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Simple Weight Loss Tips That Work. Learn How To Really Lose Weight.

Michael exercises six days a week to build strength. Here's how he built up to doing handstand push-ups.

Keep It Simple

Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. So to lose weight you need to start consuming fewer calories, burning more calories or do both. Seems simple enough but it can get complicated. I could eat less food but that increases my junk food cravings and causes me to burn fewer calories. I could exercise more but exercise increases my appetite. As I lose weight I burn fewer calories.

  • Consuming fewer calories can reduce the calories you burn.
  • Consuming fewer calories can increase your junk food cravings.
  • Burning more calories can increase your appetite.
  • Burning more calories can increase your weight.
  • Losing weight causes you to burn fewer calories

Bike once a week and I will lose fat. You do not need to count calories or go on special diets to lose fat. People that focus on calories or try fad diets tend to set themselves up to fail. Keep it as simple as possible. I do not go on a special diet or count calories when I want to lose fat. Usually I just focus on one thing like increasing the distance I can bike.

If you want to look like a cyclist try biking.

If you want to look like a cyclist try biking.

Set Realistic Goals for Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight it is important to set realistic goals that will help you lose weight. There are a few major problems associated with weight loss goals. Weight loss goals are often unrealistic. Maybe you want to lose 5 pounds a week. A more realistic goal would be 1 or 2 pounds. Another problem is that people do not notice or appreciate all the progress they made. They are too focused on their weight or their belly. You can lose fat without reducing your weight. Since you have fat all over your body you may not notice the fat you lost if you focus on one area.

Another problem with weight loss goals is that they are too focused on the outcome. You still need to come up with action oriented goals. The main problem with weight loss goals is that they are negative. The focus is on things you do not want and things you do not want to do. You make a list of things you do not want to do. Then you try to use willpower to get yourself to do them because you do not want the fat.

There are lots of action oriented goals that are good for weight loss. Set action oriented goals that are specific, measurable and realistic. Goals that will help you get the results you want. My current goal is to increase the distance I run each week on my elliptical trainer. I have been increasing the distance each week. Soon I will switch to increasing the distance I can bike. Walking, biking, running, swimming, kayaking, roller skating and yoga are all good activities for losing weight.

Wanting to lose weight is probably not enough. Try to think of things you want. I want to be able to bike to provincial parks with beaches and do other things that require a lean body. I also want to be healthy.

Start a New Hobby

To lose fat you need to change your behavior. Starting a new hobby can be a great way to lose weight. A hobby is an activity you do in your leisure time because you enjoy it. You can get lots of exercise while having fun and reducing stress. Since it is enjoyable you will want to do it. When I run or bike the sense of accomplishment, relaxation and endorphins make me want to do it again.

My favorite hobby that helps with weight loss is to bike to provincial parks. I bike, hike and when it is warm enough I also do some swimming. It is important to have some time for yourself. Make some time for you so you can accomplish your goals.











paddle boarding

Punching a punching bag

golf(if you walk)






Nature photography or just going for nature walks can be a good way to slim down.

Nature photography or just going for nature walks can be a good way to slim down.

Challenge Yourself

Doing the same thing over and over again is a good way to maintain what you have. It is not a good way to change your body. Try to improve your strength, speed or endurance. If you can not improve or do not want to anymore then switch to a different activity. Keep competing against yourself until you are satisfied with the results.

Being bad at an exercise is a good reason to try it. You can build muscle and lose fat while your body adapts to your new routine. If you are not in good enough shape to run or bike then start with something easier like walking. If you can not do push ups then try doing push ups on the stairs to make them easier. Even playing motion controlled video games could help.

Think big. Your goals should be exciting. They should provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Biking up and down my street does not provide me with a sense of accomplishment. Biking to a provincial park that is in another city does. I can not get myself to bike up and down by street. I can get myself to bike towards a far away place.

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I recommend training for something. Train so you can do fun things on your vacation. Train so you can go for relaxing bike rides. You can also train for the sense of accomplishment you get when you do something that was impossible. Think of things you can not do now and train so you can do them in a few months.

Eat & Drink What You Want

Lots of people try to lose weight by changing their diet. You could stop eating meat and you could stop drinking alcohol. However that requires a lot of will power. Most people are not actually going to give up alcohol, pop or meat. If your plan is to go on a diet to lose the fat then you are less likely to action.

You can change your food cravings with relaxation and exercise. Reduce stress, avoid being bored and get lots of exercise. Do that and it should reduce your cravings for junk food and unhealthy high calorie drinks. I crave healthy food and drink more water when I have been exercising regularly.

Another way to eat what you want and consume fewer calories is by reducing the amount of junk food and high calorie drinks. Use portion control. If you are going to have some ice cream then use a small dish. If you are going to drink pop then use a small can. When you cut a piece of pie or cake, cut a small piece. Fill up on healthy food first and eat slowly so you can enjoy the smaller portions.

I tend to eat more when I am lean than when I am fatter. I will eat more than people that are overweight. You may need to eat more food to help you burn more calories or at least more healthy food. People that are lean often eat more than people that are overweight. If people tell me I eat too much I tell them I burn a lot of calories.

Use Reminders

Forming new habits can be hard. When it is time to take action you may forget or wait too long. Make it so it is impossible to forget using these tips. Put any exercise equipment you have in the rooms you spend the most time in. You should see it in the morning and at night. By the TV is a good spot. Hiding exercise equipment can prevent you from using it.

Leave paper notes to yourself and put them where you will see them. You could stick a note on your TV or on your fridge. Alarms are great for triggering actions. If you have trouble changing your behavior set an alarm. You can set the alarm on your phone or use an app.

If you have clothes that do not fit because they are too tight then leave them out. Clothes that are too small can remind you to exercise and they can help you check your progress. When my clothes get too tight I do not get new clothes. I lose the fat so they fit again.

Challenge Your Assumptions

There is a lot of bad weight loss advice and people often have assumptions that are wrong. Your weight loss assumptions can prevent you from losing the weight. Find out what works for you and what does not by trying it. Try things you think will work and things that worked for other people. If it works keep doing it. If it does not work then try something else. Just make sure you avoid doing things that are bad for your health.

One common assumption is that making a small change will gradually make a big difference. You can easily test that assumption for yourself. When I made a small change I lost a little bit of fat but I did not keep losing weight. Another assumption is that snacking is bad. You might want to try it. I think snacking is good as long as I am doing it because I am hungry. Allowing myself to snack means I do not overeat during meals.

I noticed that people that have trouble losing weight often think they know the best way to lose weight. It is easy to get stuck if you are not willing to challenge your assumptions. Assumption can be wrong or right. Treat your weight loss attempts as experiments. Gather information. Learn from your successes and failures so you can get better at controlling your weight.

Why Most People Can`t Lose Weight

Most people can easily lose fat and keep it off by changing their lifestyle. Most people have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off because they try to cheat. They try to make weight loss faster and easier but they just end up making it harder. Ask yourself if you are trying to cheat. Stop trying to cheat because it does not usually work.

I am good at controlling my weight because I do not try to cheat.

Top 10 Tips For Weight Loss

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Focus on what you want.
  3. Start a new hobby.
  4. Challenge yourself.
  5. Eat & drink what you want but change what you want..
  6. Use reminders.
  7. Make some me time.
  8. Set action oriented goals that are realistic.
  9. Have fun while being more active.
  10. Challenge your assumptions.

If you do one thing to lose fat, spend less time sitting still and more time moving. Reduce the amount of sedentary entertainment. Increase the amount of active entertainment. A sedentary lifestyle is linked to obesity. Make up for the time you spend sitting still by being active. You can always exercise while you watch TV.

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