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Skinny Girl Shaming


Skinny Girl Shaming

Is skinny girl shaming the “it” thing to do these days? Stop body shaming the other shape just to make yourself feel better.

I read a popular topic on “real women” in SELF Magazine about how the Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley is being criticized on how she is setting “unrealistic” expectations to young girls about body weight. With comments like “Don’t they know real women have curves?”
No, having curves doesn’t define a “real women”. I see many women with “curves” love to insult thin or skinny women to “prove” that they are the “real women”. What is that? Let me clarify what a woman really means:

Noun: an adult human female.

There. Straight and simple. If you are a an adult female, you ARE a woman. There is no need to body shame another woman just to make yourself feel better. Or it definitely does not make you anymore a woman that any other female on this planet.
Do you have a uterus? I do. So I am a woman. I don’t have curves, so what am I? Half woman? And who is there to judge what is a “real woman”?

If you are not happy with how you look, change it. If you can’t, stop whining and pointing fingers at other women that you are better than them.

Let’s stop being in denial. I know I am a skinny short woman. I don’t get offended if someone tells me so because it’s the truth. Why get offended if someone calls you fat when you like shaming skinnier women? You’re basically doing the same thing. Do you want people to lie to your face that you are thin or skinny when in fact you’re not?

Why rely so much on what people say about you? If you know within yourself you are beautiful and healthy, it doesn’t matter what people say and there is no need to put others down just so you can shove it in people’s faces that you are “beautiful”. If someone tells me I’m fat, I would laugh it off because I KNOW I’m not.

Ridley has since responded to the skinny girl shaming meme creators, saying she refuses to apologize for how she looks. And I salute her for that. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, that is your problem. There is no need to shame another person to make yourself feel better.

Women in general are already fighting enough battles with equality, being a single mom, being gay and many other things. Why add another problem by fighting with each other about body image? Why not support each other for being a woman. All women are real women.