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Simple Tips To Treat Hair Loss

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While thinning hair is a normal sign of aging, excessive thinning of hair can be a

result of factors you may have control over—and some are, unfortunately, related to

your DNA. Recent medical science has provided healthy hair loss treatment to slow

hair loss caused by hormonal changes, hereditary, or diseases, such as

autoimmune disorder.

Taking birth control pills or some medications to treat high blood pressure,

depression, or heart problems may cause hair loss as well.

Note that poor nutrition may also result in hair loss, especially if you are unordinary

engaged in fad diets or have an eating disorder.

What can you do to prevent your hair from being lost?

Here are some tips to help you treat hair loss recommended by medical experts.

  • Choose your shampoo: Shampoos with rosemary or caffeine can promote

    blood circulation. As a result, it will stimulate the scalp and the hair follicle.

    Avoid using shampoos that contain some harmful ingredients

    (especiallyammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, ammonium

    xylene sulfonate, TEA lauryl sulfate, and sulfur).

  • Use Silica capsules or drops: Silica helps strengthen hair and nails. Use it for

    about two or three months for better results.

    You can also use one known vitamin for hair loss which is biotin. It promotes

    healthy cell growth.

  • Apply some oils: Oils are so valuable in hair loss treatment. Using castor oil,

    for example, builds you strong and thick hair.

    Simply apply an amount of castor oil to your hair and rub it into your scalp

    before having a bath.

    Olive oil also helps in healing the scalps and nourishes your hair.

  • Aloe vera: Rich in essential vitamins that prevent your hair from falling and

    promote healthy and shiny hair.

  • Follow a rich diet: You need to include a variety of vegetables and fruits in

    your eating schedule to provide your body with the needed minerals and

    vitamins that are able to treat hair loss.

    Note that vegetables like broccoli, spinach, chard, and all dark greens are the

    best sources of vitamins.

    Moreover, eating protein-rich foods will help repair the scalp tissue and prevent

    your hair from loss.


If your hair loss problem persists, there could be a health problem or disease that

you don’t know about, and it is crucial to see a doctor.

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