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Stay Consistent!

Natasha is a mom of 2 and a lifestyle coach who is super passionate about health,nutrition, fitness and mindset as well as self development.

Be consistent!


Consistency is Key

Have you ever been frustrated with a diet plan not working out, or an exercise routine that just fizzled out? What about all of those "New Years" Ressys? What happened there? Saving money not happening either? All of these failures have one thing in common. A lack of consistency. If you want to succeed at anything you take on, you need to at least be consistent about it. Showing up is mandatory. What good would it do to crank out 100 push ups if you dont come back for more until 2 weeks later? Honestly, all that hard work would have been for nothing. Same with eating right. You eat healthy for a few days and then fall off the wagon for several more than that, then come back for a day or 2, not so good. Take saving money. If you aren't consistently putting money aside on auto pay, I bet you're not saving a dime, right?

Here's the deal, you need a tracker. A tracking system will help you write down every single time you workout and how long, how many reps so you can build on that. A tracker can help you log in how many carbs or grams of sugar you have eaten that day and how many more you have left, to tell you IF you can have that glass of sugary wine later or if youve already used your carbs elsewhere that day. Super important if you are trying to hit a goal weight, or doing KETO or something similar. Just hoping you'll eat the correct amount of calories wont cut it, you need to track it and stay, say it with me, CONSISTENT!

So with finances, same thing. Track that shit. I got an APP called Truebill. (Do not fall for their offer to lower your bills for you, not so great) Great for tracking my incredible ability to waste tons of my hard earned cash on my teenagers obsession with ordering from Postmates! Oh My God!!!! What I found is that I said yes, or did I?

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