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Get Slimmer Legs By Simply Walking

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Obtain slimmer leaner looks legs with a simple walking routine indoors or outdoors

We all know that walking improves muscle tone especially in the lower legs (calves). A 45 - 50 minute brisk walk can burn up to 300 calories for most people depending on their weight, build and size. Walking is a safe low impact exercise that can be easily incorporated into anybodies daily routine. 30 to 60 minutes of walking per day should be enough to get anybody into some form of shape.

However, it is not just simply walking, it is the way you walk that can affect the shape of your legs and the amount of fat that is burned. Especially your balance and posture which play a large role.

Let's have a look at some effective ways of walking to effectively shape your legs.

  • Holding your body

The best way is to be relaxed and upright so your center of gravity is in the middle. Many people either lean too far forward or too far back. This puts excessive stress on your joints and it won't allow correct conditioning of the legs muscles for a slimmer appearance. The shape of ones body can sometimes depend on the weight distribution and how they balance when they walk.

  • Avoid being flat footed

For every step your heel should touch the ground first and then roll smoothly on to your toes.This will help correct balance and absorb shock so your legs muscles can work to their maximum without interference. There are many flat footed people who risk injury and odd shaped legs from poor balance.

  • Watch your stride length

A lot of people think that increasing the stride length is the key for increasing walking pace. This will actually do you more harm that good. Over striding whilst walking can lean to ankle pain and even worse pain around the shins. Rather than increasing the stride length, it is better to walk with shorter and quicker strides for a fast walk. The power comes from your back legs so concentrate more on the pushing action rather than increasing your stride length.

  • Difficulty level

There is no need to walking further in order to burn more calories since that may take up too much time. The best thing to do in order to increase difficulty is simply walking up a slight gradient or walk on a soft surface e.g. sand. This is also like resistance training.

  • Using Poles or Support Sticks

This is a good way of increasing intensity and is very popular in Northern Europe. Similar to the exercise machine with the bars, you simply move the poles in the opposite direction to your legs. This allows and longer stride length with less risk of injury or stress on your hips and knees. Also due to the twisting action you also get a decent upper body workout for full body slimming training.

  • Counting steps

These day many people even use smart phones to count steps. There are numerous applications available that are able to detect each step. Heart experts say that an idea amount is around 10,000 per day. There are many smartphone applications that will count the steps for you.

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Walking indoors on the treadmill

The best way to start is to hold up both your chest and chin. Start the machine slowly and as mentioned before make sure you are not walking flat footed. Do not stomp on the treadmill. Exaggerate pushing up with your toes while keeping your arms swinging free and natural.

Increase the speed and walk briskly for around 30-60mins. Your breathing should naturally get heavy but you should still be able to talk, if not then you are going too fast and you should slow the machine to a comfortable pace.

Once finished, the cool down phase is essential to avoid lactic acid and stiffness. Decrease the speed to a gentle walking pace for around 4-5 minutes. You should see good results within weeks.

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Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on March 20, 2016:

Walking is part of my daily routine. Using poles is new to me. Thanks for this helpful hub!

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on December 30, 2014:

The muscle development is very important in slimming too.

Kerry on December 30, 2014:

I guess the walking does really burning muscle. I need to put more into my day.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on September 15, 2012:

Thanks kashmir56

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on September 15, 2012:

Great hub, all great advice within this well written hub to help get your legs in the shape you want . Well done !

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