of mind.

If you want to learn about intermittent fasting as a way of combating stomach flu and removing toxins from you body feel free to visit my website.

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Trina on June 15, 2015:

OMG I believe this is what I have and nothing is settling on my stomach!

johndwilliams (author) from Essex England on December 12, 2014:

Are you better Rahul? It's been nearly 2 years so I hope all is OK and that you've managed to get rid of the stomach flu.

Rahul on June 30, 2012:

It started 3 weeks back and i still have cramps and can feel different noises coming from stomach and the fever comes and goes....wen will i get back to normal??

Danni on May 19, 2012:

How would u kill the bug after second virus has been caught in the last 3-4 months

johndwilliams (author) from Essex England on January 20, 2012:

Sorry to hear that - hope you get well soon - wishing you a speedy recovery from your stomach upset - godspeed

deanna on January 19, 2012:

In hospital right now from a stomach thing. I have never puked so much in my life...horrible

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