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Something, Perhaps


What could save you

When there's nothing in sight?

It's discipline, perhaps

To take you away and up high;

What could save you

When it seems bleak all around?

A small goal, perhaps

To keep you moving and survive

What would save you

When everything seems crumbling down?

A song or singing, perhaps

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To bring you some pleasantness during the dark times;

What would save you

When there is a painful event?

A novel or a short story, perhaps

To bring a bit of joy along with hope back in life;

What could save you

When you wish to leave and say final good bye?

A close trusted friend, perhaps

To keep you on track and sit by your side

Whenever you wish to laugh or cry.

Recollecting the times

When I needed to just breath and survive,

I've tried to share those ways

To help you keep moving ahead in life.

— Nisarg Mehta

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