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Slow Down in Supply of Vaccine.


The NHS has warned there has been a significant drop in the supply of the vaccine. However, to counter this, Boris said there was enough ongoing supply, to meet targets for April. Next month is when Boris hopes to have all people in their 50s and with underlying illnesses, inoculated. I myself, am due for my jab on 5 April and then in June. Those who are in their 70s will be expecting their second dose, soon.

It has been reported that, due to fears of the Astra-Zenica vaccine, some have not turned up to their appointments. Professor Whitty has tried to put fears of this batch of the vaccine to rest. Saying there is nothing to worry about and everyone, should turn up to their appointments when they are invited. You can also, now, book your own appointments online or if you call 119.

It is clear, that Boris does not want bad news to ruin the good news of the roll-out of the vaccine and the numbers, taking it up. Boris always seems the optimist, which in a sense is good, but it could also lead to blind faith in this, ignoring any apparent glitches along the way.

May 17, the time when we can all mix indoors again is a worrying time for scientists. They say COVID infection will rise and they worry about the pace of the ending of lockdown. Even though, the government's timetable and roadmap of this lockdown seem to have had more thought put into it, this time.

This time the lifting of the current lockdown is a staggered system. Between each area of society, that opens up again such as schools now and shops on April 12, there is going to be allowed 5 weeks. 5 weeks to study to see how infection rates, deaths, etc, are going. Given how good or bad these results are, will determine if we go into the next phase of lifting lockdown. The plan is to lift all restrictions in June and while we appear to be on track with this, something could come along to disrupt this.

May 17, is also the date, when many of us will be hoping we can travel abroad. Holiday companies like 'TUI', are already advertising the delights of sunnier climes. It is understandable that holiday companies would be advertising. Like many industries, the holiday companies will have taken a financial hit and it has to be asked, how much, government loans are keeping them afloat?

The government though has sounded a sober warning about those of us wishing to holiday in the sun. For example, Europe is experiencing another wave of the COVID virus, the Kent variant which we have already, had.

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The EU compared to the UK, has an abysmal record of rolling out the vaccine. Based on fears about the Oxford-Astra Zenica, some countries like Germany, France, etc, suspended their rollout.

However, WHO and the European Medical Forum have declared the fears about blood clots as scaremongering. All health bodies have agreed there is nothing wrong with the Oxford-Astra Zenica vaccine. Therefore, many European countries have started the rollout again. Ursula Von Der Leyen, EU President, however, is threatening legal action against Astra-Zenica. Many would say from Von Der Leyens point of view, it is just sour grapes. Sour grapes because she is jealous of the UK and the splendid rollout of the vaccine and the takeup.

Some eastern EU nations have taken order and delivery of the Russian vaccine, Sputnik 19. According to 'RT' news service, this vaccine has a 90 % success rate. There are rumours that some western EU nations, maybe, thinking of ordering batches of Sputnik 19 too.

People, unfortunately, have been gathering again, either for parties or for protests. This will no doubt, (God forbid), send infection, death rates, soring again. The NHS has done a brilliant job of handling this crisis and has seen hospital admissions coming down, because of this lockdown. The last thing the NHS needs again is to be overwhelmed by a high admission of COVID inmates. Whether gatherings are illegal parties, for women being attacked, or to protest the new police powers (about controlling protests), these people are thoughtless.

The local elections in May may serve as a barometer as to how the people think Boris, has handled the crisis. Right now, because of the success of the rollout, Boris is riding high in the polls. This could all change, and Labour, despite cooperating with the government over many aspects of lockdown, will be looking to damage Boris.

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