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Maintaining Inner Peace in Your Busy Stressful Life.

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I have done a course in human psychology to understand human beings in a better way.

In search of inner peace


12 Steps to Maintain Inner Peace in a Busy Stressful Life.

It is difficult to calm yourself when you are having an anxiety attack or a panic attack. But as we know breathing exercise can reduce it. Similarly isn't it a good idea to stop your anxiety and stress before it begins to accumulate in your body and create bigger problems. So let's discuss some important points which will help us to reduce stress and tension from our body and mind.

1. Exercise and Meditation

Exercise and meditation are mood boosters. It is a treatment for anxiety, stress and depression. Try 30 minutes of focused meditation and 30 minutes of physical exercise whether going to gym, aerobics, swimming, running, cycling, or any other physical exercise of your choice. This can do wonders with our physical as well as mental health.

2. Lower your expectations

The secret to happiness is low expectations. If you will expect more from people, you will get hurt easily. If we lower our expectations, then we are free to experience things as they happen.

3. Read

One of the best therapy to feel relaxed is to read. Reading novels, stories, newspapers or anything you like will give you a pleasurable experience. Regular readers can sleep better, have lower stress levels, lower rates of depression and higher self-esteem than non-readers.

4. Be 15 minutes early

Be 15 minutes early for work, for a movie, for a party etc. Make it a habit and see the results will be exceptional. It's a small habit but it will make your life more relaxing.

5.Let go

It's important to let go things which are not happening according to you. Letting go will release your stress and relax your mind.

6. Pay less attention to people's judgement

No need to pay attention to people's judgement. Their judgements are based on their own insecurities and thus are not worth worrying about. So focus on, How you feel about yourself ?

7. Slow down

You will feel less stressed when you slow down your walking, talking, working and eating habits. So be relaxed.

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8. Talk about your problems

If you are feeling heaviness in your heart about something. Nobody is going to read your mind. You have to communicate about your problems. It is hard to do it first but It can save you and the people around you from much trouble in the long run.

9. Breathe

Whenever feeling stressed while thinking about past, present or future, just breathe in slowly from your nose and breath out slowly from your mouth. Focus on the air going in and out. It will calm your mind.

10. Painting

Painting will also relax your mind if you'll do it for relaxation not as a work. Concentrate on the brush strokes and colours. It'll make you happy.

11. Face the problems

Do not run from your problems. Face them. Accept that you are facing difficulties. Accept your fears and try to overcome them.

12. Vacation

Go on a vacation. Spend some time with yourself and with your loved ones. A vacation will refresh your mind. It will give you new memories, sometimes new perceptive about situations and a much needed break.

Just keep one thing in mind, there is always another job, another best friend and another man/woman. The most important person in your life is YOU. If you are not happy, How will you make someone else happy? Happiness is not something that you will get from outside world. Happiness is a state of mind. It's a choice. Even if you can't make it, fake it. But stay happy. Live and let live.

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Evana Johnson from India on January 10, 2019:

A lot of cool ways for relaxation. It was awesome.Great job.

Lisa Bean from Virginia on January 10, 2019:

There are a lot of good tips here that we can all do a little more of! Thanks for sharing! :)

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