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How to Cut Down Social Media Procrastination Time?

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Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tiktok, etc., are the keywords of today's world, from the teenagers to the adults. But when did this all happen? Why has Social Media become so addictive?

You are in a classroom and you see students on their phones, you hang out with a friend and you catch her looking at her phone every couple of minutes, you go to the library and you see someone writing on their phone, you go.. No matter where you go, because behind every door you push, there is someone who is writing on their phone. You do this too, everywhere you can, every time you can, whether you are bored or waiting for somebody. Selfies, liking, status sharing, no one can escape this today.

Even a friend of mine, who is 21 now and never has created a Facebook account since the Facebook boom, signed up for it 5 days ago. I was a little surprised to see her friend request in my field because I thought that she resisted the urge to have a Facebook profile during the years when everybody was talking about it. Yet, she couldn't help but sign up for it. In fact, she closed her account in a couple of days, but that doesn't change anything. Social media is addictive!


But why?

Why? People have always loved sharing what they do; before it was on the phone, explaining others what they did, what present they got, etc. Now there is a photo. A photo speaks a million words. They want to be the subject in a conversation, they want to be in the lenses of others, and others want to be in their lenses too. You can't talk to everybody, and not everybody wants to talk to you. But all of us loved it when Facebook, and then Instagram came to create the possibility to tell every single body, even to the people in the other side of the world, what were you up to. No more long phone calls, just a photo and everything is set!

However, that is not the only reason. The other one is to show how happy you are, how beautiful your life is, what kind of present you got, what are you wearing, how much money you own, how many crazy parties you attend, how many friends you have, etc. This behavior connects with another trait of human's personality: bragging!

Social media created the perfect solid ground to brag around and be happy about it! It created the perfect ground to show another part of you, that is not quite true, but that makes you feel happy and fulfilled anyway.

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How Social Media can ruin everything?

  • Fame doesn't equal happiness.
  • Maybe the main reason why fame is overrated is that it does not ensure the happiness that you might be searching for. Deep down these things are only material and fame still cannot guarantee emotional well being and satisfaction.
  • Growing up in the eyes of the public.. And mouths. - Everything you do, whether good or bad, will be monitored and scrutinized by the wider public. You would imagine that this constant scrutiny could be extremely draining for a person.
  • Always having to put on a smiley face.
  • Having to project a false version of yourself rather than who you really are in the moment can have a heavy toll on your attitude.
  • Bad behavior happens. - People applause the one that seem to be the strongest, that breaks the law, that seems like he/she doesn't care. This makes you start to lose manners and it does not look good in the long run.
  • Role model expectations. - You feel like you are a role model sometimes, or you like to play it like one. The expectation and pressure to always have to consider public opinion before you do something, can be extremely exhausting and draining.
  • You are mocked for every tiny mistake.
  • A fashion mistake, dining at the wrong place, an irritated answer, a bit of cellulite... - The Internet will never let you forget it!
  • Pressure to always look your best
  • What an exhausting and an overrated way to have to live life!

Life is not always fun and sunshine, there are some cloudy days too. There is Instagram though to show a smile in your face when you were crying two minutes ago. There is Facebook to share a meaningful quote to seem like the strong happy person you are. There is whatsapp and viber to pour all your feelings too, and emoticons in case writing don't work.

Social media has created the perfect ideal world where everybody could live happily ever after. It is an addiction, and as every addiction, it is bad for your health!!

You are literally fooling yourself about how marvelous your life is and how beautiful other's life is. A circle filled with lies, that can really make you feel blue and sad. The truth is far more complicated than those quotes, or photos. Once a girl made up a whole summer holiday traveling Europe with the help of photoshop! She would download photos of different cities from Google, photoshop herself in them and shared them on social sites. Her friends were jealous of her, but in fact, she stayed at her home all those days. The girl made this all up for a project she had at school. The project was for Social Media effects on people.

What's the Social Word?What does it really mean?


`You live in the era of Kim and her sisters. The era when selfies are the way to set the features of a beautiful face, or body, but not you. You want to be that, you want to be the idol, so you beautify your face with the zillions app you keep downloading on your smartphone. The result? Sometimes it's a more brighter, smoother face, but most of the time, you can't recognize yourself anymore. Give it up! Be simple, be you!


It can be plane tickets, movie tickets, concert tickets, the tickets to a party you were not invited, the tickets to the heaven you can't afford. It affects you by making you feel like you are really small, not important, but for the matter of fact you are! You have the tickets of possibilities! Knock their doors!


Perfumes, Designer's Clothes and Victoria's Secret. They make your world go around, but they can't buy you everything, they are not everything. A great actor has said: "I hope everybody has whatever material thing he wants to, so he can understand that's not all life is about."

Start to break down the habit, and try to apply mindfulness, thus being present in the moment. Make it a priority to pay attention to the moment.

  1. If you are having coffee with a friend, don't check your phone.
  2. If you are at the library, check for a good book to read.
  3. If you are at school, pay attention to the teacher.
  4. If you are at a party, dance.

You can always take photos and post them later, when you are resting, or check your mail in the evening.

Make it a priority to live your life here and now, social sites have nowhere to go, they are there updating all the time, so you'll never lose anything big, if you don't check every couple of seconds! Be true to you and happy of who you are or what you have.

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