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So You Thought That Money Can Buy Everything: Think Again

Self improvement is an ongoing process throughout the journey of life. Chitrangada likes to share her beliefs and experiences to help others

Can money buy everything?

Can money buy everything?

Money is important in life, but can it buy everything?

An interesting debate was going on among a group of young friends, while I was travelling in the Delhi Metro.

Fresh graduates, just out of their college and in search of jobs, with so many dreams in their mind and some experience of life, which 'they' thought was 'lot of experience.'

The subject of discussion was of course, how to earn big--big amount of salary, and be wealthy and happy.

With no offence to the young minds, it made me think---'Why don't they understand that money cannot buy everything?'

It‘s only when we reach a certain age like mine, that we realise that our whole life has been spent upon earning money, more money and spending even more money, than we have earned.

But perhaps happiness is still far away from us.

Money can't buy happiness

Money can't buy happiness

Money can provide security, but that is no guarantee for happiness

When I say this, that does not mean, one should not make effort, to earn lot of money.

After all, who wants to be poor!

Poverty is a curse, and no one should be deprived of the basic necessities of life, that is food, shelter and clothing.

Many World leaders and celebrities, have grown up in poor households, with great hardships. But given a choice, would they want to go back to their past life experiences?

Obviously not!

Many people, who are financially sound today, have worked hard to achieve whatever success they have earned, to accumulate money. But, the main purpose of life should not be, to accumulate money.

We should have enough money, needed for our survival.

Can money buy happiness?

Can money buy happiness?

There are certain things, which money can’t buy

1. Love and affection

Have you heard of some old folk stories, where a king lived in a grand, majestic palace, but was so lonely, because there were no loved ones, to shower love and affection to him.

These stories are not uncommon even today. I have seen both young and old alike, longing for that affectionate hug, a supporting pat on the back, from a loved one.

They may be living in big magnificent bungalows, and expensive houses, but they may be deprived of the love and affection, of some close family or friends.

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Can money provide them these pleasures of life?

2. Mental peace and emotional calmness

Peace is something, that cannot be bought by the money.

Peace can be cultivated, through your own effort, through your own thought process.

We must accept the good and the bad happenings, of our lives and think in a positive way; and that is the only way to achieve mental peace and emotional stability.

We may spend vast amount of money, as individuals and organisations, in the name of ‘peace.’ But, there is no evidence, that these vast sums of money, have been able to achieve ‘peace.’

Can money buy time?

Can money buy time?

Money can’t buy Time


How many times have you wished, 'I wish, I had more time.’

The countdown of our life begins, from the very moment, when we are born.

Can money change this?

Can we buy, some more days to live?

Can we turn the clock backwards, to change some of the unpleasant moments of our life?

No, we cannot do any of these things, even if we were millionaires.

No amount of money, can extend the lifespan, in spite of so many advanced medical treatments and discoveries.

The richest people, may spend countless amount of money, for their health issues; but they can only delay, but not avoid the end of life.

You cannot buy everything by money

4. Health and prevention from diseases

We often say that "Health is wealth"

This implies that we must maintain and take care of our natural health, by means of healthy lifestyle, proper and healthy food, adequate physical activities, exercises and Yoga, so that we do not fall ill or suffer from diseases.

While it is true, that it is the money that can buy expensive medicines, healthcare or health insurance, it cannot replace natural good health.

Remember, that natural healthcare does not cost you anything.

5. Intelligence, knowledge and talent

There are many examples of great thinkers, philosophers, scientists and learned men who were not rich enough, to pursue even their studies. But they had the talent and earned further knowledge, with whatever means they had. In this way, they have set examples for the mankind.

Spending money on education is important and parents do their best, to educate their children. But the information that the children accumulate, the elements of their intelligence and their wisdom, cannot be purchased with money.

The abilities, which we possess in our mind and body, may be called natural talent. Money can certainly help, to develop or fine tune a talent, but it cannot buy talent.

Some people are born with certain skills, and some can be nurtured, but the various skills cannot be bought with money.

Money can’t buy happiness.

Money can’t buy happiness.

To Sum up this discussion:

  • Many readers might disagree with the above discussion, that money cannot buy everything.
  • Even I believe that money is important, and we must have enough money, to live a comfortable life.
  • We must understand, that while money can help you buy a house, but you, yourself can make it a happy home, with your love and care, for all your loved ones.
  • It is your behaviour in that house, that can build strong and affectionate relationships, to last for a lifetime.
  • Similarly money can buy a clock for you, but you have to learn time management, and be organised in your life.
  • We must value time and fulfil our Worldly responsibilities, to attain mental peace and a feeling of satisfaction, that cannot be bought with money.
  • We must keep in mind, that we are not here forever.
  • We can buy books, but we have to work hard to earn knowledge and education, so that later on, you are able to achieve a position, and respect for yourself and be useful to the society.
  • Therefore, money is necessary to make us happy, to feel safe and secure financially, but it is not everything, one should desire for.

Money song, source: You tube

Money can't buy everything, source: You tube

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Chitrangada Sharan


Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 13, 2020:

Thank you Chrish, for reading the article and sharing your thoughts on this subject. I am glad that my article got an affirmation from a young mind like you.

In fact, it was the conversation of some young people, which prompted me to write this.

The parents should bring up their children, in a balanced way. So that the children, when grown up, value money, as well as other things in life.

Thank you and a happy day to you.

Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on October 13, 2020:

Great day Ms Sharan:-)

I wholly agree with you!

As 22 years old im grateful I'm not the type of person who think that way (thanks to my parents) they always remind me that

"money is an addiction in disguise"

It offers so much in our material world it helps a lot! But if you're finding the true meaning and or happiness in life money can never offer these to you and you'll end up wasting your life. I love reading such useful debates! Thanks Ms Sharan :-) I hope you have an awesome day!!!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 13, 2020:

Thank you Lora, for your insightful and thoughtful comments.

I agree with you completely. I am sure this Pandemic has taught important lessons of life to many—how to value the little things in life, like love of the close ones, spending quality time with them, compassion, food etc. To value and honour those who selflessly work for you. The luxuries of life, do not have any meaning, if one is not paying attention to their own health and fitness, as well as the health of their children and elderly.

Appreciate your positive thoughts and feedback. Much love and appreciation, for always supporting my work. Thank you so much.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 13, 2020:

Thank you so much BRENDA, for reading and appreciating this article. I had published this article about five years ago, but the message that I wanted to convey is applicable at all times. It’s a universal truth, for anyone, anywhere.

Yes of curse, we do need money for our survival, and our daily needs. But there are so many things, for which we don’t need to be rich monetarily.

Appreciate your kind comments and support. Wish you happiness, and the best of everything.

Lora Hollings on October 13, 2020:

No, money can't buy true happiness, health, nor extra time. You do need money for the necessities of life and sometimes to take a little vacation or to go to a restaurant and it's always nice to have a little extra to buy gifts at special times of the year for those that we hold dear. And I love to buy treats and toys for my pets, so it's nice to have a little extra.

But, we really don't need to be wealthy or have a lot to be happy. Look at the lives of many lotto winners. Most of them say that their lives really went south after they won all that money! Many of their friends deserted them and later, they regretted winning it in the first place. Kids of wealthy parents, often end up on drugs and frequently have problems finding meaning in life and end up leading very unhappy or even tragic lives. Ask many people who have a lot of money and they will tell you it is overrated!

"Money can't buy you love," as the Beatles song goes. Nor can it buy you self-respect, integrity, compassion, honesty, or virtue, and the list goes on. There seems a lot it can't buy!

Finding a career that gives your life meaning, and feeling good about what you're doing and the way you live your life, and having true friends are really what makes you happy. Wonderful article with a great message for people to really think about. Maybe as a result of this pandemic, more people will think about their priorities in life. What does it matter, in the end, if you make a lot of money but never have the time to spend with your spouse or your children?

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 12, 2020:


This is a wonderful article.

Money can not buy everything. It definitely can not buy yourself more time.

I say that alot...i wish I had more hours in the day but it never seems to work.

Money is nice to have though. No one wants to be poor.

As long as I can pay my bills and splurge every now & then I am content.

Thanks for sharing.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on March 10, 2018:

Thank You Thelma, for reading and sharing your thoughts on this article!

I am glad you liked the subject and the content of this hub. You are right, being rich and famous doesn’t mean they are happy.

Thanks again!

Thelma Alberts from Germany on March 10, 2018:

So true. We heard about those rich and famous people who commited suicide. They had everything except happiness in life. Money is not everything in life indeed.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 07, 2017:

Thanks Dianna for your wonderful comments!

I agree with your last line and this thought comes to many in the later phase of life.

Many thanks for appreciation and your continued support. Have a blessed day!

Dianna Mendez on October 07, 2017:

Wise words on the money attitude. You cannot buy peace and happiness with it, although some would argue differently. In the end, how we lived our purpose to help others is what matters. Blessings, dear lady!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 07, 2017:

Thanks Peg for reading and commenting on this article!

I am glad you agree with the thoughts mentioned in this hub.

Appreciate your kind visit and wise words.

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on October 06, 2017:

All these are good points that we learn with maturity and age if we pay attention. Money can't buy happiness, that's so true. And money sure can't buy love. It can't buy us more time when our life is over.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on June 19, 2017:

Thank You Rajan Ji for reading and commenting!

I agree with your views. It's important to be happy and keep others happy. To be content and satisfied can lead to happiness! The sooner we realise this the better.

Thank You!

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on June 19, 2017:

Very true. Materialism is having a field day today but being healthy, having peace of mind, a loving family and good friends is more important than lots of money which sadly can't buy you these.

Unfortunately, for many this realization comes after a lot has been lost.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on February 18, 2016:

Thank you Rajan ji, for reading and commenting on this hub!

I am glad you found it useful. I agree with your opinion.

Thank you!

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on February 17, 2016:

You are very right. Money can never buy peace, time ,health and a lot many other things. True, it is important to have enough to deal with one's needs but should not be thought of as the be all and end all of everything.

Useful hub.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on December 09, 2015:

Thank you word55, for your kind words of appreciation! Glad you liked the hub!

God bless you and have a great day!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on December 09, 2015:

Thank you MarleneB, for your kind words of wisdom! I agree with you that those who have love and happiness in their lives are the richest persons.

Glad you liked the message! Thanks and have a good day!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on December 09, 2015:

Thank you vespawoolf, for your kind visit and valuable comments! Glad you liked the hub.

Al Wordlaw from Chicago on December 08, 2015:

Excellent hub CS! Thank you!

Marlene Bertrand from USA on December 08, 2015:

I absolutely agree with you. While money can buy a lot of things, it can't buy the things that people want and desire the most, like love and happiness.

Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on December 08, 2015:

It's true that we need miney to live, but money dosn't buy happiness. Thank you for this reminder!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on December 02, 2015:

Thank you Peggy W, for your kind visit and appreciation! Your comments say it all . Well said! Thanks and have a good day!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 01, 2015:

Once basic necessities are met plus a little for is so much more than just focusing on making money. The older I get the more I realize that the best memories often have little to do with money. You did a good job with handling this subject.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 24, 2015:

Thank you MsDora, for reading and sharing your valuable opinion! I am glad you liked the subject of this hub.

Sometimes people living in expensive homes with huge bank balance are the most depressed people while those not so fortunate to have all the luxuries of life are the happy ones.

Thank you again for commenting!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 23, 2015:

So true! We need to be reminded of this quite often because we tend to get distracted from the things that really matter and run after things that we can show off. Your article shows that sometimes what's in the wallet is useless.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 14, 2015:

Hi Deb!

What a wonderful positive comment! Being grateful for the life is most important . And to think what more can we contribute on our part, to the society is even more important.

Thank you for reading this hub and sharing your thoughts. Have a great day!

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on November 08, 2015:

I have a place to live, food, clothing, and my health. I require nothing more. My wealth and joys are in nature, teaching others about same, and I reap the bounty of this. Through teaching, the Keystone XL will not come through the area, at least in this administration. Much has also been fostered in the wildlife arenas, and people are gaining wisdom daily. There is still much to be done, and we are certainly on our way. For being a part of this, I am most grateful.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 08, 2015:

Thank you manatita, for your kind visit and valuable comments!

I am glad you liked the hub. As you say it, there is no end to desires.

Have a great day!

manatita44 from london on November 07, 2015:

Yes, Chitrangada, there is no end to desires, and one attempts to use money to buy everything. Until we begin to speak of Yoga philosophy, that is. The school for this invaluable course is different and can only be reached with inner longing.

Nice Hub and your approach to creating awareness. Have a great weekend.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 06, 2015:

Thank you Ericdierker, for your insightful comments!

Going by your writings, I am sure you truly understand and agree with the subject matter of this hub.

Thank you for stopping by!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 05, 2015:

Sometimes I think that I am as happy as I can be. Then my wife tells me to get to work because she isn't. LoL Wonderful article of a absolute truth.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 05, 2015:

Thank you Missy Smith, for reading and commenting on this hub!

I am glad you liked the hub.

And thank you for adding your valuable opinion with regard to this topic.

Have a good day!

Missy Smith from Florida on November 04, 2015:

You are right Chitrangada, it is with time that we learn these lessons. I think most of us do, anyway. Some still remain greedy sadly, but if you mature the right way, your brain matures along with you, right?

This was a very good article, and made many valid points. Good Job!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 02, 2015:

Thank you Venkatachari ji, for your kind comments!

You are so right that it is the human values that make us happy and content. Money is important for the needs of life but it cannot buy happiness and pleasures of life.

Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 02, 2015:

Thank you Dana Tate, for reading and commenting on this hub!

Wise words from you on this subject. When I read about certain list about the 'World's richest persons' and lists similar to that, I wonder how do they manage! In any case no one is going to carry all the money when we leave this World. Better to do something for the needy and poor, if we have surplus and that sure will make us happy and peaceful.

Thank you so much for your support!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 02, 2015:

Thank you PAINTDRIPS, for your kind visit and insightful comments!

My views are very much similar to yours. I want to have only that much that I can manage and handle.

Thank you again and have a good day!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 02, 2015:

Thank you Devika, for sharing your thoughts!

I agree that money is a necessity and we do need money to lead a respectable life. But we should avoid obsession of money.

Thank you for your comment and support as always.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 02, 2015:

Thank you billybuc, for reading and commenting on this hub!

Your writings express your experiences quite effectively and I believe those who have been at both ends, value money like no one else.

Thanks for your kind words of appreciation and support!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on November 02, 2015:

Thank you Buildreps, for your kind visit and valuable thoughts!

I completely agree with you that education is the basic necessity of life to attain consciousness and understand who we really are and what is the purpose of life. And that is why we need money. Money is good till it is 'need' but it should not become 'want' or 'desire.'

Loved your quote as well. Thank you so much for commenting!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 31, 2015:

Thank you Jodah, for reading and commenting on this hub! Glad you liked the subject and the message. As you say money can make life easier but cannot ensure happiness.

Thank you for your constant support!

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on October 30, 2015:

Very much informative and educative article. Money is important in life, but it can not be everything for your goals. There are so many more important values and relationships of life which should be treasured also.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful message.

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on October 30, 2015:

We are taught to chase money from the time we are old enough to understand the value of it. We don't know the truth that sometimes more money brings more problems. Money is a wonderful thing to have; but it can be burdensome if there is no wisdom behind it.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on October 30, 2015:

I have found when we had more we worried more, had more bills to pay and hustled more to keep it all together. Now we have less and worry less and are free to stroll through our day. I'm happier. Thanks.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on October 30, 2015:

Money is a necessity and I always state that money can't buy love, happiness and health. A well-thought of hub.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 30, 2015:

I've been on both ends of the financial spectrum and I know without a doubt I was happier when I didn't have money. Wonderful words here, my friend, and great truths.

Buildreps from Europe on October 30, 2015:

Nicely written article on this issue. Money cannot buy everything. Anyone who claims otherwise is in a state of absolute unconsciousness. You stated it perfectly that we afterall only need food (and water), shelter and clothing. I would like to add education. Everything on top of that won't really contribute to consciousness of what we really are, and why we are here. Like Teilhard du Chardin said so perfectly: "We are no human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on October 30, 2015:

A wonderful hub, with a very important message. Money does make life easier but it doesn't ensure happiness and can't buy immortality. Love the videos too. Thanks for sharing.

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