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When Integrity of Science Is Violated by Medical Dogma -- Big Pharma Laughs All the Way to the Bank


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Are the Masks Really Meant to Protect Us From a Virus, or to Make Feeling of Isolation Bigger, Resulting With Weakening of Natural Immunity Due to Stress?

Are the Masks Really Meant to Protect Us From a Virus, or to Make Feeling of Isolation Bigger, Resulting With Weakening of Natural Immunity Due to Stress?

Crazy Inconsistencies with Protective Measures


Just for a little cheer:

I sneezed on my laptop and a "VIRUS" warning popped up on my screen.

And another one:

Two mice sit in a bar drinking beer and discussing Covid-19:

"Have you got your vaccine yet?" -- asks one.

"No way! It's still being only tested on humans" -- says the other.


All jokes aside, needless to say, everything that follows is my own opinion based on observation and some sheer logic that I see as worth sharing.

I got inspired to write about it after watching on my TV the soccer game that took place in London between England and Croatia -- one of many during this current Euro Cup event that's to last for a month.

What I saw made me laugh, folks, as there was a fully packed stadium with thick crowd of spectators sitting shoulder to shoulder with no single mask to be seen. For a moment I just couldn't believe my eyes. Are we living in multiple universes, with a "deadly pandemic" going on in one of them, and not in the other -- all depending on events!?

Hey, we are talking about that same London, that same England, which is allegedly being hit by that "fourth wave with Delta-variant", and which made American folks concerned about their president attending the G-7 summit taking place there.

Somewhat similar crazy inconsistencies could be seen here in Canada. I have been cutting hair of my wife and daughter, because hairdressers' salons are closed; but then we got every weekend a huge event of protesters against lockdowns marching downtown, with thousands walking without masks. No helicopters to "dump penalty tickets" on the crowd, or fire engines to disperse them with water.

The other day I went to a health food store for some supplements, and guess what -- I had to stay outside by the door and wait for the store person to bring them to me. In the meantime, parks are full with picnicking folks, and there are also some stories of our top politicians gathering for house parties.

How wrong could I be by considering health food stores as selling "essentials"? Who really needs something like vitamins C, D-3, or K-2 these days of the pandemic?

Well, ever since the beginning of this pandemic, that satirist in me was seeing it as one global charade and farce.

Yes, people have been dying of this virus. But then, twice as many are dying worldwide of heart attacks and cancers, and quite some die during yearly flu season. So what's the difference to those saddened families if their dear one didn't die of a Covid-19?

The publicity is the difference, folks. A lots of it.

Spreading fast as it may, this virus still can't match the number of those who are dying from "regular" causes, but we are not hearing on our TV's anything like a hype against smoking, sugar and alcohol consumption, Monsanto foods, and other unhealthy crap that's bringing revenue to the governments -- while "killing us softly", as the song would say.

Instead, we keep our kids away from their education, even though they have not been established as real targets of this virus -- and besides, more people have got sick of Covid-19 after getting both doses of vaccine, some even died, than kids got sick of it, or died.

Now, maybe I got all my calculations wrong, but -- even if vaccines were, say, 90% effective -- and they are not -- and about the same percentage of world's population wouldn't die of this virus due to their natural immunity -- why vaccinating?

Besides, there will be new, and new, strains and variants -- like they were in the past -- so, are we supposed to keep taking new and new vaccines indefinitely? Whether we like to see it that way, or not, but all those vaccinated are basically playing something like a "medical lottery" with under 90% odds of winning. Not some bad odds though.

Integrity of Science Becomes Questionable When a Second Opinion Is Named a "Conspiracy Theory".

Integrity of Science Becomes Questionable When a Second Opinion Is Named a "Conspiracy Theory".

When a Second Opinion Has to Be a "Conspiracy Theory"

I hear a doctor on a You tube video say, how medicine is not a science anymore if it's not open to criticism and second opinion -- which is one of basic tenets of scientific progress.

Namely, it has become obvious with so many fine medical scientists being silenced after raising their arguments about, either the nature of the virus itself, or the validity of the vaccines.

Meaning pretty much that the medical science has been turning into a dogma, or a religion, with those top "witch doctors" in the tribe dictating what is to be seen as a "hard science", and what is not.

More and more the whole thing is resembling a colossal business venture, with the Big Pharma's greedy fingers involved with decisions of the World Health Organization, FDA, and politicians.

So I can't but laugh, as I hear of this obvious "selling strategy" going on, with people being offered burgers, free tickets, even lottery chances to win -- if they get themselves vaccinated.

Now, that's what I call a true insult to the public intelligence. If we can be bribed to give up our reasons for hesitance with stupid burgers, then we don't really deserve better than what some "conspiracy theorists" are predicting.

Namely, about massively getting electronically branded with a nano-technology chip, with some broadcasting frequencies keeping us in a total obedience. How crazy is such a notion? Your choice to call it what you want, but nothing is impossible anymore to be expected from the highest political, medical, and Big Buck authorities.

Try thinking with their mind for a moment. They certainly see us as "too many" on this planet. And they certainly see us as too educated and liberated, and as such dangerous to their manipulative establishments. Well, there is logic in such a supposition, but we can always call it a "conspiracy theory" -- as we so often do, out of our complacent and unshakable trusting the authorities' honest intentions.

Talking about censored opinions these days -- so much for freedoms, if even those medical scholars are not allowed to speak up, without being called "conspiracy theorists" -- whenever they are not in agreement with the mainstream version of "hard science".

For a moment let's get off the main theme, just to see another example where true science was not allowed to make any difference.

Right after the 9/11 tragedy, a bunch of experts at metallurgy worldwide unanimously claimed that the fuel from those two planes could not melt the metal skeleton of the towers all the way down to the ground floor -- so it had to be a well organized implosion.

If you remember, one worker in the boiler room even testified about hearing one after another detonations. And how about that "building 7" unattached to either of the towers, which also collapsed, without being hit by anything?

So, was there any difference in the final assessment after all those men of science spoke up? You know the answer -- it was promptly pronounced a bunch of "conspiracy theories", and those terrorists responsible served as a valid reason to attack Afghanistan, then Iraq.

Are we being taken for a ride once more?

If anything, the health authorities have kept us in a constant state of confusion. For a moment Astra Zeneca is safe, then it isn't, then it's safe again but only for those (expendable?) old folks. Some countries wouldn't even touch it for its questionable effects. Then, for each of the others we hear something bad, but then "they are O.K." for everyone.

Then, what's really the crappy story about those being fully vaccinated still having to wear masks? For it's been clearly said that once vaccinated, they can't infect anyone else, and that vaccine should certainly protect them -- otherwise, why bother getting vaccinated. So, again, why do they still have to wear masks after getting both doses?

What I find a dirty political blow is this thing with vaccine passports. On one hand you are, by the law, free to refuse vaccination, but then they are coercing you into getting vaccinated, if you want to travel.

Are we really seen as so stupid by the authorities?

It's Ultimately Up to Our Own Reasoning What Goes --or Not -- into Our Bodies

It's Ultimately Up to Our Own Reasoning What Goes --or Not -- into Our Bodies

Let Us All Stick to Our Own Beliefs

Almost every day I am getting telephone calls by, either provincial or city authorities, that are nudging us to take this vaccine.

Am I alone, or there are many more hesitant ones who are taking their chances with their own immunity, rather than take a chance with a vaccine that hasn't been studied enough for its possible long term side effects?

As it appears to be the case, quite a mass of others are of the same mind, among them many in the health care business -- including some doctors. Just yesterday I was watching a video with an interview where a registered nurse was asked about her reasons for not to taking the vaccine.

Her answer was similar to mine and everyone else's -- "too quickly made to be considered safe", and adding that she was completely relying on her natural immunity. Upon which the interviewer, obviously in opposition with that attitude, asked her:

"But how long will your natural immunity last before you may get infected?"

The smart nurse replied: "How long will a vaccine be effective before I may get infected?" -- The interviewer just smiled, having nothing left to say against that logic.

Those long lineups for vaccine remind me of similar lineups at each flu season, when people are getting a shot, only to be later informed how it was "not effective for this new strain" -- many getting sick like dogs from it.

So, I guess, people still take it, just for that feeling that "they are doing their best" to protect themselves. I completely understand. After two long years of fearmongering with constant reports of new numbers of the testing positive and dead, they see the vaccine as a sip from the Holy Grail.

Fine with me, I certainly won't tell anyone they are doing it all wrong. But that's what I keep telling myself, encouraged by scholars like Dr. Bruce Lipton, a world renowned cellular biologist, who is warning against that suggestive assault on the public, and saying how our fear can damage our immune system enough to attract Covid-19, or any other pathogen for that matter.

I am a believer in human resilience which kept us out of an extinction from the beginning of the time, with personal and public hygiene being so horrible for eons that we should have been gone by now.

I believe in the science of psycho-neuro-immunology, which clearly warns us about effects of stress that have been proven to be detrimental to our ability to ward off pathogens, but also any other disease in the doctor's thick book.

I started this article with that title which hasn't been directly addressed, but should be obvious from everything else being said.

So, I'll say it now -- within the past two years, and with the virus allegedly spreading so dangerously fast, I have no doubt in my mind that I got it at one time or another. It's practically impossible to think otherwise, while living in a big city, coming in constant contacts with people, and hey -- the tiny critter is supposed to be airborne, so no matter what I touched or not, it couldn't have missed me in these two long years.

Needless to say, that mask is a joke. Even those top authorities are saying that, unless someone would cough or sneeze into your face, the chances of your attracting Covid-19 from others can be neglected. And, as for "touching things and washing hands afterwards" -- hey, by the time I get home and wash my hands, the crazy little critter could be all over me.

Hence that title of this post -- for, since you are alive and reading this, you must have developed an immunity -- vaccine or not -- unless you are living in a seclusion of a thick forest, far away from any civilization.

And even then, if a doctor ever learned about you, he might warn you to get a vaccine, "because a bird might bring the virus to your lonely cabin".

Well, I had my fun mocking a little the medical establishment and the whole pandemic racket -- but, of course, you don't have to take any of it seriously. Listen to your doctor, he knows the best what's good for you.

Or does he?

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