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The Skechers Shape Ups SRR Resistance Runner


Those who thought Skechers Shape Ups were the best thing since sliced bread had a better take a seat, for the Skechers Shape Ups SRR has arrived, and it is nothing short of Awesome. With a capital A.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the original Shape Ups design. They tone, correct the posture, improve circulation and make walking much more comfortable. They are great sneakers to wear all day to help sculpt the lower body, and can give you up to 30% more muscle activation. As Skechers say, “They make your lower half, your better half”.

However the Shape Ups SRR range takes toning to the next level, allowing you to train harder and faster, improving health, fitness and body tone quicker than ever before. Whilst many toning shoe manufacturers simply tweak their designs, repackage them, and pass them off as new shoes, Skechers have designed a shoe which is quite different to previous versions of the Shapeups range. The result is well worth the hundreds of hours in the design rooms and the sweat and toil on the treadmill getting the design perfected.

In the SRR, Skechers have created what even leading biomechanical motion specialists have termed "intelligent shoes”* and “the most promising innovation in shoe technology in 30 years” **. It is no surprise, as the SRR boasts some pretty impressive statistics.


Skechers Shape Ups Resistance Runner Statistics

  • Research demonstrates up to 13.2% more calories are burned per hour
  • Postural muscles show increased activity of up to 85%
  • Increases hip muscle activation by up to 71%
  • Increases back muscle activation by up to 85%
  • Calf muscle activation increased by up to 68%
  • Gets the body into the fat burning zone 11% faster than standard running shoes
  • Increases strength, stamina and endurance
  • Corrects both supination and pronation of the feet according to Skechers

The best Toning Shoes for running and jogging, without question

The best Toning Shoes for running and jogging, without question

Efficient running in total comfort

As the name suggests, the Shape Ups Resistance Runner is designed for a faster pace of life, and is ideally suited for joggers and runners to help get more out of the time spent exercising. They turn a simple jog in the park into a more intense athletic workout, yet do so without having to increase the time spent training.

However, you will find that due to the redesign of the rocker bottom sole, walking and running becomes far more comfortable – and comfort means you can train longer and harder, increasing fitness and body tone faster than with any other toning shoes on the market.

The secret to their improved toning capabilities lies in the redesign of the rocker bottom, which has been modified to provide greater cushioning and arch support, whilst improving lateral stability. The redesign helps to keep the feet perfectly aligned when running, helping to correct both supination and pronation, whilst offering excellent arch support making them ideal running shoes for flat feet. Whilst it has to be said that the cushioning is first rate, and therefore good for supinators, the jury is still out as to the level of pronation control that the shoes offer, and whilst Skechers do claim a degree of pronation control, I would recommend that any moderate to severe overpronators are probably better off with pronation control shoes from the major running shoe manufacturers such as Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Asics or Mizuno.

The biomechanical changes made to the stride, have had the Shape Ups Resistance Runner hailed as the first intelligent shoes, responding to the changing forces and providing the required resistance, support and cushioning to make running comfortable and pleasurable.

They create the sensation that you are floating, absorbing the shockwaves from a heavy foot strike and returning the energy to get you moving faster. Even if running is an anathema to you, the shoes can help to get you up, out, and exercising, in comfort. Due to the excellent shock absorption, they even open up running to those that have previously found it painful, or difficult.

Shape Ups SRR from Amazon

Shape Ups Resistance Runner Comfort

The real test for toning shoes is this: If the shoes didn’t tone your muscles or increase the rate of calorie burning, would you still wear them?

The Shape Ups SRR manages this with consummate ease due to the exceptional comfort provided. The design brief was to create a shoe to return the body to the natural walking state, simulating walking and running in soft ground.

The bones, muscles and ligaments in the human body are designed to cushion and support on soft surfaces such as earth and grass. The surface yields on impact, easing the strain on the body. However modern surfaces such as concrete and asphalt are unforgiving, and generate powerful shock waves, far more than the body is designed to cope with. The SRR takes the benefits of barefoot running over soft ground, and adds the required level of cushioning to cope with modern urban terrain. 

The Shape Ups Resistance Runner recreates the barefoot experience by taking the sting out of the heel strike and offering a solid platform to help the forefoot generate power. The foot is rolled gently from heel to toe in an ultra smooth motion. Barefoot runners use the forefoot to help cushion impact, with barefoot shoes such as Vibram FiveFingers perfectly recreating this. However, in contrast to barefoot shoes, the SRR adds exceptional cushioning, giving the barefoot running sensation with considerably more comfort.

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SRR Special Features

Skechers Shape Ups SRR Features

Skechers Shape Ups SRR Features

Shape Ups SRR Technology

Comfort and toning comes from a 4-part rocker bottom sole, which features the Kinetic Wedge which made the original Shape Ups such popular toning shoes, however the SRR uses high viscosity EVA foam to cope with the increased forces experienced when moving at speed.

A Kinetic Return System has been added to the centre of the midsole, with leaf spring energy return technology absorbing the force from impact, cushioning the body, and returning the energy to propel the body forward.


Additional Shape Ups SRR features

  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Soft and smooth fabric lining
  • Removable Adaptive Comfort Ride cushioned insole
  • Double mesh upper to keep water out, and allow moisture to escape

If you love to run or jog to keep fit, the Skechers Shape Ups SRR is the perfect choice for the feet. They make running more comfortable, help you to train harder and for longer, and give an unrivalled increase to muscle activation throughout the lower body. It’s difficult to find any fault with these shoes, and even if you are not a fan of toning shoes, they are a great choice for their comfort, support and style.

However, if you prefer to walk than run, you’ll be better off with the original Skechers Shape Ups, or the new Shape Ups SRT Radius trainer.

*Dr. Eleanor Criswell Hanna, **Bob Forster, CEO, Phase IV laboratory


Arthur on December 23, 2018:

Sketchers need to bring back these shoes. I really need it. If they bring it back I would literally buy 10 pairs.

Valerie on June 27, 2014:

Why did they discontinue this shoe? Is there another one that is similar? I love the ones I had.

valentyna on May 29, 2014:

I'm really like this schoes,I'm having always problems with my knees,but this schoes help me to have normal running and working ,but Naw I need new one and can't faund ( European size 36)

Helen on November 25, 2011:

Agree this review sounds and looks like an ad but I went from a couch potato to jogging 3-5 miles a day without a moment of foot, ankle, calf, knee, hip or back pain with these runners..unlike traditional running shoes. On the way I lost 50 lbs and dropped my bmi below 30!

Susana on April 29, 2011:

Completely agree with michifus, i've got them and i'm overpronate, they are ok for walking but very dangerous for running, i had to buy a normal asics gel running shoes with pronate control for run, i only use my skecher rss for walking.

michifus (author) on April 18, 2011:

Hi JudiKaye

The Shape Ups Resistance Runner has greater stability than the Original shape ups styles, and has been designed specifically for running, and offers far greater stability. Its never a good idea to run in the original Shape Ups. Skechers claim that this model however offers a degree of pronation control, and are also good for supinators. I would agree with them about supination, as supinating runners require a greater degree of cushioning, which the shoes undoubtedly offer. As for pronation control, it is a little trickier, as Skechers do not claim the degree of control that the shoes offer. If you overpronate severely, I would recommend sticking to the big running shoe brands which have had extensive testing and state the degree of pronation control that they offer, with Mizuno and Brooks my personal favorites.

JudiKaye on April 17, 2011:

Very nice article, Michifus, but it feels dangerously close to an ad to me. I enjoy running for physical, as well as mental fitness; I'm currently running 30-45 minutes 4-6 days/week. I am on my feet more or less continuously at work full time, and I like to wear my Skechers Shape Ups there. I've been considering introducing the SRR into my running routine. I'm alternating between pairs of Nike & Adidas, both with some motion control, as I tend to pronate. But I've read that these shoes are actually an accident waiting to happen for us pronators, and my experience breaking in the Shape Ups tends to validate that. I found that what I noticed most getting used to them was the workout my ankles got keeping my legs perpendicular... In fact, I still get that sensation if I should have to "run" to catch the bus in the morning. Are you certain the running shoe has been designed to overcome/control this? I thank you in advance for your attention & response to my concern.

Funom Theophilus Makama from Europe on September 28, 2010:

oooo! I am the first to write here. woooow! This is very interesting..

"By biomechanically correcting the stride, the Shape Ups Resistance Runner has been hailed as the first intelligent shoes, responding to the changing forces and providing the required resistance, support and cushioning to make running comfortable and pleasurable."

hmmm! nice. Keep it up

Great hub...

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