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Step-by-Step Workout Routine


I think there are a few important guidelines to give before I tell you the step-by-step workout routine that I follow. Firstly, it is important to mention that I try to work out six days a week with an off day on Sunday, and I usually follow an upper body, legs, and then back calendar. I will give further instructions on what I do each of these days and when I do cardio and ab exercises as well.

On Mondays and Thursdays, I am focused on my arms and upper body. These days, there are five or six main lifts that I try to achieve:

  1. The first lift I always start with is the dumbbell bench press. This is a great way to start the lift; you will feel this exercise in your chest, shoulders, and arms. This workout is completed in three sets and ten reps for each set.
  2. The next lift that you should complete after this is the incline dumbbell bench press. This is great to perform right after the normal bench because they will work similar muscles and you will feel the burn. This again is completed in three sets of ten reps.
  3. After this workout, you might feel very sore in your chest so I recommend curls. This is a bicep workout. In this workout, it is very important to make sure you are not lifting too much weight and using your back because that will defeat the whole purpose. A great way to not use your back and squat against a wall and this will prevent the back from doing the work. Also, complete this for three sets of ten.
  4. The next workout to complete is tricep bench dips. This is an easier workout with no weights, so complete it by doing three sets of twenty reps. This will work out your triceps; as you can tell so far, we have worked out the arms and upper chest.
  5. This is when you should go back to your chest and complete one of these workouts on Monday and the other on Thursday. The first workout is the decline bench press. This is another chest exercise but targets a different area of your chest. The other chest workout is a crushing press that targets your middle chest. If you have time, perform these workouts both days, but if not alternating between days works just as well.
  6. On this day perform an ab circuit as well, but we will go through the ab circuit in a later section at the end because many of the days will feature this.
  7. After you are done with the ab circuit go for a run depending on how comfortable you are, but I recommend one or two miles at the start, and if you cannot run the whole time walk for a little too.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, is what most people consider the worst day because these are going to be your leg days. This will be a shorter day because I only reco

  1. The first workout to perform is a dumbbell squat. This will target mainly your quads and is a great way to get your legs burning for the workouts that follow. Perform this exercise for three sets of ten, or if you feel comfortable and feel it is not enough weight do fifteen reps.
  2. The next workout is very simple and it is just weighted calf raises. Hold two dumbbells by your side and stand up on your tip toes and then back down. This is another one of those muscles where I believe it is better to perform more reps so do three sets of twenty.
  3. After this is a workout that you will feel in your inner thigh and is a great muscle to build because it really helps you rock shorts in the summer. The workout is the Bulgarian split squat. To perform this, put one foot on the bench and the other foot in front of you and just try to touch your back knee to the floor. While doing this, hold two dumbbells at your side and complete three sets of ten reps for a crazy burn in your legs. Complete the sets for both legs.
  4. The last workout to complete is the dumbbell reverse lunge. I'm sure everyone knows what a lunge is, but to complete this exercise stand up with two dumbbells by your side, and instead of lunging forward, reach your leg back and bend down like you are kneeling. Complete this for three sets of ten reps on both legs.
  5. Again on these days perform the ab circuit that I will talk about later in this article. I recommend doing five days of ab exercises.
  6. After the ab circuit these days, I like to run with a weighted vest on to make sure my legs are getting the best workout that they can. So if you have a weighted vest run with that, but if not try and run further than the other days.

The last two days to be talked about are Wednesday and Saturday. On these days, perform your back workouts. On this day, you really only need to perform three

  1. The first exercise to perform is the bent-over row. For this, you will have a dumbbell in one arm and your other arm will be holding you on the bench. Imagine a football player going down in a three-point stance, but instead of going to the ground, go to the bench. Also, you want to make sure to not round your back. After you have the stance figured out, pull the weight in your hand up to your chest as if you are starting a lawn mower. Complete this exercise for both arms for three sets of ten.
  2. The next exercise is very similar and is called an inclined row. For this exercise, incline the bench to where you would for your incline bench press and then lay with your chest laying towards the bench. Then have two weights at the bottom of your arms and pull them towards your chest. Complete this exercise for three sets of ten.
  3. Then the last workout for these days is the jump rope. Jumping rope is one of the best back exercises and this gives you free rein for how long you think you can go. I recommend it for at least fifteen minutes, but try and go for more.
  4. Again, complete the ab circuit, but I recommend only completing it Wednesday or Saturday. This way you give yourself a break.
  5. Lastly, complete your cardio. Either being a light jog, a walk, or even sprints up and down a hill. These days I have a lot more freedom in cardio and I try to do sprints on these days, but not everyone has a place to go to sprint.

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