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Stay Off The Spectrum And Stand Strong!

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

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I have already published three articles on this writing platform regarding Asperger's Syndrome, and this is a topic that will likely encourage me to continue to publish additional articles about it. Instead of beating around the bush, I'm going to cut right to the chase on what I have to say herein. If you suffered any form of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse as a child at the hands of a parent or any other immediate family member and that immediate family member is encouraging you or even pressuring you into going into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment, DO NOT DO IT! I repeat. Do not do it! Such an individual is not the least concerned about your mental well-being, especially if that individual is your father or stepfather.

You don't go into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment on the advice or recommendations of your childhood abuser for the same reason that you don't go checking through the sex-offender registry to find someone who can give you constructive criticism about your marriage or your relationship with your significant other. Common sense should always trump everything else in these kinds of situations.

I realize that the American Psychiatric Association considers the medical term "Asperger's Syndrome" to be obsolete as of 2013 inasmuch as this so-called disorder has been integrated into the definition of Autism Spectrum Disorder since then. However, because many people still use this term "Asperger's Syndrome" and are more familiar with its usage than "Autism Spectrum Disorder," I'm going to use the term "Asperger's Syndrome" for the purpose of this article here of mine.

Asperger's Syndrome has gradually become the favorite smokescreen upon which abusive fathers and stepfathers like to latch. It is a predilection of theirs to gaslight their victims by getting them to believe that they are the ones who suffer from a mental problem rather than the victimizers themselves. Psychiatrists are not the solution to everything, and Vanessa Bennett emphasizes that fact in her online article titled "Build your mental fitness to avoid mental ill-health and burnout."

When an abusive father or stepfather suffers from Asperger's by proxy, he becomes an even greater danger to his children than ones who don't have this same psychiatric disorder. One common tactic that these kinds of fathers and stepfathers will use to gaslight a son or a daughter that they have victimized as a child will be that they will go as far as rewriting historical events to make it appear that their victim was somehow an introvert who engaged in bizarre behavior as a child. Then they will insist that their victim has Asperger's Syndrome. At this point, it may be a good idea for that child-abuse survivor to sever all ties with that father or stepfather inasmuch as the situation will continue to become more and more stressful as time marches on and possibly harm that individual's mental health in the long run.

In my article titled "Don't Fall For The Asperger's Syndrome Fairy Tale!," I reported that an investigative journalist named Brian Ball warned the public that Asperger's Syndrome was not a real disorder but rather a left-wing agenda to deprive Americans of their freedom and liberty. Considering that the physician who first conceptualized it was a state-sanctioned child killer who had strong ties to the Nazi Party in Austria back when Adolf Hitler was the dictator of that same nation, it is hard for me to take Asperger's Syndrome seriously and I find myself discounting it as nothing more than a theory or a concept.

Now, as I have indicated in other articles about this topic on this writing platform, I am not here to belittle anyone who may suffer from any form of autism. If you are someone who claims to have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and you are currently receiving treatment for it from which you feel that you are benefiting, I am not going to rain on your parade and get into an altercation with you on whether or not you are doing the right thing. You have the right to do whatever you want with your life.

Nevertheless, I have to be brutally honest about the topic of Asperger's Syndrome, because I find that way too many individuals who suffer from childhood trauma as a result of abuse that they endured at the hands of their father or stepfather or the likes are being misdiagnosed with this so-called neurological, developmental disorder and absorbed into the vicious vortex of manipulation and exploitation that shady shrinks have constructed to serve their own selfish, greedy, profitable purposes. I feel that it is my duty as a concerned citizen of the United States of America to bring about public awareness to put a stop to this outrageous sham that has been brewing within the mental-health profession for years.

The fact alone that there are have been psychiatrists actually blaming survivors of child abuse for the atrocities that their immediate family members have committed against them demonstrates that many of these mental-health professionals do not have the best interest of these same victims at heart. They only have dollar signs in their eyes whenever a new patient walks into their office. Lawmakers need to take action to put a stop to these professional wrongdoings among mental-health professionals. However, until they do, we can all fight back against this problem by educating ourselves on what to do to confront it.

Most of you reading this article of mine here can probably see by now that I do not have a very high opinion of psychiatrists or other psychotherapists. Well, let me just put it this way. Shrinks get away with so many injustices here in our nation. If Larry Nassar had been a psychiatrist instead of a regular medical doctor, he probably would not be in prison at this very moment; and he probably would still be practicing medicine and harming women and young girls as he had done in the past. Psychiatrists and other psychotherapists are seldom ever held accountable for their actions, even when they engage in criminal activity. At this moment, public awareness is the only defense we have against this tragic problem.

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"johnhain" is the creator of this image.

What If The Concept Of Asperger's Syndrome Had Not Survived Into The Twenty-First Century?

In 2018, Dr. Herwig Czech made a valuable contribution to both the world of medicine and the world itself as a whole by exposing the late Dr. Hans Asperger for his atrocities against children during the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Austria. That is, the late Dr. Asperger first conceptualized Asperger's Syndrome and initially coined this so-called neurological, developmental disorder with the medical term "Autistic Psychopathy." The late Dr. Asperger wrongfully diagnosed whatever child was sent his way with this same disorder that he concocted; and after he did so, he sent these children to a death camp to be used in torturous medical experiments and then murdered.

Now let's pretend that Dr. Czech had exposed the late Dr. Asperger for these crimes against children back in 1974. What you do believe would have happened in that event? Well, depending on how the laws read in Austria back then, the late Dr. Asperger could have faced a lengthy prison sentence. Of course, he would not have lived long enough to serve out that entire sentence, because he died in 1980. In any event, there would have definitely been a major change of events throughout history if this revelation had come to light back in 1974 instead of 2018.

First of all, the late Dr. Lorna Wing would have avoided any contact with the late Dr. Asperger at all costs. She would, therefore, have never renamed "Autistic Psychopathy" as "Asperger's Syndrome" in honor of the late Dr. Asperger in 1976, because she would have wanted nothing to do with him from 1974 and beyond. In all due likelihood, the American Psychiatric Association probably would have dropped the "Autistic Psychopathy" diagnosis from the medical books altogether, and the Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis would never have appeared in any of the editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, at least not after 1974. Asperger's Syndrome would never have even become integrated into the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2013 when the American Psychiatric Association published the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ("DSM-5").

We all would be living in a much different world today from what we are living in now if Asperger's Syndrome had never stood a chance to evolve into what it is now, because psychiatrists would not have had the opportunity to exploit the theory or concept of Asperger's Syndrome to drum up business for themselves. Nobody would ever have had to encounter the indignities of being branded with this same so-called disorder every time an abusive member of their immediate family conveniently decided that that person did not fit their elitist mold of neurotypical perfection, for a lack of a better description. The quality of life in our nation and in other nations would have been better than it is now.

Second of all, there would be fewer people getting hooked on psychotropic drugs and either ending up homeless on the streets or committing suicide than there are now. There can be no question that psychiatrists see Asperger's Syndrome as a cash cow. A person who gets wrongfully diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome is not going to be able to relate to autistic people in a setting where they are forced to come into contact with them all the time, because someone misdiagnosed as an Aspergian is not autistic and is not going to have anything in common with autistic people. Below is a video that shows how autistic people live in group-home situations.

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A Group Home For Autistic Adults

Now, I am not looking to disparage autistic people in commenting about the video above. I realize that these people did not ask to be born the way they are. However, what is so concerning is that when an abusive father or stepfather is being derisive with his victim in his suggestion that his victim gets Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment, you have to know that he is not doing so out of the kindness of his heart. Moreover, the simple fact alone that he has not offered to pay for any of these medical procedures is a red flag that he is serving his own selfish interest rather than caring about how his victim feels or how such misleading advice on his part could harm his victim in the long run.

Also, if you allow yourself to be suckered into this same scheme that your childhood abuser has designed for you, a psychiatrist is going to be more interested in making money off of you than protecting you from further harm by your childhood abuser. That shrink will even go into collusion with your childhood abuser in that event. By that point in time, if you even try to seek justice against your therapist and your childhood abuser, they are going to use the misdiagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome against you to mislead the world to believe that the abuse is all in your head.

For us to know how dangerous psychiatrists can be whenever they get a hold of a child-abuse survivor who has been either pressured or coerced into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment, we only need to look no further than the Mad In America website. On that website, there are numerous true stories about people who have fallen into the evil clutches of shady shrinks. There now even exists a coalition to end forced psychiatric drugging. Peter Lanza forced his son, Adam Lanza, into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment when he was only 13 years old, and, as a result of psychotropic drugs, Adam Lanza was barely functioning on a viable psychological level by the time that he died in 2012.

The late Dr. Asperger left an entire mess for our society to clean up; and because of him, we now have a whole generation of parents who have Asperger's by proxy and are menaces to their own children, especially in situations wherein they have abused their offspring physically, emotionally, or sexually. There can be no question that our world would have been a much better place than it is now, if Dr. Czech had exposed the late Dr. Asperger in 1974 instead of 2018.

The reason that wackos like the late Dr. Asperger and predatory psychotherapists have been able to thrive in even the most civilized of Western nations is because our societies continue to have a blind faith in the mental-health profession. Such an environment of collective ignorance paves the way for theories and concepts like Asperger's Syndrome to be misused as destructive weapons against individuals whose lives have already been damaged at the hands of an abusive immediate family member, and abusive fathers and stepfathers and the likes seek out these charlatans to carry through their devious plans.

Even therapists themselves will warn the public about psychotherapists who only look out for Number One at the expense and the detriment of their patients. Below is a video wherein a Doctor Ramani admonishes the public about these rogues in the mental-health profession.

Dr. Ramani Reveals That Mental-Health Professionals Can Also Be Narcissists

An Asperger's Syndrome Diagnosis Doesn't Automatically Qualify Someone For Social Security Disability Income Benefits

If you have been experiencing childhood trauma for a long time or even a short time as a result of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse that you suffered at the hands of an immediate family member, especially a father or stepfather, then you are bound to confront a rough patch in your life at one time or another. When you do fall into those circumstances, what your childhood abuser will try to do is brainwash you into believing that you are someone who cannot hold down a job even during times of nationwide economic prosperity. Then he will pressure you into going into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment and convince you that you need to do so, so that you may qualify for Social Security Disability Income ("S.S.D.I.") benefits. He will then tell you that you need to apply for Section 8 Housing afterwards. He will even go as far as telling you that you will become homeless and destitute if you do not do exactly as he recommends in this regard. Do not fall for this ploy!

First of all, keep in mind that getting an evaluation for Asperger's Syndrome from a mental-health professional can cost you up to $6,000. I can think of a million better ways to spend that kind of money than to waste it on a psychiatrist, and I'm sure that you can do so too, especially when you don't really have autism except in the deluded mind of your childhood abuser, of course. Moreover, if you don't have that kind of money to throw away, you're only setting yourself up to go into medical debt unless, of course, you live in a nation that has Universal Healthcare. Once you're in over your head in medical debt, your childhood abuser is not going to come to your rescue to bail you out of financial trouble. It is likely some kind of sick form of entertainment for that child abuser to get you into that predicament in the first place.

Second of all, keep in mind that your childhood abuser is also masking their contempt for you as bogus concerns. Look at the situation. That child abuser is literally encouraging you to find a way to get on some kind of welfare program; and if that child abuser is someone who regularly voices their opposition to the welfare system in our nation, then that fact alone shows how very little respect that child abuser has for you. Of course, you knew that already, because he wouldn't have abused you as a child if he really cared about you or had respect for you. Don't fall for that line of theirs that they only want you to follow their wishes for your own good. They don't really care about you.

These kinds of child abusers even like to poke fun at their victims for problems they themselves caused them. For example, it is common for child-abuse survivors to struggle with their weight and even become obese because of their childhood trauma. An abusive father or stepfather will make fun of his victim's weight to add insult to injury. Following your childhood abuser's advice to get evaluated for Asperger's Syndrome and then attempting to attain access to Federal assistance programs will open you up to the biggest insult to injury that a child abuser can inflict upon you.

Don't go down that road. A lawyer in a video below even advises that most applicants get rejected for S.S.D.I. benefits when they use an Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis as their means to qualify for such benefits.

Anthony Reeves, Esquire Exposes The Brutal Truth About Social Security Disability Income Benefits

I think that you will be glad that you watched the video above in knowing that you will probably not be wasting $6,000 that you don't have in an effort to appease your abusive father or stepfather. If he still puts pressure on you to get an Asperger's Syndrome evaluation and apply for Federal assistance benefits subsequently, tell him that you will only agree to do it if he pays the $6,000 cost for the Asperger's Syndrome evaluation. You will be contented about how quickly he backs down afterwards. If he doesn't back down afterwards and he insists that you should be the one to pay for it despite that you may not even have the money to do so, make it clear to him that he should pay for it inasmuch as it is something that he wants rather than something that you want. In all due likelihood, he will eventually get the message and back down once he realizes that you are not going to submit to his ploy.

Other attorneys may tell you that they have ways of exaggerating and dramatizing your make-believe Asperger's Syndrome symptoms to convince the Social Security Administration to approve you for S.S.D.I. benefits. You also have to consider that these shyster attorneys don't come cheap, and you know that your abusive father or stepfather is not going to retain one of them for you. If such a lawyer does manage to spark the interest of the one Social Security Administration employee who does review your application and does decide to approve you for those benefits, you may find yourself sailing into unchartered territory that could prove to be very dangerous.

Fraud investigators at the Social Security Administration are always coming up with inventive ways to crack down on social security benefits fraud. If you find yourself confronted with a social security benefits fraud investigation, the lawyer who got you into this mess will likely do a disappearing act on you. The Social Security Administration employee who approved you for such benefits is going to be looking for ways to cover his or her own backside, and he or she will shift all the blame to you.

The abusive father or stepfather who pushed you into going down this road is not going to run to your defense in that event. In fact, he will probably side with the prosecution if you are charged with a crime, because usually abusive fathers and stepfathers like to side with the enemies and adversaries of their victims. Your life will be over as you know it.

Aside from what Mr. Reeves stated in his video above, it is my contention that one of the major reasons that the Social Security Administration usually denies applications for S.S.D.I. benefits from individuals who have gotten an Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis from a psychiatrist is likely because of the controversial nature of Asperger's Syndrome itself. As there are medical experts who claim that Asperger's Syndrome is a real form of autism, there are probably just as many medical experts who believe that Asperger's Syndrome falls into the same category of controversial and debatable mental disorders as affluenza or some other oddball diagnosis that shrinks pulled off the top of their heads. The Social Security Administration simply doesn't want to get involved in this kind of nonsense.

Asperger's Syndrome Frequently Gets Misused As A Bulletproof Vest Against Criminal Retribution

Pedophiles and child beaters simply love falsely accusing their victims of suffering from Asperger's Syndrome, because it allows for these same perpetrators to shift the spotlight of culpability away from themselves and make-believe that everyone else has a psychological problem but them. When the perpetrators of these same horrors are parents or other elders in positions of authority, they have a propensity to shove the whole Asperger's Syndrome fairy tale down the throats of the people they hurt. Then it makes it appear as though they themselves can do no wrong. When such bad actors actually suffer from Asperger's by proxy, then such a situation can go from bad to worse.

In my humble opinion, there should be no statute of limitations on any form of child abuse inasmuch as mandatory reporting laws in many state jurisdictions in that event would make mental-health professionals responsible for ensuring that the proper authorities were notified whenever a patient of any age reveals to them that their father or stepfather or the likes abused them as a child. In other words, in state jurisdictions here in our nation where there are mandatory reporting laws, it would not matter how long ago a patient suffered child abuse at the hands of an immediate family member. The mental-health professionals providing them treatment would still have to report it to the authorities. In that event, mental-health professionals would feel discouraged to exploit their patients any time a child-abuse survivor came into their office as a result of a child abuser pressuring them into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment.

I know that mental-health professionals are required to report any incidents of child abuse that is of a sexual nature to the authorities in most state jurisdictions whenever a patient divulges any information to them about it. It should also be that way in cases of physical abuse.

The point here is that the problem with mental-health professionals blaming their patients for child abuse they suffered at the hands of a father or stepfather or the likes would quickly fade away, because then these same psychotherapists would realize that their own jobs could be on the line for doing so. That is, they would have to report such incidents to the authorities, and their patients might complain to the authorities about professional misconduct on their part if they engaged in victim-blaming and victim-shaming.

It is my wholehearted assertion that physical abuse can also have everlasting negative effects on children as they grow into adulthood, to the same extent that sexual abuse can. No survivor of physical child abuse appreciates it whenever someone in their family, particularly an in-law, makes light of a trusted adult's crimes against them on the excuse that "it happened a long time ago." That family member is only showing that they themselves are enablers of such crimes. As far as I am concerned, if you were physically abused as a child 30 years ago, your victimization should be taken no less seriously than that of a child who suffered physical abuse at the hands of an immediate family member 30 hours ago or even 30 minutes ago.

Also, it is interesting how abusive family members, particularly fathers and stepfathers, have a propensity to equate financial success and wealth with neurotypical behavior and a clean bill of mental health. They likely do so, because they know that their abuse is to blame for their victims encountering rough patches in life. However, whenever we take a good look at monsters like the late José Menendez and Joel Steinberg, it becomes apparent that such a school of thought could not be any more flawed and inaccurate than it is. That is, the late José Menendez and Joel Steinberg were financially successful men, but it did not give either one of them a clean bill of mental health.

Child abusers will mislead their victims to believe that they simply cannot function normally in society for reasons unrelated to the harm that they did to them. Falsely labeling their victims as having Asperger's Syndrome is the ideal bulletproof vest against their victims someday exposing them for their reprehensible crimes. It also gives child abusers the golden opportunity to gaslight their victims.

Just because you are not the next Howard Hughes, it does not mean that you are autistic. Do not let your childhood abuser convince you otherwise. Your childhood abuser simply doesn't care about the truth or about your well-being. He is misusing his ploy to brand you as an Aspergian as a bulletproof vest so that he will never have to face any kind of consequences for what he did to you when you were a child. They want to sabotage a victim's credibility by getting them mislabeled as an Aspergian in the event that the day ever comes that their victim exposes them for their wrongdoing. That is, if their victim outs them for what they did to them during their childhood, they will come back and say, "Well, he's autistic. So who should believe him?"

Well, I have news for these master manipulators who prey on kids. Many autistic people are honest. In fact, they can actually be more honest individuals than neurotypical people. They don't hallucinate tragedies in their lives; and when they report someone for abusing them, it doesn't mean that they suffer from any kind of delusions. However, a child abuser will often overlook those facts.

"5688709" is the author of this photograph.

"5688709" is the author of this photograph.

You Know Yourself Better Than Other People Do

When your abusive father or stepfather or the likes first approaches you about his belief that you should get Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment, you are probably going to be furious with him for even suggesting something so ludicrous. If he starts laughing at you afterwards and insisting that you are in denial of having autism, keep in mind that the only person who is really in denial of anything is him. He mistreated you during your childhood and committed actions against you that caused trauma in your life. If he is trying to demonize you as an autistic head case, then he clearly has no respect for you and you should not take stock in anything he says to you from that point on. Moreover, he does not have the moral high ground to be sending you to a psychiatrist under any circumstances.

That abusive parent may go as far as comparing your alleged denial of the autistic condition with someone's denial of having Alzheimer's disease. However, keep in mind that Alzheimer's disease is an entirely different animal of its own, and it should not be used in an analogy related to Asperger's Syndrome or anything having to do with autism.

If you are going through a rough patch in your life and your abusive father or stepfather shoves the entire Asperger's Syndrome fairy tale down your throat, he clearly is not doing so to get in your best graces. If he is not going to pay for a psychiatrist to evaluate you, it is not as though this big bag of money is going to come falling out of the sky to enable you to afford something that expensive and unnecessary.

I do not believe that someone can have any form of autism without knowing that something is off about themselves beforehand, and do not allow for your childhood abuser to convince you otherwise. It is like telling someone that they are oblivious to the fact that they have lice or flees. It makes no sense, and you do not have to spend $6,000 you don't have, refuting your abusive immediate family member either. Once you find yourself drowning in medical debt, they will only rub your face in it afterwards.

Try taking the online autism test by Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen that I make mention of in my article titled "Don't Fall For The Asperger's Syndrome Fairy Tale!" The test results will likely reveal that you don't even come close to having any form of autism. Otherwise, you may even want to take a look at the video below to assess the situation for yourself more expeditiously.

The National Center For Learning Disabilities Explains The Concept And Theory Of Asperger's Syndrome

As you watched the video above, you probably found that you have virtually none of the characteristics of an Aspergian described in it. Also, don't worry if you have poor eye contact. Child-abuse survivors usually do have poor eye contact, because they have the emotional scars from fearing that their childhood abuser would slap them across the face. Poor eye contact can also mean a whole myriad of other things, but it doesn't necessarily mean that someone is autistic or that they suffer from any kind of mental disorder.

Keep in mind that Autism Spectrum Disorder is highly hereditary. If your childhood abuser was your father, you may want to bring up that fact. Most of his kind usually perceive themselves to be infallible, and they are going to get on the defensive and either contradict you or insist that you inherited autism genes from the other side of your family. At the end of the day, you're going to find out how very little your childhood abuser knows about autism with, of course, the exception of his knowledge on how to engage in Asperger's Syndrome fraud and abuse.

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OpenClipart-Vectors is the creator of this image.

Your Childhood Abuser May Operate Through Another Immediate Family Member Of Yours

Even if you decide to sever all ties with your abusive parent and childhood abuser who has Asperger's by proxy, out of fear for your mental health and personal safety, there is always the possibility that he or she will continue to play their mind games with you or even torment you psychologically through another immediate family member of yours as a means of pressuring you into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment, especially if that childhood abuser and abusive parent is your father and that immediate family member of yours through which he is operating is both your sibling and your father's golden child. At first, you may not notice that this same immediate family member of yours is involved in this same ploy. However, telltale signs will eventually surface to light regarding this same secret understanding between your childhood abuser and your immediate family member.

A good indication that your childhood abuser is operating through an immediate family member of yours in the manner described above is if that same immediate family member always sides with your childhood abuser any time that you complain to him or her about that childhood abuser mislabeling you as an autistic head case. That is, as explained previously herein, if your abusive parent and childhood abuser has Asperger's by proxy, he or she will usually fabricate fictitious events in your childhood to support their unfounded contention that you suffer from Asperger's Syndrome.

Once you start complaining to that immediate family member of yours who is in collusion with your childhood abuser that your childhood abuser is wrongfully attempting to rewrite historical events in your past to make it appear that you were somehow an introvert who engaged in bizarre behavior as a child insofar as he or she is attempting to depict you as an Aspergian, that immediate family member of yours will likely make up some ludicrous excuse that you have your truth and your childhood abuser has their truth and that both truths can differ from each other. If anyone says something like that to you, you should not trust them and you should always be on your guard in their presence inasmuch as such a ridiculous school of thought could not be any more flawed and inaccurate than it is.

You are going to remember your childhood better than your childhood abuser or anyone else who was in your circles back then will do so. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be sucked into this same lie that your abusive parent and childhood abuser will throw at you through an immediate family member of yours. In a YouTube video below, Gonzalo Lira (also known as "Coach Red Pill") stresses that there is only one truth and that is the objective truth.

Gonzalo Lira Warns Everyone Not To Believe That There Could Be Any More Than One Truth

In his video above, Mr. Lira cites his point about what is the truth more or less for political purposes. However, his point about "the truth" crosses over into many areas of reasoning.

Reality has it that if an immediate family member of yours in collusion with your abusive parent and childhood abuser starts running his or her mouth about multiple truths as a way of justifying your childhood abuser's ploy to pressure you or even coerce you into unwanted Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment, they are feeding you a mouthful of lies that can only hurt you in the long run if you take them seriously. There is no other way to look at it, because there is no other logic that holds as fact. If this same immediate family member of yours attempts to fool you into believing otherwise, he or she is clearly gaslighting you. Don't let them mislead you down that road.

"johnhain" is the creator of this image.

"johnhain" is the creator of this image.

Final Thoughts

Life is complicated enough. Being a child-abuse survivor doesn't complicate it any less. If a parent or an immediate family member who physically, emotionally, or sexually abused you as a child recommends that you go into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment, distance yourself from that person as much as possible. Perhaps your financial situation may not make it easy for you to do so. It is also possible that your childhood abuser may decide to operate through another immediate family member of yours to gain access to you indirectly. Nevertheless, you do have the legal right to refuse any medical care that you don't want, especially if it is something that you do not need or would only harm you.

If you are an incest survivor, there is definitely no reason for you to follow the advice or recommendations of your childhood abuser to go into Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment. However the abuse happened during your childhood, you are going to recognize the telltale signs immediately that these people don't have your best interest at heart.

They are derisive with you. They are constantly talking about how you disappoint them, when their roles as parents or elders leave so very much to be desired. They often side with your enemies and adversaries. They seldom ever praise you for your accomplishments. However, they always nitpick at anything about you that they perceive as negative. Then once you become a victim of psychiatric abuse or even fall into trouble with the law after you did everything they asked you, they are not going to be there to bail you out.

If they laughed at you about an obesity problem that they are greatly to blame for, they are going to laugh at you once you are drowning in medical debt or you are on your way to prison. They are going to seek to shame you every way they can to cover up their own crimes and perversions. Moreover, they are going to attempt to make you feel that you are to blame for every awful thing that they and others have done to you. Victim-blaming and victim-shaming are two of their main tactics in inflicting harm upon the people they abused as children.

Your childhood abuser likely also sees a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome as something that can work against your credibility if and when the day comes that they have to answer up for their transgressions against you. They want the world to dismiss your future allegations against them of child abuse as the ravings of some autistic head case. For that reason, they're going to use every trick in the book to get you to walk into a shrink's office for Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment. However, once you walk into that situation, there will likely be no way of coming back from it unscathed.

Asperger's Syndrome has become a playground for psychiatric abuse and other forms of exploitation and manipulation. You never want to allow yourself to be absorbed into that vicious vortex of control and antagonism, because the end results may bring you to a dark place where you will not want to be. If Dr. Czech had stopped the late Dr. Asperger in his tracks back in 1974 instead of 2018, we would be living in a world that had less homelessness, fewer suicides, and probably fewer mental institutionalizations than it currently does.

If you have $6,000 to throw away, take a vacation to Europe. Don't blow it on some psychiatrist who is going to provide you with an evaluation for Asperger's Syndrome and give you a positive result only to line his own pockets.

If you don't have any money to throw away, then don't get involved in any of your childhood abuser's outlandish plots. That person has already done enough damage to your life. Why let them have the satisfaction of adding additional insult to injury? They're the ones who need their heads examined.

Nobody should obtain an evaluation from a psychiatrist for Asperger's Syndrome or any kind of autism, unless that individual feels strongly about doing so. Therefore, I cannot stress enough that you do not want your childhood abuser to pressure you into going down that same road, because once you do so, it will be very difficult for you to withdraw yourself from that trap and there will be no coming back from that trap to your life as you knew it.

Medical information about you will be recorded in a psychiatric report, and you could be confronted with all sorts of discrimination, including, but not limited to, employment discrimination. You simply do not want to find yourself in that predicament ever. There may be laws on the books to protect you from those circumstances, but they are not always reliable. Therefore, stay off the spectrum and stand strong against your childhood abuser.

Remember that regardless of what your childhood abuser says to you or attempts to brainwash you into believing, whether or not you have autism should not be based upon your charisma or your popularity. You don't have to be a social butterfly to be neurotypical. You likely have a cleaner bill of mental health than the creep who is trying to pressure or coerce you into getting involved in Asperger's Syndrome testing and treatment. If that creep is your father or your stepfather and he abused you as a child, then he is a loser rather than you. He's just too proud to admit so. Do not allow for him to turn you into food for his ego.

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