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Spreading Happiness - My 10 Happiness Art Instagram posts in 1 month.

Remy Francis is a social artistic tech entrepreneur in Dubai.

Putting some positive thoughts out there...

Putting some positive thoughts out there helped me survive some daily challenges and I know it created more folks out in the world out there to notice because every single being in this universe is in pursuit of happiness.

The Social-media vehicle for the social good.

Social-media has taken a beating in recent times for facilitating bad comments, negative programming, derogatory posts etc etc.

After periodic breaks from social-media, I chose to pilot my posts not only to register my daily journals of what I learnt from each experience but also to share the fact that we could live with some positivity and happiness spread among us.

Welcome to my 10 Instagram posts made within a span of a single month.

Some quotes are my own, and some I choose to match my #art, #sketches, #paintings #illustration #animation with quotes from personalities I looked up to.

1. If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.


Finally the sunshine is blinding :o) and that is gratifying. Happy Thanksgiving!!

This post - a digital painting made using Ipad's Procreate was made during the Thanksgiving Season when I was filled with moments of euphoria because that was the day I felt a true sense of victory, when I got finally found good break and had success with something for which I had put my heart and soul into for nearly 7 years.

The thought of this digital painting takes me also nearly a decade or more ago when I had another true revelation after a 7-years struggle in parallel to this one, but completely of a different circumstance when I received my appointment to a job in my then dream country to work in.

I have a feeling that my 7th month from last Thanksgiving will get me to see that same brilliance again. We don’t lose anything by keeping our motivations up with whatever works for us whether it be prayers, or hopes or the joy of doing our best every single day to get a little towards meeting that goal in daily baby steps. I hope you take away from my tip here to find an easy path to your happy goals too.

2. You can steal your identity but you can’t hide who you are.


On this day I chose this pencil illustration I made for a children's book that I made using Aquerelle water colour pencils.

While posting this I learnt a huge lesson when someone kept showing a brilliant image of her personality to me that really stole away much of my time because she stepped behind her kind looks and beautifully worded dialogue to making me feel that I can do my best of my art for her. In the end, when I had to pay my bills I realized that was just a cloud of hopes she was creating to get me to work on months on end while deciding to hold me on a leash without keeping to the protocols of paying on time. It was just one beautiful conversation after another while my identity has always been the same when I create for my clients. By keeping my art as important as my heart. That I would do it with heart-felt reverence to whoever wants to truthfully have it.

But the minute I found that I was dealing with a person whose true intention was actually hidden behind those beautifully knitted curtains, I moved off to a safe place.

So this post reminds me that I have to remain who I am and not lose myself or turn myself into someone I am not just the right thing to do has been violated. I do not forget to always move on by dusting myself clean and positive to face life anew.

3. Don’t look back, you are not going that way.


A camel can never turn back abruptly, A horse can never look to the sides beyond their visors and similarly on my skateboard moving ahead in life it is not easy to turn back on my skateboard unless I step off and literally turn it around.

As I have made a thoughtful decision I will not have to spend time and will not change course so easily because it is well-thought out. Else the rider is going to face some serious accidents along the way. So be happy and move ahead once you have made up your mind with positivity and pleasure.

4. I am always wondering, why had somebody not done something about that, then I realised I was that somebody.


And so I decide everyday why not I take the lead and try doing it first myself and set an example to others who may get motivated to continue the course with you when they see the benefits to humanity.

I was raised in a very conventional setting yet in a beautiful bubble that did not burst long enough till I grew up, old enough to be set in those positive ways to remain fair, recognize injustice, show humility and integrity, with no pretense, to be able to live and let live.

So this day I renewed my promises to my life that I must continue not resetting and putting the blame on circumstances and let others take the lead for something good not happening in the world.

I often times think "Why not we be part of a cause, one person at a time to make what we believe in a stronger force without us grouping up into activism?", "Why not we do a fair part in our world to make that change to happen?"

Like ants building an anthill together. When there are fallen ants they take up the role of the fallen, pick up the pieces and surge ahead to the greater goal and good.

5. How did I Escape? with Difficulty….How did I plan this moment? with Pleasure.


This was the day I took a positive stride away from a job that was not giving me the growth or future prospects I had thought it would bring. When I realized it was just a no show filled with capitalistic misuse from the other side. In the end I made it a win-win situation and am happy with the outcome.

6. Everyday above the ground is a Great Day!

Celebrating another day alive. I don’t care if I have a huge car or a party dress or luxury of the likes! Am I alive? Do I have food to eat and a shelter above my head? If I am covered with these basics, I am available to help my family, friends and the rest of the world to make sure they are too doing the same.

A couple of years back when my dear ailing father was counting his days he will remain alive, this I felt was a great mood booster for him.

I realized just a positive thought is all that matters in the end of days to keep us alive.

7. You can complain about the bad weather or you can splash around in a puddle.

The day I made this post was a lovely day for me simply because I had this beautiful dream I was amazed by of me sitting on my digital version of my palm of the hand on the little hillocks looking off it as if watching passing stream waters meander around. And this is what I was happy to make of it.

To top it all it was the covid lockdown here and there with jobs only simmering up to normalcy. So there was nothing we could do but let the storm clouds pass to see brighter times.

8. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere - Albert Einstein


The day I made this sketch for a children's book, I was pleased to connect it with one of Einstein's quotes. My life has always been about imagination that got me from one place to another miles apart that would have seemed practically impossible. So it pays a lot to just imagine your goals first.

9. Take a deep breath….Inhale peace. Exhale Happiness. A. D. Posey

Peace can get into every cell in our body, only if we allow it to. To me that starts with thinking and using it to take in all that energy into each part of yourself that de-stresses if you really take the time to feel the healing.

And when it comes out it will bring nothing but happiness that gets spread around one peaceful entity at a time.

10. Dear Music, Thanks for always clearing my head and lifting my spirits. Lori Deschene

And last but certainly not the least because I will be back with more.

Listen to some music! Music from any era of your lifetime, current or from your previous years.

Music has the magic to take you back in time, a time-travel even 20 years back if you will, and make you enjoy that beautiful summer or that night under the jasmine branches or that white sandy courtyard, lit by the moon light when you built a sand house as a child, with the silvery sands and this beautiful music chiming and melodiously playing away from your grandfather's records.

The magic of music often takes me to places where I have longed to go back to every single time. And there is no prior booking needed, nor consent but just a press of a button.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Remy Francis

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