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Some Are Refusing to Get Vaccinated

It's important to follow the guild lines of the CDC. Get vaccinated, the life you save might be your own.


Stop Putting Your Life At risk.

Thousands of Americans are refusing to take the vaccine. People of color and young adults are concern about the side effects. There are common side effects, but nothing serious.

1. soreness in the Arm where the shot is given

2.a mild headache

3. Muscle and joint pain


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5. A low-grade fever

Millions have taken the Vaccine with no safety concerns. The vaccine prevents infection in 95% of the people. Many believes that the vaccine could affect them months and years later. One of the highest risk of getting the Coronavirus is not to get vaccinated.

Another reason is because some says don't know what is inside the vaccine, and it was done too quickly. One of the question we must ask ourselves is what is in the things we indulge in daily.

Most Americans don't know what's in the process food we eat daily, the medication we take or the beverage we drink. People are dying every day because of the stains of the Covid-19, and people are questing the ingredients in the vaccine. Some young adults don't care that the Covid-19 is killing other people, they feel they are invincible to the COVID-19.furthermore,some believes that the Covid-19 is overrated and not a major threat.

Most of them will tell you they are not afraid to die,they have to die from something. Those are just bogus words. At the being of the pandemic, the elderly was a target for this deadly virus. The elderly buckle down and did what they were supposed to do. Most of them rolled up their sleeves and took the vaccine without fear. The most fear was to get vaccinated and get the Covid-virus. Most patients in hospitals range from the age of 20-40 and has not been vaccinated. Some are still reluctant to taking the vaccine. Even thought, they are suffering from a strain of the delta virus. The delta variant is more dangerous and contagious than all other strains of the variants. It's time to stop, think and get vaccinated to save maybe your life and others around. As of now there is no cure for Covid-19, like so many other diseases, it is controllable.

President Joe Biden has done what he said he was going to do, and that is to make Vaccines available to every American. It's up to the people to use common their senses and get vaccinated


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on September 21, 2021:

I am a victim of the coronavirus. My stay in the hospital will be something I will never forget. Each and everyday one fight hard to survive not knowing what the outcome will be. The sound of nurses and doctors running down the hallways answering to code blue, some time the patient does not make it. The coronavirus is the last thing that anyone would ever want to experience. JMD#

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