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Some Healthy Herbs Which Prevent From Body Diseases and Reduce Weight

I have gained information from books and from a little experience about how herbs bring health to our body what herbs help us to lose weight

Why should we use herbs to reduce body weight ??

It is very important for us to know that herbs are pure elements of nature. Herbs have so many benefits an our body that you will be surprised that how much useful is this herbs. Our ancestors have been using herbs for thousand of years and the had so much experience about which herbs to use in which diseases. Especially in Ayurveda, there is a cure for all kind of diseases, including reducing obesity. Its important to know that it is not advisable to increase weight to an extent because it can cause many diseases in our body.

Here, certain types of herbs which are easily available to us, show a very good effect in our body by controlling and increasing metabolism.

In this article, we will learn what herbs are beneficial for our body and they also helps in reducing body fat.

Five Healthy Herbs which helps to Reduce Weight

1) Cardamom



Cardamoms are small seed pods of spindle shaped of green color with small black and brown seed inside pods which is smaller in size. Cardamom is known to prevent fat accumulation in problematic areas like abdomen. Eating cardamom regularly can prevent from belly fat accumulation. It is a food which can help in reducing toxins like ana. Generally, A spice tea is made with cardamom prevents indigestion which can often lead to bloating in the body.

Cardamom is known to be a popular remedy for gastrointestinal disorders. It also helps to prevent from water retention and effective to reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

2) Neem

Neem trees are typically grown in tropical and semi-tropical region. Neem have been used as the traditional medicine in india. Neem oil and leaves have the ability to remove bacterial infections internally as well as externally. It is better known for its anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties. It protects skin from ultraviolet rays and pollution due to its anti-oxidant property. Neem has fatty acids and vitamins that improve to reduce wrinkles. Its mainly helps to reduce weight and belly fat by burn extra fat and calories inside our body . It helps to increase metabolism rate, detoxify body by flushing harmful chemicals and helps to prevent from bad absorption.

3) Dandelion



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Dandelion is a perennial herb which is extensively used as a herb for a healthy body. The entire plant, including the leaves ,stems, flowers and roots is edible and nutritious. Dandelion greens contain high amounts of vitamin A,C and K and have source of calcium, iron and manganese. It helps in bone disorder, liver disorder, gall bladder disorder and urinary disorder. Dandelion tea used in weight loss lead to increase metabolism. Just 2-4 cups of dandelion tea helps to reduce obesity like belly fat, water fat etc. Because it contain lot of potassium which improve digestion and reduce fat absorption, improving insulin levels and promoting greater belly-fat burn.

4) Ginger

Ginger is popular worldwide. It can be used for medicinal purpose in many ways which make a great effect in health. Ginger boost metabolism and is very effective herb that help to reduce weight. The aromatic spicy root has been used in both traditional and western healing system. Ginger can be used fresh chopped, dried, powdered or as a juice. It gives a powerful health benefit. Ginger tea is like an anti-stress drink help to reduce cholesterol fat and detox your body. Its also decreases inflammation and stimulates digestion.

To Make ginger Tea

1) Take 2-3 grams of sliced ginger or you can also use ginger powdered of 1 tablespoon.

2) Take 100ml of drinking water and mix the sliced or powered ginger in that water.

3) Boil the mixture upto 3-4 mins and drink.

4) Do same process twice in a day for one month continuously.

5) Ginseng

Ginseng is a herbal medicine that has been choose for the thousands of years. Ginseng can be a surefire way to get rid of obesity. It is a medicinal plant found in china, Nepal, Canada, and America. Its roots are much thicker than its stem, which is used to control cholesterol and diabetes all over the world. Some research has shown that ginseng helps in burning fat. Generally, taking 5-5 grams of ginseng extract twice a day eliminates obesity. Making tea of it and drinking is also very beneficial with its anti-inflammatory property. It plays an important role in reducing the blood glucose level and it's known as anti-diabetic and also prevent from atherosclerosis.

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