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What Is Hidradenitis Suppurativa (Hs) and How to Cure It.

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil can kill MRSA, Boils, HS, Acne and more!


What is Hidradenitis suppurativa and how treatment works

What is Hidradenitis suppurativia? It is a chronic disease of the apocrine glands (a form of sweat gland found on certain parts of the body).

For unknown reasons, people with hidradenitis develop plugging or clogging of their apocrine glands. It causes chronic scarring and pus formation of the underarms (axilla) and groin/inner thigh areas.

In women it can also occur under the breasts. It is similar to acne, which is also a disease of the sebaceous glands. Hidradenitis is more common in people who have had acne. It may be an unusual type of adult acne.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is very painful! It is also depressing. Depression can result from this kind of skin problem. Anytime there is constant pain, depression can result. Hidradenitis suppurativa can also cause low self esteem which over time will cause a person to be withdrawn and to avoid regular activities which will result in depression.


What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil can kill bacteria and fungi. It comes from the evergreen leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Tea tree oil has been used as complementary therapy in surgery, burn care, and dental care. Tea tree oil can kill Hidradenitis suppurativa.

Numerous tea tree oil body care products are available including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lip balm, topical (used on the skin) cream, and essential oil.

To kill Hidradenitis suppurativa before they form, use 100% Tea Tree Oil. That's right, the cure is all natural with ZERO side effects! It may be too strong for your skin so you can dilute it with some cream or lotion. Most people take or have taken antiobiotics over and over different doses and different kinds. You can use Docycycline to kill Hidradenitis suppurativa and other antibiotics, and Augmentin is the last resort antibiotic but you can become immune to that too.

Take 100% Tea Tree Oil. Put it on a cotton ball and apply it to the area. Even if it is in the groin or pubic area, armpit, etc. The other reason to use a cotton ball is so that you can squeese the cotton ball to drip the oil on the area so you are not touching it...and because it can become so sensitive that you can not even wipe it. When Hidradenitis suppurativa has caused your lesions to be so swollen and tender, you should take Advil (ibuprofen) to reduce the swelling. That in conjunction with Tea Tree Oil will help you effectively reduce Hidradenitis suppurativa.

Depending on the size of the boil, you may need to take some antiobiotics to kill it from the inside AND use tea tree oil to kill from the skin going in BUT you can use ONLY tea tree oil and get the benefits, it just takes a little longer. Tea tree oil is the only anti acne/boil, skin antiseptic that can pass through all the layers of your skin down to the actual infection.

VERY IMPORTANT... Hidradenitis suppurativa is FAST. When you feel one starting to grow, you must apply tea tree oil all over it. It does not matter where it is on your body... apply it all over it and then get dressed or if at home, just leave your cloths off and let the tea tree oil soak in. When you get them before they grow completely, they are killed quickly .. usually within a few days. You will feel it get a little hard and your skin may even turn a light brown color...this is normal. KEEP applying the tea tree oil to the area!!!!

The ball or knot will be absorbed by the body and the skin will return to normal color... but keep applying the tea tree oil after it goes away... this ensures maximum cleansing and antibacterial effect to deep in the skin, down to the sweat glands that are infected.

Please try will be amazed at how it works. YOU MUST BE DILIGENT and faithful in applying it to the area...even after you feel the tightness go away.. if you can, apply it TWO to THREE times a day...this would be best to kill Hidradenitis suppurativa.

Another thing to look in to is pure, wild Oregano oil. This taken internally is extremely powerful at killing bacteria and you can not build resistance to it like antibiotics. You can also apply it topically.

Please come back and leave comments on how this worked for you. I am excited to see since I have used it and I have referred this to family with Hidradenitis and I have seen their results!

Buy Premium, 100% Organic Tea Tree Oil


Stefanie on June 18, 2020:

I have had HS since i was 13 and i am now 36. I have this in my armpits, under and surrounding my breasts, on my stomach and on my inner thighs. Its insanely painful during flairups and that happens when i menstruate. Lavendar essential oil helps with the pain and swelling. I use frankinsence, lavender and carrot seed oil every day topically. I will now be adding tea tree so thanks for the tip! Orally taking turmeric capsules helps too.

Candice on December 30, 2019:

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I have been experiencing long term symptoms of HS. I tried the Tea Tree oil and I got results. The boils started to dry and the inflation was reduced.

I apply tea tree oil to boils twice a day. It was really efficitve.

Vee on October 16, 2017:

I want to thank Dee for her post and everyone else. I finally was diagnosed with HS and I had it since I was in my teens in now 36 but I've noticed it's when my period comes and I'm under a lot of stress and the oily foods. So I've bought the tea tree oil and I am going to start tonight since I have them under my arm pits. I will keep you posted every 2 weeks or so. Let's keep help on another I'm so focused now that I see so many others who are trying and not giving up.

joyce on June 14, 2017:

I have found success with oil of oregano capsules 150mg in a.m. and 150mg in p.m. in about two weeks all gone. It can also be applied topically when mixed with coconut oil or olive oil 2 parts carrier oil 1 part oregano oil.

Dee on February 01, 2017:

Ive had HS for 8 years now. I remember it being small lumps at first, but these days it seems unmanageable. I have good weeks and bad weeks. Im convinced that stress and hormones play a huge role. I notice when im extra stressed or im about to get my period, my skin gets even worse.

I've gotten to the point where i almost forget that HS isn't normal. There are times when I'll have 4 huge lesions under both armpits, and two on my inner thighs... And ive become so numb and used to the constant pain, that i forget what its like not to feel it. Living this life of constant uncomfort and pain just became normal to me. I really dont even notice my cysts/boils anymore... I only notice when they arent there... When im having a good week. Its becoming more and more rare and abnormal to have "clear" skin, longer than a day.

Even though I gave up on trying to do anything about it (after being on antibiotics for years and buying $100 a peice prescribed tubes of cream) this post... Seeing all these other people struggling with the same pain and condition as me... It's inspired me to want to jump back in the ring and try to fight this thing again. This time I want to try a more natural/organic approach. I like the idea of coconut oil with a couples dashes of tea tree oil. Im going to try that tonight. I would like to try fish oil and vitamin e too.

Within the next month, id like to try meditating on a regular basis, as well as using chemical-free shampoos/soaps/laundry detergents. I think wearing looser clothes and going commando would help as well. Eating a more plant based diet, along with regularly working out. Idk it's just a start... and maybe im getting a bit ahead of myself. But i think im finally ready to live a better life and not let this thing control me. Hope it works. Hopefully im not being unrealistic.

Anyways... I havent found people who've been going through this like me... Ive never shared this much to anyone, and i feel really good now to say it online. This comment section reminded me that I'm not alone in all of this (even if you guys wrote it YEARS ago) So thank you.

Jodi on February 02, 2016:

I've used & done it all! Had Dr's tell me the disease will "burn itself" out. Accurate, tea tree, antibiotics, 60$ anti bacterial soap, turmeric, change in diet, blah blah blah! The only people who understand how painful this disease is, are those of us who suffer with it. None nor any combination of the above ever truly stopped it. Only controlled it & then I'd find myself having to "tweak" my combos. I started doing research on my own, you know 'cause we all have our WebMD :) After seeing what this disease progresses to, I figured somebody somewhere in the world had to be trying to do something. I started reading studies posted using Humira. I was what they call the "stage 2" getting more than one lesion at a time and tunneling. I didn't want to have to have skin graphs & surgeries. I was ready to try anything & go anywhere. In my research I found a Dr who was doing clinical trials using Humira. I set myself an appt. Although I didn't get into the trial he & his staff got my insurance to approve Humira for me. I'm not going to lie, the warnings scared the hell out of me, but the pros outweighed the cons as I knew my HS would progress & it or complications from it were just as likely to put me in the grave as any side effect from Humira. It took me an hour to get up the courage to that plum colored pen to my leg. But I did it! That was over a year ago. I have had one lesion in 15 months. So tiny & most likely because I hadn't had a shot in almost 3 months. Won't do that again! I started off with a shot every 2 weeks. Did that for about 3 months & tapered off to more like once every 6-8 weeks give or take. It's 10 seconds of hot magma that ice pack before hand tempers, but it's so much better than my life with lesions! Humira has totally returned me to the land of normal & the scaring is fading. It truly has been the closest thing to a cure for me & thought I'd share. Well wishes to all of you!

Hari on December 18, 2015:

I suffer from hd and started to use tea tree oil and the result is very good

Lanette on June 25, 2015:

Hi, I too have HS and I've recently heard of Flavay. I was wondering if anyone has tried it?

Kat on April 21, 2015:

I have had this since I was six years old and have tried everything. It's great that tea tree oil kills bacteria however it does not stop the disease itself. Hs is an auto immune disease caused by something inside. Not bacteria or viruses.

swazi on June 23, 2014:

hi every 1 im glad dat im not the only 1 suffering wit dis depressing deases, i haven't tried the the tea tree oil where can i get it, eva since i had hs i've neva been in a stable relationship en my heart get sore i would really like to try the tea tree oil im tired of antibiotics

Tq on November 21, 2013:

Ibuprofen are really good for decreasing inflammation and keeping the condition at bay. Also talcompowder and tea tree are both effective

bonolo on November 15, 2013:

Hi every1 I decided to also get the tea tree oil been using it for about two weeks nw and its helping a lot iv neva felt dis better in a very long time thank you so much for your help,

Wigster on May 29, 2013:

Just thought i'd drop by and give an update on my last post. I was trying tea tree oil in hot water and holding it to the infected area with a cloth for ten minutes a day and to be honest not only did it not cure or relive me but it also inflamed the surrounding area and gave me a bit of redness and a pianful rash so scrap that and back to the drawing board, This month im onto tumeric, i started taking the capsules but they made me constipated...that, along with the HS was unbearable so i stopped taking them and have started making a paste to apply to the open wounds and surrounding stings when first applied but so far there has been a small decrease in seepage and it does take away the smell which also helps with confidence. I'll be back in a month or so with updated results. Good luck folks

jamestien on May 26, 2013:

I'm 23 hibaclens works well wit hs

Tammie on May 14, 2013:

Hi...So i'm just wondering have any of you tried Cortisone injections when you have a flare up? My Dermatologist does that for me, of course it's not a cure, but if I get one before it gets bad that generally takes care of the inflammation. He also gives me a syringe with Cortisone in it so I can inject myself or have someone do it for me. I've also heard that Coconut oil might help, i've got friends who use it on their faces for acne. Something else i've recently learned that there might be a connection with HS and how much yeast you have in your body. I am having some other issues and have been doing some research on it, and I believe that my body is producing to much yeast, so maybe a connection. Best of luck to everyone. :)

does it mater? on May 01, 2013:

HS for 12y, try tto and it helped but no enoght but this month I'm making a cannabis oil do some research on it. I'll keep you'll posted. LL&P

Wigster on April 17, 2013:

Ok so i've been all over the internet, seen many dermatoligists and doctors, been given antibiotics and ointments and so far none of them have worked on this nightmare of a condition. I suffer from it in the groin area and all i can say is that im glad im married because trying to pick up a girl and maybe even have a one night stand would be impossible with this. I had an operation a few months back on an ingrown hair on my tail bone and had a few bi-opsies taken at the same time...yet again i received a vauge letter telling me i had a "simple" sebaceous cyst...nothing simple about it im afraid! I was told about tea tree oil a while ago so thought i'd give it a go...didn't work. Then i was told about using a hot cloth to disperse and draw out the so called cyst...didn't work either. So now im trying the hot cloth again only this time im putting tea tree oil into the hot water and hoping the combination of the heat,vapour and the oil itself will combine to get rid of these things. I'll update in a few weeks to let folks know if this worked or not. Fingers crossed.

Lena on January 31, 2013:

This has been an issue for me for a few years and I do have one thing that has helped immensely. It does contain Tea Tree Oil (which I have used for years for various things. I am a firm believer in Tea Tree Oil) but it is the Burt's Bees Acne Solutions. While it does have Tea Tree Oil, it also other things such as SD Alcohol 40-B (good for your body), Calendula flower oil, borage seed oil, yarrow oil, parsley seed extract, willowbark extract, lemon oil, fennel oil, water, juniper oil, and eucalyptus oil. The combination actually takes care of it very quickly and due the combination of ingredients, it is allergy friendly and the scent is nowhere near as strong as pure tea tree oil so it is great if you are sensitive to strong scents. You will notice a difference right away.

Cat on January 26, 2013:

Hi Carmey. This is Cat (not my real name). Firstly, thank you for your comment about being inspiring. Don't think I've ever inspired anyone before...I actually teared up a little bit...

Secondly, I'm so sorry to hear that this disease has kept you from finding a partner. To find someone who understands is really special and I really hope that can happen for you.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to find out how common this is. I've never known anyone else to have it. I've always been a really modest person and i'm always a bit amazed when people go nude on TV etc, as that is something I would never do in a million years.

I've actually put off surgical procedures and Pap Smears and even Beautician visits as i'm too embarrassed if I have a lesion.

I've worried about being reported by a Doctor and not being allowed to continue working as a Nurse if my affliction is "discovered".

Im only just starting to realise how much this has affected my life. It has sapped away at my confidence since I was 18 (coincidently around the time I went on "The Pill").

I bought some Tea Tree oil today and will keep you updated on the results.

Thanks everyone for sharing and being so open. x

Sentrell on January 25, 2013:

Back again, Okay so I've tried the 100 % tea tree oil and I think its safe to say be sure to follow the PRECISE directions so that your first time using it di nt be a fluke. My two pinches ended up being two caps full in a tub full of water and thank god my fiancé was home to open up all the windows in the house because the fumes were so strong. I didn't think the little bottle contents had that much power . So im gonna try again the correct way this tine instead of trying to maximize my chances for results an have patience. I foubd a new doctor also who is totally cool an she makes me feel so comfortable to show her body /wherever I have my cysts. Now she has me on humira pen. Its an injection I have to give myself every two weeks an so far I've had only one dosage but im hopefull. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

Carmey on January 25, 2013:

i was diagnosed with hs in 2005,,, cant actually believe i have it 8 years cand in 2009 i was diagnosed with crohns disease and seemingly they are connected,,, i was put on methtrexate which is a form of cemo and the hs died for a while but as soon as i had surgery on the bowel and was fin with the meds the hs came back with a vengeance,,, i hate it so much,,, it's a soul destroying affliction but i went out and bought the t tree oil and started using it tonite and i got turmeric capsules too and started them tonite also,,, i am actually excited cos im expecting a result,,,, it was so inspiring to readabout the lady who had understanding boyfriends cos this disease has stopped me being with a man,,,yes i am now a born again virgin at 50 lol,,, wish me luck folks and i'll keep u all posted and thankyou all so much for this tip,,, if no improvement i will try the aloe vera gel as it can only be good for you anyway,,, thanks again,,, i appreciate all of you,,, God bless all of us,,,much love,,,xx

Cat on January 25, 2013:

I had never heard of this disease before today. I'm a nurse and a patient told me she had just been diagnosed. I've been getting boils for 24 years and have just dealt with each one as it occurs. I'm going to try the tea tree oil as nothing else has ever seemed to work. Relieved to find out they don't really appear on your face. I've been dreading that may one day happen. I've always been able to hide them under clothes and avoid swimming costumes. Doctors have always disregarded these boils, calling them big pimples. I've been fortunate to always have had understanding boyfriends and have never caused anyone to get one. I can't believe that in all my research I've never come across this term before.

Nick on January 21, 2013:

I hate HS. It is killing my relationship. I can barley move my arm when there is a boil under my armpit. I have not tried Tea Tree Oil yet, but will soon get my hands on some after work today after reading these posts! Wish me luck!

Andrea on December 03, 2012:

I have hs for over 5 years now & nothing my doctor tries work. Since I started using tea tree oil two weeks ago there is remarkable improvement with the swelling and pain. I hope this will be the cure as I am stress....

Sentrell on November 06, 2012:

Pt2 that summer they came back full force. On top of my stitches and in my groin area. Never had I experienced such pain. Trying to act natural in a room full of people when underneath I was screaming 'someone please help'. At this point the dermatologist prescribed me an experimental drug called Pentoxifylline 400MG At yjis point I didn't care I just wanted it to cease now knowing an trying to deal with the fact that it wont go away I did. I tried it an didn't go away it didn't help none what so ever. So at yjis pont I dont want any more meds. I've been trying tons of neosporin and aloe vera leaves. It doesn't rid it but it does soothe it so prayer and all natural remedies is my direction.

Sentrell on November 06, 2012:

I've been living with HS for 15 years and yet each year I learn somethng new that gives me some hope that maybe something will one day work for me. I've read stories that inspire me to try new things and not to give up and im sure we all have thought about it at some point. My flare ups started as just something that occurred under my armpits BOTH armpits and not knowing or was ever yold this was something that I cant get rid of. As a teen I was a bit more optimistic so I had them removed surgically. For about a year I didn't get any flare ups until the next summer I starter to get them

bev on September 15, 2012:

has anyone tried aloe vera gel? you drink 30ml a day, I mix with pineapple juice to disguise the taste, and for me it's fabulous. Its pricey at around £20 a bottle, but the good news is I find a months supply will keep the boils away for about 3 months, I drink it every day til the bottle runs out then have a break for around 2 months before I buy the next bottle, simply because I cant afford to drink it every day. If any of you can afford to do this please please do it, I hate to think of others suffering this when I truly believe this will help most of you, for me it doesn't just slow down the horrid things it keeps them at bay completely, not even a tingle that one is forming. I know it's the aloe vera gel working for me because I foolishly thought I was cured and didn't bother to carry on with the aloe vera, 3 months later the outbreaks started again. please give it a go

Allison on September 06, 2012:

So I have had hs for ummm i don't know years. I have been off and on antibiotics. Nothing really worked. Knowing there is no cure for this it becomes about maintaining the stage your at. I found tea tree oil works wonders in combination with honey, turmeric, and hibiclens. Made pastes with all ingredients except the cleans. I also make a milk mixture with the turmeric and drink it every night. No cure I know but anything to help with the pain of the break outs is a.o.k in my book. Natural is always better.

zoe on August 24, 2012:

im sure some people might find it helpful but to say its a cure is unfounded and untrue. hs can not be cured as there is no cure. it can in some cases be managed and some people will have times of remission lasting sometimes for years but this does not mean they are cured of hs. if something has worked for you then that's fantastic, as a fellow hs sufferer im always glad to hear from people who have had some relife but i think people should be aware that this is your situation and it will not always work for everyone. it would be unfair for someone who is in great pain and suffering to be told there is a cure out there for this horrible desease when there just isn't.

Michelle on July 27, 2012:

I am new to this disease or condition. This is my second flare up and boy it hurts really bad. I am a trooper as I have had to work thru alot of pain. So I decided to start putting Neosporin on it. Well it takes the pain away for a little while. I like the idea of tea tree oil, I use it on my scalp and it truly does I will def. try it. Thanks

dthompson on July 26, 2012:

I found this on another blog and find out all these tips are help I use Dial soap to keep dirt and bacteria out of the area good hygiene is the best way to keep infection down it wont cure it but it will help decrease lumps and keep bacteria away so it will not grow. Sometimes I wash in that area 2-3xs a day and it has help me tremendously. Especially in the summer and in warm climate.

1. avoid shaving in the area prone to infection and try waxing or laser treatment to see if there is any improvement.

2. thoroughly clean and exfoliate the bikini line (and the surrounding area) on a regular basis to help remove dirt and bacteria as well as allowing the pores to breathe.

3. to aid in reducing sweat on and around the bikini line try applying deodorant on a daily basis

- one that ive found really good is the new one from DOVE/REXONA

- clinical protection anti-perspirant deodorant. roughly $16 you apply it at night (best to sleep without underwear and loose pj allowing breathing). I live by this stuff. im allergic to deodorant and i can use this, as long as you apply it at night it works amazingly against sweat and being that it contains moisturiser and is applied as a cream it doesn't dry out the skin or clog the pores. and it lasts ages... i reckon using it both on your underarms and bikini line it should last about 3-4 weeks at a minimum.

4a. try not to wear pants that are too tight (such as skinny jeans) especially when inflamation is present.

4b. try to wear underwear that doesn't sit too tight and is made out of light breathable fabrics.

4c. when ever and/or where ever you feel comfortable (and can get away with it) try going commando (no underwear) it is the ultimate way to allow the skin to bresthe, as well as reducing irritation caused by rubbing plus especially on a hot day it just feel so cool and refreshing.

100% Tea Tree Oil

priorek on July 12, 2012:

What is TCP solvent? Started using tea tree oil 4 days ago. Have had some more draining. Wondering how long it takes to make a big difference

salma on July 11, 2012:

I have the same problem, used TCP solvent,worked really well

Peter UK on July 09, 2012:

I have had HS for 16 years, nothing has ever worked for me. I get breakouts in my groin, under my arms on my back and now on my chest and abdomin. I hate it, it is soo depressing but I am the eternal optimist. All pills including roacutane have been tried and tried again, I also tried a natural healing diet. All no good. Started taking turmeric and rubbing in tee tree oil in Feb this year and was convincing myself that things were getting better, however, the reality is that I still get big painful embarising depressing boils. If there is a cure I ain't found it. Any help is appreciated but I apologise in advance for my scepticism as I have heard it all before:-(

llaverne on June 24, 2012:

I am 25 I have hs for 4 years now and I live in a warm place,curacao its have bein very stressfull for me do deal with but I did use emuaid zalf and it helps a lot only thing is it not easy to get to me because I dosnt work or cane work. Try it.

Pissed on May 28, 2012:

I refuse to? give in to this disease. And for all of the people that keep crying and saying that there is no cure, well they're just giving up. Be positive and don't think of it as a disease. treat one flareup at a time and don't let it take over your life. If anything, it will only stress you out and cause another one.

Oh and for all the? assholes, stop using this disease as a way to make money by selling or promoting BS products.

Miss-E on May 28, 2012:

I have used tea tree oil for at least 10 years on the inner thigh areas where I get pimples and boils. It works wonders. For the people saying that there is no cure, that may be correct. It will probably never go away fully, but tea tree oil does penetrate the skin very quickly, so for many people, this is a great option. Another good thing to use is Neem oil, which has similar properties to tea tree oil. Both are strong smelling. To prevent sweating and chafing, which inflames these areas, I have used Monistat Soothing Care Cream as well.

Vicky on May 16, 2012:

I'm 21 and I've had HS for 6 years. Everyones body is different but there is a lot of things that help. Although it may cure it, it helps. A Hibiclens is a wash which kills all bacteria and it does clam HS down. Another thing is ditch deodorant! The Hibiclens kills the bacteria which causes smell but I use Crystal which is a natural salt deodorant spray. Another GREAT thing is Tumeric. Tumeric is a natural anti inflammatory but also keeps bacteria and infection away. I prefer capsules and I take one evey night because I believe the body heals better when you're asleep. And I use tea tree oil for the scars. I hope this help but remember it won't work for everyone!

CHANELLE on May 16, 2012:

I HAVE hS AND HAVE HAd it for 11 years.. i have never tried tea tree oil, but i am willing to try it to see if it works. HS is alot better than being sick in other ways, i can honestly say that i never get sick, and i beleive its because of the HS. I think its our bodies way of fighting off infection.

aron on May 12, 2012:

i diagree been suffering with it for a year mildly more re4cently i got some on my face which prompted a visit to the doctor, up until then i had no idea it was hs, so started 100% t tree oil last night on one that i felt begining so far no inflimation it seems to have dried and be degrading, also on the more painful hs it has soothed and they seem to be retracting i will keep all updated, scary stuff since i just found out and done lotts of research, hope the improvemnt keeps on i let u all know!!!

Cook on April 30, 2012:

I have hs and NOTHING works

Jazzmine on April 28, 2012:

ive just figured out that i had hs. I HATE IT. IM GOING TO TRY AND USE TREE OIL AND ALSO ACNE CLEANER!! i just want it to go away its very ugly and nasty.

13yrs old

Michael on April 11, 2012:

I have HS and have had it for about 8 - 10 years (that I'm aware of). Point being, I just started using 100% Tea Tree Oil (make sure its natural 100%) and its been working wonders for me. I had a huge boil that the doctors were ready to cut open but 3 days before my appointment I started the oil and it killed the boil!

My skin is getting better and better everyday with it, I'm sure it wont cure the HS because there is no known cure, but it will help in relieving the pain and symptoms.

If you have any questions e-mail me

Shay on March 16, 2012:

I just developed HS back in Sept 2011. I bought some 100% pure tea tree oil a couple of months back and never used it. I decided to pull it OUT OF THE BAG and began using it n my armpit on a previous scar from HS jst to test it, and the SCAR appears to look a lil better. I have a boil in my other armpit that I'm gonna try it on, since its not open, n c what happens. I'll let u guys know..cuz I'm no fake, this is a real post!!

Amber on March 11, 2012:

Well I don't think it's a crock of shit. I have had hs for a few years and i use tea tree oil and it helps them to go away. it doesn't cure it. it just helps make the bumps go away a little faster. maybe you didn't use it right, o maybe you didn't buy the right stuff. or maybe you body is different since everyone's body is different, something that works for me won't always work for you. but you shouldn't say someone else is full of shit because it didn't work for you. :)

Clandestine (author) on October 25, 2011:

Well that's interesting since each time I began to develop a boil/abscess I used tea tree oil to treat it right away and it killed it before it ever grew to a large issue and then it went away and I haven't had one since.

Brittany on October 25, 2011:

What a scam, there is NO CURE for HS.

Esmee on October 03, 2010:

I have 100% organic tea tree in my washroom mirror, and after searching online for the small sores on my groin area and underarms I came to HS. I have a appt. with a renown dermatologist in but that is about 2 months away.

I will try this and message back!

Really hope it can work, it use to sting my face a bit when I would put in on acne, but it worker.

I'll give it a try thanks!

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