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The Subtle Art of Not Being Depressed

You lose in your life, your business failed, your relationship collapsed, your happiness is gone, and now you’re sobbing somewhere alone thinking about approaching an end, and then you agree you have entered the dystopian world of depression. You are evaluating yourself from others. You maybe think that you are a loser and I think it is true! Let’s understand this.


Depression is Just a Mirage

Admit that you are just a small part of an illusion that is created by you and always stays inactive within you until you trigger it. You will be forced to open that dimension of sorrow right after you think of anything worse. It can be anything that disappoints you. But once you entered it becomes very difficult to get yourself out of it. Why it is? Maybe it is your brain’s making and you feel like staying as much as possible into it. It is your brain that pushes you into that field of negative energy. You feel so lonely and empty within you but at the same time, your brain or your subconscious mind takes this differently. For the brain, it is a new state of your body that was inactive when you were happy. And now it is active and increasing day by day. Maybe that could be why some people feel depressed for so long. They never come up with any solution because their mind is always filled with a habit of disappointment. Unfortunately, there isn’t any medicine that can pull you out of depression but there is something that will do it. The answer is YOU.

Brainstorm About What You Really Need

The problem is one never understands it clearly. Assume a situation, you’re very poor and someone purposes you a lot of money in return for someone’s life that you know. It can be anyone, an old beggar in the streets who is about to die, any enemy that you want to see dead. No doubt, you will do it for a lot of money. Now think of another situation, you’re again poor but this time you have to sacrifice someone you can’t live without in return for a lot of money. If you accept this offer there will be nothing remaining for you after the loss of that person. Simply, you will reject the offer. So both scenario gives you a state of mind that you would choose what is important for you in any condition. That means it shouldn’t affect you from accomplishing your goal if you’re just depressed. Think of what is important for you right now and head your focus in that direction. Forcing yourself to get out of depression will not work. First, you will need a motive to acquire something in your life. Choose wisely because some decisions can lead you in the wrong direction.

Learn To Be Happy In The Absence Of Anything.

Think of a monk who lives somewhere alone. He grows some fruits and eats them for a living. Now think of a middle-aged man who is living with his family somewhere deserted like the monk. He and his family do the same thing for a living; grow fruits and eat them. Now think of a city where many people are living, some are living like the old monk and some like the middle-aged man. But they do many things for a living and also do some extra activities to enjoy themselves. Maybe the third example suits you the most. But can you live like a monk forever in a city where others are living a different life than you? No, Right? Because you believe you want to live like others around you. And it is important for you. But will it be fine if you live like a monk just for a day? You can think about it, Right?

You will have to face some problems sometimes and you have to be always prepared to face them. You will need to select between choices and you will not be able to choose the best but still, you have to choose what is important to you.

The absence of the best should not make you unhappy, the sense of what is enough for you at some times might make you happy.

Accept Your Fate without Compromising Your Desires

The moment you curse yourself for not being able to become or achieve something you accept your fate that moment but with regression left in your soul forever. But remember there is still an option after you attempt your last try which is nothing but hope. If you never lose hope you never accept your fate. Fate is nothing but just a decision that you make. No one forces it upon you to accept it, it is always you. If you think you can achieve something with the help of someone you should go for it. If there is no one to help you still go for it. If your desire is stronger than anything, you should do whatever it takes.

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If someone tells you to lift something heavy with one hand then what will you do? Maybe you will think will you able to lift it? Because it seems to you so heavy for you. And here you have done one thing wrong that you have already thought that this work will not be done by you and you have already accepted it before doing it. That means you have accepted your fate without trying it. Instead of this, you should try first to prove yourself capable or not. This will give you insights into your inner-self. Try first then react. Don’t compromise with your desire just use your capability at its peak level and then accept whatever fate you come up with.

Express Your Feeling To Someone You Trust

No one is alone and no one can feel lonely because science says loneliness doesn’t exist. How? Well, it is hard to explain but easy to feel. Yah! It is just nothing but your inner feeling. When you are enjoying your materialistic life with your friends, family, and stuff that you love meanwhile you (I mean the inner self) never say hello to yourself. But when the materialistic world collapsed you finally get a chance to meet with yourself and you become lonely. Which is nothing but the oneness of your body. In this kind of situation, you seek someone you trust to express your feelings but to understand the situation you are in is something beyond any human’s limit. You express your feeling to him or her and feel relaxed for a while maybe? But it will start again once you again join yourself. Here is something you should do to retrieve your enjoyable life again. Make a connection with yourself. Try to think about the solution rather than the results. Now that you are with yourself you should make some corrections to improve yourself and you should learn from your mistakes or better try to move on. You will not able to express your feeling to anyone until you self-help yourself. Embrace yourself as you are if someone thinks that you need to change yourself. Don’t change yourself from someone to someone else just be a better version of yourself. That’s all that is important.

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