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Smoking: What Is It Good For?

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Important Notice:

Writer's note: This is a very serious hub. No comedy in each word. And . . .in no way do I urge, promote, or tell you to go out and buy something (legal) to smoke. Smoking is below 'awful.' Remember this. Thanks, Kenneth.

This should replace the warning on packs that hve materials for smoking.

This should replace the warning on packs that hve materials for smoking.

This name should have already been stapled into our brains: C. Everett Koop. He was the United States Surgeon General who worked to prevent health issues caused from smoking. Koop's work continued from 1976 to 1989. And those warnings that he had printed on packs: Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that smoking can cause hazardous health

If we head to the beginning of smoking, quite frankly, it is believed that this awful habit started growing in the Americas circa 6,000 B.C.! American Indians started smoking in several d different ways--in religious as well as medicinal practices.
Smoking (then) was formerly-seen to be a cure-all, and used to treat wounds, plus used with a pain killer. Chewing was administered to relieve the pains of toothache. Circa Oct. 15, 1492,

Hate to be so cold, but certainly this was not the begining of "stupidity." I don't like this word, but the ideology that smoking anytime, was dangerous many years later as a severe danger to the health of any living thing. I am not soap-boxing, but getting it said once and for all. I'm very tired of hearing from various sources that smoking has not been proven to cause cancer. Yes. There are outside percentages of people who smoked for years and died healthy. Would you like to guess percentage of "liiving"as opposed to those who died from tobacco-smoking and chewing.?

Again, it is not my intention to play the monster here, but I have arrived at the time of if one person who is still smoking, and no matter the age, gets upset by this piece, then either quits or gets help to quit, then THIS one person chose a wise decision that will add to their healthier body and longer life, I had much rather have friends who formerly-smoke and even if they are temperamental, they are using their wisdom to leave smoking off and their life to on further.

The text inside this hub is important.

The text inside this hub is important.

I can remember at age six, two moments that helped to lead me to smoking. The first was when my parents gave me those candy cigarettes that could be bought from our Five and Dime Store. The "cigarettes" were soft white candy with red food dye on the end to symbolize red in the fire that sits on the end of the cigarette. My second signal that pointed the way for me to smoke was when my dad and brother-in-law would sit in front of our fireplace and when they finished their cigarettes they would toss them into the fire, but not all of the cigarette butts landed in the fire. I would run-up and grab them and "act" like I was smoking. Of course in the early 1950's, it wasn't wrong or illegal to smoke. Honest. But very seldom did you see women smoke. So in one way it was a social thing.

You could hang most of the blame on smoking by teens because smoking made them look cool and very adult. What a deception this was. Many of the teens were so addicted to the nicotine that they continued to smoke heavily in their adult years and paid a heavy price with their health and lives. I was the one who began smoking during my teen years and for the same reasons that I told you. And yes, I continued to smoke into my adult years.

I felt so fortunate when I was hired into our local newspaper because every employee from the boss down smoked. All except one high school girl who didn't smoke. Now I can see just how stupid that I was in those days when "I" thought that smoking was manly and even philosophical as the years went on.

I told you about my bout with smoking, but would you like to know what one cigarette contains? Just read:

⦁ Nicotine (the addictive drug that produces the effects in the brain that people are looking for)
⦁ Hydrogen cyanide Formaldehyde
⦁ Lead
⦁ Arsenic
⦁ Ammonia
⦁ Radioactive elements, such as polonium-210 (see below)
⦁ Benzene
⦁ Carbon monoxide
⦁ Nitrosamines (TSNAs)
⦁ Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
If you haven't started smoking, would these dangerous chemicals (made in each cigarette) look dangerous to you? Well they should. Because they are. And able to injure your health or help you to an awful death.

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Okay. Maybe I'm being too rough. Maybe I'm talking too loud and not being sensitive about others who still smoke, but still want to because of this shabby reason: "I like the taste." Okay. And I'm being a bit tolerant. Do the rest of those harmful chemicals (above) taste good to you? Come on. Tell the truth. What about those random chest pains? Or maybe I should ask, how many cigarettes do you smoke a day? Okay. How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke a day? I am no expert, but if you smoke two or more packs of cigarettes a day, then you are in trouble. You may be so addicted that you will need more than will power to stop this awful habit.

Don't look away.

Don't look away.

Will excessive smoking cause one's face to  have wrinkles?

Will excessive smoking cause one's face to have wrinkles?

Smoking has saw it's birth in the old west when cowboys and drovers, even outlaws, rolled their own cigarettes. From that cigarettes marched on to war with our "Dough Boys" and get this: The Red Cross helped pack each "Dough Boy's" back pack, personal things, and even a pack of cigarettes. No lie. I can prove this too. But in those days it was live today and do what you like and it it doesn't hurt or kill you, do it! Something like that.

Speaking of "Dough Boys," I wonder how many of these gallant American heroes marched back home and carrying a smoking habi tthat they carried on even to their jobs when they settled down. Smoking was a big deal in those major car plants in the late 50's. Like I said. People who smoked. Smoked. No questions asked. No third degree underneath the hot lights in a dark room away from people.

Shoot! I can readily-remember when my parents and I would visit one of our local restaurants to enjoy a meal and most of the eateries were near-capacity with diners smoking ,drinking coffee, and mostly smoking. Back then in the early 1950's, smoking was not frowned upon like it is is 2021. Some may argue that the ingredients used to make cigarettes back then were not as addictive as those of today.

The answer to his question is stall up in the air. All that I can tell you, and it's the truth, this "habit" is very addictive. And this habit is no way to have your life saddled with something else to keep up withi

The vast majority of Americans know already that this addictive habit is very unhealthy and can lead to death, but why go further?
I think that I've made my argument.

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