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So, Are You Using Your Phone or Your Phone Is Using You?

The thing that fits in your jeans pocket is so dangerous. It's time to make it less effective. Let's specify your smartphone usage.

Social Media, side effects, spam, technology, mind, addiction

Social Media, side effects, spam, technology, mind, addiction

  • Keep track of what you do on daily basis on your smartphone and learn to manage your time on your phone.

The last decade made many revolutionary changes in human life. The most effective one was making your smartphone your assistant. In many ways, your smartphone appears to be very useful, but on average, a person spends most of his free time on the phone doing nothing productive. We use smartphones for productivity, information, and entertainment. But how would you classify your daily usage? How would you measure or limit your usage? How would you know what will help you and what will not?

There are some ways to do it. You can do it on the thing that maybe you have held in your hands right now — your smartphone

Check Statistics of Smartphone Usage

  • A feature that everyone should use

Every smartphone comes with an operating system. Android and iOS are the popular ones. In Android, you got a ‘Digital Wellbeing’ feature that can resolve this concern. In iOS, it’s called Screen Time. You can find this feature in the Setting menu of both types of Operating Systems or you can directly search for it in the Setting. This will give a report or statistics of your daily usage.

Such as how many apps do you daily visit, and which are your most-used apps? how much time do you spend on which app? etc. You can also get average usage by week and month. This will give you an idea that where you’re spending your time. It’s totally upon you to decide what you should do on your smartphone but once you gather knowledge about the usage you should classify your time for better use of it.

The Thing that I would do — Limit my most-used apps — the most-used app in my case Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter will be limited to a certain time like an hour or two. Set app timer for most overused apps. It will automatically shut the app once it reaches the limit you set up.

  • You should even limit some apps which are beneficial for you so you can protect yourself from eye illness.

Once you got your command on your smartphone you should make a routine to use your daily Apps. Don’t spend hours on a single app as it will make you sit for so long and sitting for a long time will make you lazy. People who work at corporate have adopted this habit unconsciously.

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Many App Development Companies are well aware of human behavior. They are much focused to build apps with some measurements to increase consumers' attention. For example, Instagram’s Reels is formatted in full-screen portrait mode with a scrolling interface so that people could feel more convenient spending time on the app. The same thing applies to the rest of the similar apps out there. Don’t let yourself get tricked again.

Use Focus Mode

Both Android and iOS have this built-in option. Which prevents all kinds of distractions. It kills all your reach to play with the phone except for necessary apps like calls, SMS, and some selected apps. Instead of switching off the device, you can use focus mode. This will be helpful when you need something very important to be done but your procrastination at its finest. You have to locate this option in the setting and turn it on. Either you can preset a specific time or you can turn it off when you’re done.

  • Do not disturb (DND)

It’s similar to the focus mode that I have explained above. This feature comes with one more advantage that you can select which app or service should be available while DND is activated and which should not.

Take a Break from using Addicted Apps

In case you do Mobile Gaming every day for hours or you spend most of the time on any specific app you should take a break to give rest to your brain and eyes. Your body is not evolved for sitting. So How would you prevent this from happening?

Gaping a day would work. Gaming is good for the mind to relax for a while but it should be limited. If gaming is your career then it’s fine but still, one should also better care for health. Make sure when you’re seated on a chair your body shouldn’t be leaned forward like a 90-year-old grandma. Find a comfortable pedestal that doesn’t prick your back and in which your backbone is tensed and standing straight.

You can use these features too

  • Dark Mode and Eye Shield Filter -

    These two features will help your eyes to look at the phone’s screen without having irritation. Find these options by pulling down the notification panel.

There is a myth that if you bought a phone it becomes yours and you control it. You think you are the boss but you are not. Smartphone companies and Digital World is making you do this. Use your smartphone for entertainment and also for productivity. Just maintain the balance. Take necessary steps that are important even if you found them boring. I am not saying to force yourself to do something but at least we should try to look for a better version of ourselves. This will help you to grow in the right direction. Not every day is for fun that’s why we got weekends.

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