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Solution for PCOD


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Are you tired of PCOD? Have you searched the whole internet trying to find a solution for it? If that's true, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll learn how to get rid of your PCOD forever in just 3 months. First you'll understand the root cause of PCOD. In the second part you'll learn a 5-step PCOD reversal plan, following which your periods will become regular automatically

It's hard to believe that PCOD can be eliminated, right? I didn't believe it either I was only 13 years old when they detected 6 huge cysts in my ovaries. For 6 months, I wouldn't get normal periods, half the hair on my head were gone, my weight kept on increasing no matter how much I exercised.

I had tried every gynaecologist, every dermatologist, every medication, but the disease kept growing. But then I found a path that allowed me to reverse my PCOD forever without any medication in just 3 months. All the steps that I followed, I will be sharing with you. you'll find all the answers you are looking for. How to reduce your hairfall, how to get rid of facial hair, how to conceive easily, everything will be answered.

But first we must find out where this disease came from. If you ask your grandmother today - what is PCOD? This is what she'll tell you - "Oh! What new disease is this? I've never heard of it before" Did you know the disease your grandmother had never heard of before is now affecting every women today?

Why is this disease becoming so common? What is its root cause? It's very important to understand this - when we eat food that does not come directly from Mother Nature, packaged, bottled, snacks, biscuits, noodles, namkeen, chips, bread, ketchup, tea, coffee, tinned, boxed food. All these foods stick to the walls of our intestines like glue and create waste inside our bodies.

From the inside, your intestines look something like this - there are thosands of finger-like projections called villi. These villi absorb anything that is stuck on the walls of your intestines. If there's waste stuck on them, then they will absorb it and send it to your bloodstream. From there, this waste finds its way to the rest of your body. When this waste reaches your ovaries and takes the form of cysts, then we call it PCOD or PCOS.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. These cysts are just another name for this waste. Because of it, our ovaries are unable to function properly. Every month the egg fails to release, which leads to irregular periods. Not just this, when this same waste starts clogging your skin pores, then we start calling it pimples or acne. When the same waste accumulates in your body and makes it heavy, we start calling it excess weight or obesity. When the same waste makes your blood thick and heavy, and your blood can't travel to your head properly, and you start losing hair, then we call it hairfall .

The truth is your PCOD wasn't born in your ovaries but in your stomach. If you truly want to get rid of PCOD, then you have to clean your body from the inside. The body which is clean from the inside can never suffer from PCOD, pimples, hairfall, excess weight, or painful periods . It's important to know who the biggest enemy of your PCOD is.

Maybe this enemy is sitting inside your home right now. It is birth control pills. It is the same medicine often prescribed to PCOD patients to be taken daily for 21 days. Forget solving the problem, the problem just keeps on increasing. Come let's understand what these birth control pills do. The hormones that are forcibly given to these cows and cattle to fatten them up, exactly the same hormones are added to birth control pills.

Think about it deeply - why are these hormones given to the cattle? To increase their weight significantly so they can get more milk and meat from them So when we take these hormones, what happens to us? Obviously, even our weight increases. And then we wonder why are we putting on so much weight? Have we fallen to such a level today that what is forcibly given to cattle is what we buy and put inside our own body? But what do we take if not medication?

Here we'll be sharing 5 steps with you.

Follow them religiously. In just 3 months, you will see that your periods have automatically become regular. They will happen without fail every month. Without going to the gym, you will lose excess weight, facial hair will go hairfall will stop, the hair that you lost will grow back again, your skin will clear up and start glowing. You won't realize when your periods came and when they stopped. You will forget what period pain is like. And you will never happen to spend lakhs of rupees on expensive treatments like IVF. So come, let's move onto our 5-step PCOD reversal plan. Do you know Mother Nature has sent 5 powerful angels for you? 5 powerful healing angels who will help get rid of your PCOD forever. Come, let's meet each angel one by one.

First angel

Angel of Space. Space means emptiness. A healthy body must have empty space, which means an abundance of the space element. Empty space inside your intestines, blood vessels, between cells. But when our body becomes full of waste, the angel of space gets no room to live inside us. And so, it leaves our body.

Remember, the more space you have inside your body, the faster you will erase your PCOD. How do we create the space element inside our body? Through 16 hour fasting. Basically, this is a way of fasting that is easily adaptable for our modern lifestyles. What should you do? Every day, you must give a 16 hour break to your body. Don't eat anything for 16 hours. If you have dinner at 7 pm, then have your breakfast only at 11 am the next day. If you have dinner at 6 pm, then have breakfast at 10 am the next day Why? Because your body can do only one thing properly at a time – either digest your food or clean the waste inside.

When we keep eating the whole day, then our body gets busy with digestion 24 hours a day. It doesn’t get any time to clean. But thanks to 16-hour fasting, your body gets some time to do its cleaning work. During 16 hour fasting, every corner of your body is cleansed. The ovaries in your cysts start dissolving, periods start becoming regular, The waste inside starts coming out, blood starts becoming clean, skin starts getting clear and free of old spots. Let's understand fasting with an example.

Imagine there’s a road which has cars running day and night. If you have to do any cleaning work in the middle of the road, then what do you have to do first? You have to stop the cars. It’s not possible to do the cleaning work while the cars are running. Ditto same happens inside your body. If you want to do deep cleaning inside your body, then you have to stop the cars – you have to stop the food for a few hours every day.

If we really want to get rid of PCOD, then we can't do it without fasting. If you want to take fasting to the next level, you can also do once a week fasting . You can pick any day of the week and have only coconut water or vegetable juices that day. If you find this difficult, the second option is to fast only on fruits. Just avoid having any grain meal or cooked food once a week.

In winters, you can also do a soup fast. Have light soups the whole day. By fasting from time to time, waste that has accumulated inside for years starts leaving the body. You start getting empty space inside your body, and the angel of space gets room to live inside your body again.

Second angel

The Angel of Air . What do you think? which of these things are the most dangerous for your PCOD? Alcohol, cigarette, donut, burger? Yes, they are all really bad for you, but you already know it and already trying your best to limit them. It is something we use so often that we don't even recognize how it is slowly killing our body.

The real culprit is your chair. We're living a lifestyle that simply jumps from one chair to another the whole day. from the bed, we sit on the toilet seat, then sit at the table for breakfast, then sit in our car to get to office, sit in the office chair while working the whole day while taking a break only to sit on the toilet seat again or sitting and eating at the cafetaria then we again sit in our cars to go back home, recline back into our sofas to watch TV, and go back to sleep again. If we don't exercise in fresh air, don't breathe deeply, don't move our body, then the angel of air starts leaving our body.

By sitting the whole day, our ovaries and reproductive organs get no movement at all. They start rotting inside your body. And slowly they stop functioning completely. To break free from this sitting disease, you must take out at least 40 mins a day for exercise. The best exercise for PCOD is jogging. Because it brings movement to your ovaries. They twist and turn, and the toxins stuck inside to start getting eliminated.

If you can't jog, start walking instead, and add 5 mins of jogging to it. And slowly, increase it to 15 mins of jogging Or you can do any of your favourite exercise - dance, yoga, jumping, cycling - whatever you love Just remember one thing - always breathe deeply when you exercise so that the angel of air can enter your body. Instead of gyms and closed spaces, exercise in the open air in sunlight and wear thin cotton clothes while exercising.

By doing this, you will automatically get the benefit of sunbathing as well Apart from that one-hour exercise, the more exercise you incorporate throughout the day, the faster you will get rid of your PCOD. If you have to choose between taking the lift or taking the stairs, take the stairs. Where you can go walking, go walking Whenever you get a call, get out of your chair and take a walk while talking on the phone.

While working, get out of your chair and take 5 min breaks to do jumping jacks or squats. One more thing - if you have any tight-fitting undergarments or pants, throw them away right now Because they put a lot of pressure on your reproductive organs. If your clothes leave a mark on your skin when you remove them, then understand that they are really tight for your body and were disturbing the functioning of your organs inside the body.

So in summary, to get this angel of air, you must exercise in fresh air for at least 40 mins every day and avoid sitting as much as you can. Come, let's meet our next angel. Can you guess who is this angel? This angel knocks on your door every day .

Third Angel

The Angel of Sunlight. Now think about how our ancestors had such a deep connection with the Sun. How much time they spent in the light of the sun And we spend months inside our closed rooms without any sunlight touching our skin. Disease will surely come to us.

Because Mother Nature has not designed our body to live without sunlight. So how should we take sunlight? By sunbathing. Simply lie down under the light of the sun for 20 mins every day. When should you do it? In the morning or evening, not during the harsh afternoon sun. You can sunbathe 2 hours after sunrise.

Remember – you need the light of the sun, not the heat of the sun. You can do it in the afternoon sun only in the winters because the light of the sun is not that harsh. How long should you do it for? Approximately 20 mins. For 10 minutes, expose the front part of your body to the sunlight, And for the next 10 minutes, expose the back part of your body to sunlight.

What should you wear? Minimal clothing. If you want to wear them, then wear thin white cotton clothes. It's best to not wear any other clothes at all. If it's even a little warm outside, you can cover your head with a thin white cotton cloth. If possible, expose your private parts to sunlight as well. This will help you get even more benefits of sunlight.

While sunbathing, you can do any other work - reading a book, studying, listening to a podcast. Now you may be thinking - but I don't have any private space in my home, how will I do sunbathing? If not at home, you can surely find a park outside. You can wear thin cotton clothes and go there for sunbathing. If this isn't possible, you can simply do a walking sun bath, or you can exercise in sunlight.

Apart from this, keep your windows open as much as possible so that the angel of sunlight can enter your home. Have your breakfast in the light of the sun. We have to re-establish our relationship with the Sun And yes, always express your gratitude to the Sun while sunbathing for sending this angel in your life. If there was no sunlight, could you imagine how our life would be? Come, let's meet our next angel

Fourth Angel

The Angel of Water. Angel of Water has brought 2 gifts for us - the first gift is Enema As we understood earlier, PCOD is born in our intestines. Until we don't clean our intestines, we can't get rid of our PCOD. Enema is a technique that involves holding water in your intestines for at least 5-7 mins. And slowly, slowly, this water starts pulling out all the old waste stuck inside. Then when you finally go to the bathroom to relieve yourself, you can see all this waste coming out of your body. If we don't remove this waste, then it will eventually reach our ovaries and form cysts

Don’t worry. Enema is absolutely safe and pain-free. You can do it in the comfort of your home in just 10 mins. When you start following this plan, you only have to take enema for the first 21 days. And after that, you should do it once a week or only when you need it. Angel of water has another gift for us - and that is Wet Pack.

Basically, you need to take a cotton cloth, dip it in cold water and wrap it around your abdomen, neck, and forehead. You need to wear it for approximately 30 mins. What happens when you apply a wet pack? By applying it, you are creating two different temperatures in your body . The parts where you have applied the wet pack become cold, while the rest of the body is warm. When you maintain two temperatures simultaneously, the blood circulation in your body increases. Along with our blood, the waste also starts circulating and gets ready to be eliminated from your body.

You should apply a wet pack every day for the first 3 months of starting this plan once in the morning and once in the evening. After 3 months, you don’t need to apply it every day. You apply it only when you need it . It's very important to understand and follow these processes correctly.

Come, you can clean your body with the help of the Angel of Space, Air, Fire, and Water very well But along with this, you must also ensure that you don't pollute it again. For this purpose, Mother Nature has sent you one more Angel.

Fifth Angel

Angel of Earth. which has brought the gift of Satvic food for you. What is Satvic food? Our Vedas have given 4 principles to identify Satvic foods - in shortform, we call them LWPW. L means living food. Eat food that has life in it, such as vegetables, fruits, sprouts, grains. Dead food that is packaged, bottled, and boxed pollutes your body, creates cysts in your ovaries, and upsets your menstrual cycles.

W means wholesome. Eat food in the form Mother Nature gives it to us . White rice, wheat without the bran, white sugar, refined flour, sooji, these are all refined foods. Instead of this, eat brown rice, wheat with the bran, dates and jaggery .

P means plant-based. We should avoid all food that comes from animals – meat, fish, eggs, milk, or any milk products. Eat that which comes directly from plants. Every glass of milk contains a lot of hormones from the cow that go inside your body and upset your hormonal balance. Instead of this, have coconut milk. It is extremely nutritious and absolutely safe.

W means water-rich. That means we should eat food that is juicy as much as possible, food that is water-rich. Try juicing a cucumber and see how much juice you can get from it. Do you think you can ever get any juice by juicing a bread? No! Because it has no juice at all. Any food that fulfills all 4 principles means that it comes directly from Mother Nature. It has been cooked by the light of the Sun God, raised by the Wind God, it has been packed with many vitamins and minerals by Mother Nature. Don't worry! This food is not boring at all! We have created a Satvic Food Book for you, which includes everything from kulfi to cheesecake, tasty salads to ice-cream.

We have shared Satvic versions of all your favourite recipes. Come, let's discuss your new diet plan to get rid of PCOD. In the morning, start your day with fresh vegetable juice. The best is ash gourd juice. For breakfast, you can have a plate full of your favorite fruit. It is best to eat one fruit at a time. For lunch, you can have your grain meal, but remember - have less grain and more vegetables. For dinner, you can have soup or salad. If you want, you can also switch your lunch and dinner.

We have explained this plan in a lot more detail – One diet to cure every disease. Many of you ask us this question - will I be able to conceive easily in the future? Imagine a tree - if it doesn't get all the 5 elements of Mother Nature - earth, water, fire, air, and space, then it will start shriveling up, drying, its branches will stiffen up. In this state, will it be able to bear fruit? No! Because the lack of the 5 elements of Mother Nature has made it lose its fertility. That's exactly what happens inside our body. It takes a few days for the plant to lose its fertility, and a few years for our body to lose its fertility.

Whenever we don't get the 5 elements of Mother Nature, our body starts shriveling up from inside, starts drying out. In this state, how can it bear fruit, give life to a new being? When give our body access to the 5 elements of Mother Nature, then it will become fertile again. It will recover its ability to give life again. Going ahead, you will be able to conceive easily without spending any money on expensive fertility treatment.

And you know what the best part is? When your health is so good, then the health of your child will automatically be great. How to get these 5 elements? In the morning, freshen up first and then do your exercise in the fresh open air and take the blessing of the Wind God. End your morning exercise with 20 mins of sunbathing and take the blessing of the Sun God. Then apply your wet pack followed by using the enema. Through these 2 therapies, the water element is able to do some deep cleansing work in your body.

Follow the daily diet plan you have been given religiously. The food should come directly from Mother Nature. Then you will get the Earth element too. Most importantly, 16 hours fasting should be a part of your daily lifestyle, so that the Space element can always live inside you. After following this for just 3 months, you will see how your PCOD has been fully reversed - you will get periods on time every month, period pain will be history, and every symptom of PCOD will start fading away from your body .

To make this lifestyle practical, here are a few bonus tips for you. If your food routine ever goes off course, and you can't follow the food plan you have been given, then you can fast the next day . You can have juice, soup, or some light fruit the whole day. If you missed exercise one day, then you can do yoga in your room for half an hour. If you're feeling too lazy to prepare a Satvic meal, no problem You can simply cut and eat some fruits, and your Satvic meal is ready for those lazy times

If you're wondering whether your family will understand what you're doing or not, look - maybe they won't understand your decision in the beginning, But the best thing to do is to surprise them. Come, let's discuss some important questions that are still on your mind. First question - what is the cure for my hairfall? Hairfall happens when our blood becomes polluted with toxins, which makes it thick and heavy and prevents it from reaching our head . When the blood circulation stops here, then we start losing hair.

When we start following the steps given above, our blood will automatically get cleaned. When it gets cleaned, it will become lighter and will be able to circulate more easily. Hairfall will automatically stop. The hair you've lost will grow back again. The shampoos you use must be as natural and chemical-free as possible. When you buy shampoos, buy only paraben-free and sulphate-free shampoos . Paraben and Sulphate are chemicals that are added by almost every company to extend their shelf life And these chemicals steal both the life and shine from your hair.

Next question - what do I do about my facial hair? When your body is clean from the inside, then the hormonal balance will automatically be right. Male hormones will decrease, and slowly, your facial hair growth will go down . Until then, you can use some natural scrubs like rubbing a paste made with gram flour and water on your face 3-4 times a week. Just give it some time. Laser hair removal is not natural and creates a lot of problems going ahead.

Last question - can I stop all my medication? When you start following this lifestyle, there won't be any need for medication anymore. Living a medicine-free life is our goal. But before doing this, please consult with your doctor. share it with all your friends and family members who are suffering from PCOD today.

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